Hello all, cherio!


It is time for some humor and some ideas about harmony, discipline, regular, wonderful, satisfaction (not the sexual kind of this one, pity isnít it?) in life.

Living is a wonderful gift of life. When you are living you have many changes, just plane changes for your Soul, being and so on.


I can preach about the importance of finding your life purpose, I can preach about living in accord with the breath of creation. You have and heard this before many times.

What I like to add to the overall picture of living, is the idea of using your time with dignity, with grace and with reverence. Time is said to be an ego matter. In many lives, time is the most difficult factor to deal with. It slips through the fingers of many people. And when they figured out what to do with their life, their time is finished, and the time of changing bodies or changing existence is at hand.


What has time to do with harmony, discipline, regular with humor and satisfaction? If you donít waste time on grudge, self pity, pain and jealousy, seeing life with joy, using humor for getting along with these kinds of serious matters, you wonít waste time on things that donít give you a sense of satisfaction with life and yourself.


If you just do the things with attention when they need to be done, just plane discipline, you will have more freedom of mind and time left to do wonderful things (just like meditation and so on). With discipline you get things accomplished, attitudes adjusted and changes accomplished you only dream about without discipline. Thatís plane easy.


What has a regular life to do with this all, you would ask? If you live a regular life, you arenít exhausted during the day, your internal health system has all the changes it needs to keep you healthy, and you will have energy left to do nice things for yourself.


All these things you learn at an early age when you are lucky. Of course some of you are stuck in regular life, are very rigid in these things and arenít able to use humor and flexibility for getting along with intrusions upon your time schedule. Yes of course we here like to intrude on your time schedule and test your flexibility. (Editor: and so we have noticed.) Life is about changes and you sure need to have flexibility with a sense of humor to see all the changes you get in life.


Before this is getting to serious, letís start with a meditation. Maybe you get the picture at the end of it.

Do this meditation when you are a bit in a haste or worrying about your time schedule.


Let start with the picture:

You are in a hurry to get things accomplished. You are running out of time with something. So you rush, work hard, try to do all that you need to do.

At the same time you worry if you will forget something you have to think about. Did you do everything, did you cover every task, do you have enough time left for the things you are sure that you have to do?

If the traffic isnít in a jam, you will have time enough to reach the important meeting. You are pushing a bit the car in front of you, or falling over your own feet. You know this kind of situations, donít you?

At the very moment you are in this kind of behavior.

Slow down, pull over, stop what you do.

Look around where you are.

Look at yourself, what do you look like?

Notice the stress and the adrenaline surge through your body.

Notice the tension in your muscles.

Sense your breath and your heart rhythm.

Look at what you want to accomplish, is this worth all your effort? All of your hurry and less sense of who and where you are?

Take a deep breath!!!

Start humming a song, a mantra, of course a favorite one.

Or sing to your self a childhood song which connects you with pleasant memories, and playful time with lots of adventures.

Disregard all the thoughts of hurry, failure of not been able to do what you should have done, or should do.

Take another deep breath.

Touch your arm, leg or chest and think that wherever you touch yourself, you will relax and enjoy your cherishing of yourself.

Give yourself a big hug.

Start to sing ďI love youĒ to yourself, no matter what you do, no matter where you are, ďI am a child of God, and I love myselfĒ. Or find some words with the same meaning more fitting to you.

Take another deep breath.

Feel where the tension is in your body.

Just sing a ďhelloĒ to the tension, stroke that part of the body, and assure yourself that it is completely right to let go of the stress, tension, worry and so on.

Take another deep breath.

And another.

And another.

When you are stress free your mind is at ease, you are feeling relaxed

Only then you give yourself permission to think at your task, your job or whatsoever you need to accomplish.

Look at it, from all sides.

See what is of worth.

Does it give you joy?

Does it fill you with satisfaction?

Is it a good example of who you are?

Is it what needs to be done just because of appointment, raising money for a living?

Are you able just now to put more attention into it?

What if you do it with your full awareness?

Just start doing it with your full attention, your full awareness.

Is there a funny element to it?

Can you tickle your humor with this task?

What is the sunny side of it?

What is the funny side of it?

Only wait one minute or a second if you like, before you take upon you the task you need to do.

Say to yourself:

I have time enough to accomplish this task with a good result.

I am able to do this task with ease, grace and dignity with reverence for all life in flow with the universe of life of which I am part for the good of all concerned.


With full awareness and attention, while singing a song or humming to yourself, you have plenty time left for doing what needs to be done. Enjoy your work.

TRUST yourself in this.


Whenever you have time (just make time, for that is part of the discipline you need) it is good to do these things before you start any job, work, household task etc. It is just like giving your dedication to God for the things you like to do the next moment and in the moment you are doing them.


With humor, singing, enjoying, seeing the beauty in all, who doesnít have a life much appreciated by yourself? If not, just start doing it, it is only you who are holding you back.


There are more things to say about time and humor. Just remember, in time all the situations will come back to you where you werenít at ease with yourself, where you didnít see the humor in situations, just the situations where you have some chances to grow, learn and see the funny part of life.


When you have real humor, not cynical or ill-tempered, you show all and above all yourself, that you are a master of yourself and your situation. With that you show living with grace and flexibility are part of your tools. Congratulations! Time doesnít matter or doesnít bother you any more.


So when ever you feel bothered by time, check your discipline, check your chances for learning to adjust humor and give yourself a good laugh for being bothered by things you should have done earlier in time.


With a big hug to all,




Just a side remark (Editor: from Ashtar): time is adjustable to your awareness. There is no linear time. So when you take your time to do things with total awareness, time will give you time to do the things you want to do in the given time. Isnít that humorous? So when you are running short of time, you were running short of awareness (or lacking discipline which is also a sign of having a shortage of awareness in your life).