PP March 31, 2004

Always and always again, the prophets are right, the voice of God inside you is right, and the love you feel for creation is right. God is GOD how can?t he be right from the beginning till the end of times? And yes, time will come to an end, but God can?t come to end. Life is.

And you can experience it during the times you are living in. These are the times for finding lost ones. The lost one inside, and the lost loves from previous lives. Which gives every one a prove of that LOVE lives and never dies.

Could you just be sure about that. LOVE LIVES AND NEVER DIES.
Your uncertainty has something to do with you going to the outside of you, where you find nothing. And you consider this nothing all there is. It has all to do with your choice of going to the inside or not.

If you look at the outside of you, the we say: no wonder everybody of you are uncertain about life. Your capabilities, your character, how you are looking, if love will stay in your life, if it is really love you have found, if you really love your parents, your partner, your children. Most of the people don?t love working, but you have to do something for a living.

I used the language right. I was talking on purpose about every body. If you identify with your body, then life will end, the body will crumble and dissolve, put into fire, and it is gone.

Let we talk about every being. Is this being absorbed with the outside world, then this being is a body and has the uncertainty of the body, the ego, the character. If we are talking about beings, about a being who is in a body to be, to feel to be, express to be, to cherish this being, this expression, then we are talking about different things. How can God into being be uncertain? GOD is GOD, there is nothing to be uncertain about that.

So you should wonder why you don?t feel it every moment into every moment. This is your programming. And I have talked already a lot about your programming. It would be more fun to talk about the energy supply of my UFO, don?t you think? But that won?t save you from the programming you suffer.

The first rule of your programming:
1. you can?t be happy in life, life is miserable and we make it so to insure it is for you the way we preach;
2. there is a shortage on everything;
3. your country and your belief system are the only ones who are right. The rest are wrong;
4. you have to work all your life to get money which makes you happy, and you won?t succeed;
5. you have to work to eat, and everything you do has to be considered in context of your first obligation of working or be available for work or supporting others for their ability for work or to get ready for working;
6. to participate in the society you have to work, otherwise you don?t count or you don?t have the money to participate;
7. you can?t decide for yourself;
8. we have to keep you busy in your spare time to insure that you are happy consumers;
9. every society has dropouts, look how miserable they are, make sure this won?t happen to you.

For the people who look with a more balanced view on society, I exaggerate. And at the other part of it, I don?t.

Just try to find the answer: what is your doing in not finding GOD inside you and what is part of the society which makes very sure that you don?t find it inside you or that you won?t stay long at the inside?

If I only could awaken you and get you out of the sleeping mode. But you have to do it yourself. I can tell you lots of stories, lots of different views on your world. But if you try to stay asleep, you will succeed. And if you try to stay awake, you will have a hard time.

Just look at the questions I have given you yesterday. It just measures how awake you are in your daily life. That part is the one that matters. Your daily life, there you put your energy, there you express your view on who you are (or do I have to say, what you are).

As I have stated before, and I will repeat it with love again: life is.
And you choose what you will experience, what you will express in your daily life.

I can give you lots of explanations, lots of concepts. But all that matters is your inside.
Who are you at your inside?

How do you listen to your inside?
Just say: I am my inside. Only God is real. I am GOD.
Or any other Mantra will do, which will remind you that you are GOD.
Meditations, yoga, everything will do. Everything which makes you go to the inside instead of staying with the illusions of the outer world, and the illusion that you are your body and the capacities the body has given to you to live in the outer world.

Just ask yourself:
what does the GOD inside me want to tell me?
Then you start to be silent and start to listen.

The best thing you learn in your life, is the stillness of being. Being still, silent, all hearing, all feeling, all intuition, all knowing, all receptive for the inner wisdom, the inner silence of being.

This inner silence of being is the basic attitude in life. Without this you can?t listen to GOD inside you, and you will be wandering far and low, to different places and will gain nothing.

You choose if you want to obtain this inner silence of being. This is a capacity, an attitude and a being at the same time. If you learn to be this, then you are getting the capacity to be it. If you want to be this often, almost every time, then it becomes an attitude. And then while practicing the capacity, the attitude, you become a being into itself. You are the inner silence of being at that time.

Then the graces will easily become a natural state of being.

You can also begin the life circle of becoming the inner silence of being at the other end. If you start listening to yourself and your gratitude or your inner music, or your inner love, or your and so on. Then you have to practice listening. The choice for a grace put into practice as an attitude, makes you aware of the need for listening to your inside. And there you go again, you start listening. After a while, you will notice that you will practice the inner silence of being to listen to the GOD-self inside you for what you like to express (love, gratitude, being sensitive and so on and so on).

With every concept, I am introducing you to the same topic of becoming more and more GOD. And everything is connected. So it doesn?t matter where I start with the concepts, or where you start with practicing it. It really doesn?t matter.

You choose which one you like to feel, to express, and that will lead you to all the different graces and topics I am referring to. And every part of the experience will get you closer to the inside (if you have the discipline to go on with it, no matter what may come).

With every choice, you make clear what matters to you most in your life. The outer world or the inner world, the love inside you or the deceptions of love in the outer world.
Are you detached or attached?
Love inside or false constructions of love (as an example sex, fame)?
Trying to live God or trying to live expectations?
Inside security or uncertainty because the outside world conceptions?

As I practice a daily life based spirituality, I take off the holiness of every spiritual practice. And at the other hand I bring back the holiness in daily life. If you are still in mind, practicing the inner silence of being, you are able to look with awe to everything in your life.

Life again is holy. Life again has a meaning. Life is life, is GOD, is HOLY, just as you are.
Only in life you will find satisfaction. Only in daily life you are able to practice the love you like to give to life, to GOD, to yourself.
And this way you give certainty to yourself. You feel that you are infinitive. You feel that you are connected. You feel that you are.

You feel, not your body, not your ego, not your mind, not your character. Only in the inner stillness, the inner silence of being you can become aware, awake and alive.

So lets talk the next time about the blessings of being aware, awake and alive. The 3 A?s. In lots of management theories they always have smart abbreviations for a concept of thinking. That?s why it is really funny to talk in the same manner with the seven steps to mastery, the 3 A?s, the grace of living of shall we call them the grace for living?

Anyhow, if you are the 3 A?s, the society doesn?t have a hold on you anymore. If you practice the graces of living in your daily life, you have a good attitude for expressing your being as GOD. With the stillness of being, the inner silence of being you are receptive to feel your sensitivity, to listen to the voice within, to use your sensitivity to feel your connection with all there is.

I like to repeat one phrase again and make an extension on it:
If you are an inner silence being, you put back the holiness of existence in your daily life. Who can withstand this, to have this splendid a view in daily life, just by practicing the inner silence of being?

And with this thought I like to leave you with time to ponder the message of today.

Have a good night sleep and see you with some nice fresh concepts, to change your attitude in daily life, if you just are willing to listen and to adjust it to your life.

Ashtar wishes you a fond farewell, C U next time, folks.
(Editor: yo, cool jive Ash'!)

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