Hello and deario to all!


Letís start with another session of being. As answers and questions unfold, for I feel the questions already coming, let me say something: questions take you more in understanding but out of your being. Although this will depend on if you understand things with mind, body, spirit and or soul.

So stop the questions.


The first lesson into being is answering the following questions:




With this your mind has to slow down to zero, your awareness of your environment will increase, your awareness of your body and your self will increase.


Funny to see that the questions in your mind have to stop, but for coming into being you are able to answer these questions. Before you get into struggling with a contradiction in my words: it is just a manner to guide your attention to the more important things in life: being in the now and being in your self.


Next to it, while you are putting attention to the following tasks:

the things you do.



Give attention to all of these, keep your attention going.

And with this capacity every days work will become a party. For you will see/feel/sense that the amount of attention you put into a task will equivalently feed-back the satisfaction you receive as the logical answer.


The next phase will be when you see that not all of your love will come back. Or it changed in color when arrived at the place of your attention, or it hits solid rock and is reflected. Light doesnít have borders, does it?

When these things happen, you have to see inside what the reason is for this. Are you giving attention to all things? Then you should know that the wave you send, was not accepted by the other identity (rock, stone, animal, book, person). Did you color the energy with expectations? (expecting is not in the now). Did you go with the timing in the now moment? Or did you push your solution and attention to something that wasnít ready to accept the things on that very moment? Was there a bit of old habits, old energy, pain and sorrow in your wave of attention? Did you listen to your soul, body and so on?



Losing now moments is very easy, and luckily coming back to the now moment will become very easy once you get experienced. The next meditation is a very nice one, in my humble opinion, to enjoy the now moment when you have free time to be without action.


Just sit relaxed in a lotus position or with crossed legs. Make sure your back is straightened. Place your hands upon your knees with the palm of the hand upwards, open your hands in a quiet relaxed manner and keep them that way.


Imagine you are a flower, with your crown flowering with blossom. Imagine you are standing in the soil on a very nice summer eve. The temperature is very comfortable, the sun is shining, and a gentle rain just refreshed your blossom and your leaves. The wind wiggles you gently to and fro, and sings a soft song of joy.

Through all this you are just the way you are.

You feel the leaves move rustling in the wind.

You feel the sun upon your blossom and your leaves and the sun warms them and you with a nice glow of light and warmth.

You feel the fresh air take your delicate scent of your flower.

You feel the roots deep in the ground. They suck life bringing water and minerals to you. You feel this water coming through your hair roots towards your stem. This water is nourishing your leaves, your blossom. The life quality of water is spraying like a fountain out of your blossom and leaves.

Softly you radiate life, love and your soft quality of energy out of every pore of your being.

This radiating mixes with the love, life quality energy, of the sun who is still shining upon you.

You are just in this mixture of radiation.

You are and you donít have to do anything for this. It is.

It just is, as you are this flower in the sun, cherished by life and love, sun, wind and rain.

You just are, and you are able to feel, be it, without doing anything.

You are.


So come back when you feel you are ready with being the flower. When time is right, it would be a nice idea to draw a picture of you being this flower. For every time when you look at this picture on the wall, you will see and feel the quality of being in peace as that flower. At that moment you remind yourself of the energies of this meditation. With remembering you are doing it at the same time, an instant maybe, but sometimes an instant is good enough for the quality. For what is in you remembering is what you take along with you during the day.


Have a good day.