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Letís start with another meditation. As we see humans trying to adapt to changes, catastrophes, diseases and so on, we see a lot of stress generated. Logically stress isnít healthy for you canít see properly with your heart what it is all about. Stress is also a good way to prevent you for acting right on the right time with the right intentions with the right grace of being. So this meditation is for all who are now and then facing stress in their life. If you have stress related diseases, then you are a really stubborn stressed human who is trying to do good in life. It is good to consider a meditation with a health check up in the hospital. I guess you know by now how to go there. If not, just mention it and you will get a special meditation for all who are seriously ill. (Ashtar@freemail.nl, editor.)


Letís start with the instant stress relief meditation.

Just know, stress isnít trust in the Source. If you feel stress, see your fears and isolate them inside you, make it into a intense sphere of stress. Then offer this sphere to the transmutation flame of violet love. Feel the stress release in your body.

After it, just breath deeply for several minutes. Look around in the here and now, and see that you donít need the stress at that moment. Notice what you need right now, go to your heart and ask for it in your heart. If it is really what you need at that moment, it will come your way.

Mostly you will notice that you donít need anything except some peace of mind, and being with your heart for stress is also a sign of losing your connection with your source inside you.

Another way of releasing stress is counting with full attention from 10 to zero, with awareness of every stressed part of your body. With every count down, you feel the stress weaken inside you. With zero you are unstressed and in the zero point of your being where you are completely neutral. I know this takes a while practicing, but once you are capable of doing it, you can use this also for anger, fear, negativity and so on.

Next to it, stress is a way of having lost your contact with yourself. What makes the connection with yourself? Some people relax when they do their hobby. Others are taking a sauna, a meeting with friends. Others start meditating for stress reducing. Give yourself a whole day free of everything you need to do, what you think you should do, what you know you must do, what you think others are expecting you to do. And just start doing things you know are idle, a waste of time, you would like to do when you have time, or you would like to do if ...... and so on. Just observe yourself doing this. Give yourself permission to do this. And take this adventure of being useless except for being yourself to the fullest and the fullest of your being. Enjoy what you are doing, if not, stop immediately. When you have done this, connect with your heart and meditate together. Take your time. Stress canít stand lazy people who are enjoying themselves. So just be that, lazy, enjoyable for yourself and connect, for you only know what you enjoy when you are connected with yourself. And donít stress yourself when you arenít able to do this. It is only a sign that you need a stronger device to guide yourself back to your inner self.


Okay here it comes: the anti stress meditation.

Just count yourself to your heart, take the long way of coming there with one of the first connecting meditations. Then skip to the part where you can go to the hospital. It doesnít matter that you donít feel connected, wishing that you are connected is good enough for now. And wishing that you are at the hospital is good enough also. But take the counting as it is written, donít skip it by only wishing. The process is important.

Next when you are in the hospital. Go to the information desk, explain that you are suffering from a serious stress attack (logical with your manner of living) and that you need to be healed, that the effects of the stress attack need to be reversed into a good connection and a good health. Probably you are taken to a beautiful environment inside the building, with a medical staff and examination equipment. As stress is very disastrous for your health, you will receive a complete check up. Just let it happen. See your guardian angels, your personal healing team, your guide, and your teachers entering the room where you are after the examination. Just listen to their discussion with your life and the way you are living it as topic. With this advice in mind you are taken to the rest and quiet places of the hospital. Depending on your state of being, you are given a complete energy color bath, for one hour or more (lying on your bed doing this meditation or start to do it before you are going to sleep is advisable). Just let it be, the healing color water bath gives you a feeling of lying, standing, resting, with ease, without any notice of gravity. Next to it, you are taken to a green meadow and there you will lie down and feel the cherishing of the great Sun, the life giving energy source of your galactic universe. Here you are resting for also the time appropriately for your case (yes, with stress you are a stress-nut-case in this hospital). Some eating, drinking of the living spring waters, relaxing in other anti-gravitation color baths, an inner massage of your body and you are up and ready to go to the library of your being. Here in this library your guides, teachers are awaiting you. With your guardian angels beside you, you can explain what causes you to be that stressy for such a long time. You can ask the help of your guardian angels to explain it also to your teachers and guides. When you have done this, ask for help to get along with the circumstances in your life. You know the prayer: please change the circumstances I can change, let me learn of my mistakes, and give me the wisdom to see what I can change and what I have to take for granted in my life. So learn what is your responsibility in life. Learn what is governed by karma and your life lessons. See what the influences are of your family patterns (a zero-coil will help out on these matters), see what your mirror tells you, see your own stupid behavior that causes the stress, see your lack of discipline to meditate every day, and realize, sometimes the times are stressing for people, but with a good meditation practice, connection with your heart, trust in the Source you will feel how to handle it all. Mostly the problem lies in the fact that humans on Earth havenít learned to love themselves and havenít learned to feel that they are good enough for everything. Good enough for living, good enough for doing the things that their heart wants to do, lazy enough for relaxation, equipped enough to live upon Earth, kind enough to be loved, loving enough to love yourself, connected enough as birthright to the Source to be taken care for and guided by the Source.

So listen to your teachers and guide, take their advice by heart. And if you are already sleeping while doing this meditation, donít worry, you will feel the advice when needed (if you take the effort to be aware of it during the day).

Next you are taken to the love shower. In this shower you are completely washed and cleaned and filled with new energy, love, beautiful energy of different color. A new you starts your way back. As you take along with you the jasmine flower of perfection (for that is what you are) you see that you shed the petals where every you walk as an energy blessing of your perfect being.

Go back to the inner chamber of your heart. Upon the altar you lie down the blossom of perfection and you take along with you another blossom of perfection (a copy of it) with you to your daily life. You raise this blossom to your heart and bless it. Then you raise it to your throat-chakra, there you chant your own tune for it, then you raise it to your third eye. Your third eye accepts it and places it into the middle of the chakra. So you will see only perfection and love wherever you watch (if you choose so).

Now you are able to count yourself back just as you came to your heart all the way back to your daily life. If you are awake after a nap, after a nights rest, just donít forget to count yourself back before you start the day. If you donít, you will notice what will be happening and how your energy will float and chatter along the day.


Of course the causes of the stress and the results or outcome of the stress arenít completely reduced or healed in one meditation session. It is possible, but mostly it isnít working out that way. For the best results, you have to do this meditation for a month, every evening. As you listen to your guides and teachers, your life style, or your way of seeing and approaching things are subject to change. You can be guided into an exercising regime, change of life circumstances, some courses on breathing, yoga, or taking up a new hobby can also be the change necessary. For now I would suggest a point of piece and rest at the end of the day with some coloring of a mandala. And it wonít surprise me, when you will learn that you just ask too much of yourself because of imprinted patterns. So loving yourself is the only answer to stress you can give yourself.

Enjoy your path to this goal.


With love, fond kisses and rather big amusement to see the stubborn reactions to this meditation.


A last remark, Quado has a good alternative way for stress reducing, when you wish to see other ways.





Editors additions:

For 0.energy coils, mandalaís and Quado see http://www.marielise.nl/.

Mandalaís can be found on the links page, the coils and Quado are menu options.