PP April 30, 2004

This is Ashtar speaking.

When we look at the different kinds of energy and the feelings we all get when we play with the energy, there are a few points to consider.

The energy available for your solar system is rising. The energy your solar system is able to master is also rising. The Bovis value is consequently also rising.

Your bodies need to adjust themselves to this energy system or they have troubles. If you help your body with the adjustments she/he has to make, the changes will be much easier. You are able to offer help with a healthy sleep and day rhythm and a healthy eating pattern. If this is not the case, you may consider to change your assistance to the body.

One of the changes I am talking about is the change to a healthy eat and drinking pattern.

Did you ban the meat out of your system? It makes you have spiritual weight, very slow in thinking. Logically when you have the animal vibration in your system, which you need to raise in frequency back to human, and then to the level where your system wants to change you in vibrational light beings.
What about your drinking habits? Is alcohol a daily intake? It devastates your brain, poisons your blood and brings this poison to every cell. Every cell lives on water. And the refreshments of the water in the cells depends on the water level in the blood. It is worthwhile to consider to banish alcohol and other spirits. What do you think about lemonades with or without sparkles? It is already known that because of drinking to fast a lemonade with carbon dioxide somebody died because of the contamination of the carbon dioxide in the blood taking the place of the oxygen. The sugar in the drinks also brings your vibrational level down.
Do you check your daily food if it contains insecticides sugar? chemicals?
Do you check your food on which vibration level it operates? And does this level sustain your body and helps it to be healthy or does it bring down your vibration level? A pendel (editor: this is the dutch word) and a bovis circle to check the energy level of the food you plan to eat is not a luxury, it is necessary.
Do you smoke? Are you bringing your vibrations in your aura down, with the smoke out of your cigars and cigarettes? What kind of reason do you use to keep on going? What kind of reason makes you think it is good for you? Don?t you have anything else to get you relaxed? What is your spirit reason or emotional reason in the addiction to smoking?

What can you do now to change a few things?
Pray on your water. Check the energy before you pray and after it. If you do this a few times, you know why you will continue to do so.
Pray on your food. Check the energy before you pray and after.
Stop consuming non-nutritious food.
Buy better food than the ones you find in your local shops. Start to grow your own vegetables.
Bring back the home made things, cakes, pies, bread, custard, cookies, and so on.
Cook your own dinner.
Be aware that every herb or spice you take to spice your dinner, has its value in your body. See if the spice you take fits with all the family. If you cook, you are the caretaker of the health of the family. Every spice has to be in service for the whole family. Know what every spice does in a body, how it works on the energy level. Have an intuitive feeling what every participant needs (not only what you need to get out of the dinner, but also your children, your partner and your visitors).
Change consuming alcohol, coffee, lemonade, tea to herbal tea and water. Be careful what you like to do with the herbal tea. Every herb has its influence on your body. Every water has a different taste, start to experiment with it.
Start to eat light as much as possible. Take strolls outside, before you start to work, before you go to sleep (a companion as a dog has its advantages).

The next few things I would like to address without any responsibilities in my case. You know, I am not a doctor, but I can see what is wrong with your health systems and your doctors. Change as much as possible to homeopathy, acupuncture, aryuvedic healing and other natural treatments of your diseases, retrain your doctors to get the indoctrination of the universities out of their systems. Health has nothing to do with the pharmaceutical industry. Health has nothing to do with chemicals. Almost everything which is healthy is banned out of your society or is that expensive that only the richest people are able to afford them.

To assure your health is being sustained by nature in the future, do something to stop the killing of the planets, the animals in the sea. Do something to stop the cutting down of the rain forests. Stop the genetic food, stop the genetic vegetables like mais, corn, soy, rice. Examine: why do they take these four basic food supplies from humanity? Make sure that the water in your country has its natural way of living, behaving, to get healthy good water.

What you can do also is to give every child and every adult, before you all start at school and work, some exercising, like t?chi and yoga. China is completely right when they ask everybody to do this.
Exercising gives a fresh supply of oxygen to every cell in your body. The body is well used and trained, has had his daily movements and the concentration is sharpened with it. This argument makes it possible to give any employer the reason to do it in working time. You make sure your workers are fresh, well concentrated, and with less possibilities to develop a disease. The balance of body, soul, spirit is harmonized with exercising. To end the working day with these exercises is a good idea too. It gets your mind out of your work, fresh and diminishes the troubles rising out of one single movement or no movement at all during the day.

Next thing to consider to get yourself a healthy life. Do only things that give you joy. Some times you need to develop the joy. The joy of the exercising of yoga, t?chi, has to be learned, has to be felt. When you grow older, you know what joy it is that you have lived a healthy life with exercising. You will see the results.
Everything with competition, everything to win, to be better, to train to be the best of the whole world doesn?t help you to get a healthy balance in your life. It will cost you energy to get rid of the adrenaline in your body and other side effects.

Read again the 7 steps to mastery I gave, you will find them in the additional information page of the site.

Have a good life, have a good health.
Don?t consider to be one of my companions on board of the New Jerusalem, when you can?t stop to live an unhealthy life without discipline. What I suggest to you, I do myself.

There is no other reason why I should be in the circumstances to suggest you if I am not an example to you by my manner of living, thinking and understanding at the deepest inner level, I am the same GOD as you.

With love,


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