PP March 30, 2004

For today, you don?t start with the words this is Ashtar speaking. It is boring. Don?t you think so? (Editor: you bet!) What did you do for adventure today? Just think, what did you do for adventure today? Yesterday the energy was very good for adventure, restless, searching, you could have wings while doing new things. Did you have your adventure yesterday?

And just let me see how far you are with listening to yourself. Yesterday you were restless, you didn?t do anything with it, so listening to yourself, no way.

Did you show respect to our children? Did you read the message about children? Did you see yourself as the youngster being addressed? Would the teenager inside you listen if you read this message? Did you ask?

And what about going with the flow? Did you notice the flow? You noticed that something you wanted didn?t flow. And if you had listened to the voice inside you, you didn?t have to go to certain shops or other places, you knew it wasn?t there, you knew it wasn?t the time for it. So what about timing?

Next question, how is your God inside you doing today? Did you pay it a visit? Nope?

How is your creativity living today? Did you do something creative to express yourself? Ah, you did with cooking. That is an idea. Lots of people do boring cooking, every day the same factory stuff.
Do I like to visit you and eat at your table?

Did you investigate something new today? Nope again, how boring are you today? You considered something but you didn?t do it. Okay, next day, new try. And do you know, God doesn?t try something, she just does it.

Did you express your gratitude today? For nothing? Not for the rain, the shining of the Sun, the birds whistling, the birds visiting your house to see you? The housecat giving you attention? The dog? The fly on your hand? Nothing again. Oh my dear, you are very good in doing nothing worthwhile.
I am talking about the gratitude you feel with your heart, not the mechanic thank you, you are welcome, pleasure to meet you, and that utterly nonsense phrase of sentences for just being polite.

And how did you feel today? Normal? And is this your ego speaking? God doesn?t feel normal. God is life, life isn?t normal at all.

Did you feel your connection with everything there is? Or to make it easier, with the animals around you? The tree? The plants inside your house? Your spouse? Your children? Your car? With yourself?

Did you dance to the music inside you? Did you hear the music inside you? Did you move with grace if you didn?t hear the music? Again what is your answer?

Do you like to see the list with graces I have talked about? Then you know what kind of questions I will ask for an answer. Did you study the list? Did you feel inside if you felt there is truth inside it for you at this moment?

Did you see the moment change from moment upon moment? Did you keep your distance to the moment, not being absorbed in it?

Did you watch with the God inside you, the changing of your moods, your desires, your longings?
Did you see your occupation with the outside? If you are in the outside, you definitely won?t notice it.

Did you see the expression of the joy of living from you? Shall I ask it again? Did you feel the joy of living? And if you did, did you express it?

Did you experience the God you are? Did you experience your creativity in being? Did you experience the vibration you are? Did you experience your creations? Did you see how you create your day?

Did you enjoy being? Did you exchange this joy? Did you see the joy of another being? Did you see the God in them at meeting?

If some being was angry at you, did you see at that moment the God in them? Did you see the mirror they were holding to you, and did you see the mirror they were looking in for themselves? Did you express your gratitude that they were in your life?

Did you see your achievements in creation? Did you see them with gratitude, did you see them in humbleness for what they are? Did you do anything today with joy? Did you see the light after every creation?

Oh, you did look at the list, right now. Then you know which questions I will ask you right now. You like to cheat now and then don?t you? Did you look at your bad habits (like cheating) did you take some efforts to overcome them? Right, there you are.

And are you curious enough to see where the answers to these questions will lead you? Do you like to experience the answers or are you running away for your responsibility in life (on which I?m addressing you at this very moment), or are you showing some discipline right now, or do you start tomorrow? And then we all know that tomorrow never comes. Only now exists.

Do you like to be God in expression? God in creativity? God in being God? If you answer these questions and you are really going to do it, then you will see and experience that these very questions will lead you to just one experience and that is being GOD.

Next question, I really like to present you the facts of your doing today. Did you act for the good of every being concerned? Did you see a being today? Were you a being today? Are you of service, being of help to mother Earth today and the other beings in and around you?

Did you respect yourself today? Did you respect your body today? Did you eat too much sweeties, food? Did you eat enough to sustain your body with healthy nutritions? Next question is: did you nourish your body? Did you cherish your body?

Did you nourish and cherish your partner? Your children? Did you listen to your stillness of being?

Did you do anything at all? I can ask you lots of questions about every grace of living. I can ask you a lot of questions about every aspect of living your life as being God, what you really are. But it is your choice, unfortunately. If I would have a say about your life, then I would say: only you can save yourself, if you like to be saved. Only you can do something if you like to do something. And only you can discipline yourself in being GOD.

And that is what it is all about. To discipline yourself in being God. Sounds ridiculous doesn?t it? To discipline yourself to be creative, to discipline yourself in being flexible, to discipline yourself in being the best you are, to discipline yourself in being happy (being God is being happy).

If you have a common sense, then you would do everything to be God and to be Happy. And that is exactly what has been asked from you. To do everything to be God, to discipline yourself in being God, so you don?t become lazy, you won?t lose your awareness and let the outside world and the ego take you over.

I can go on for hours with questions. And may-be I should. At the other hand there are lots of topics to change minds and concepts. And in this changing and sharing you have a different view to choose your own path.

Before I stop, another couple of questions. This is the joy of being a teacher. To ask questions after a lot of talking, while I prefer stillness of mind, stillness of speaking and telepathic communication, much easier, faster and it takes less efforts to get the right message understood, felt and experienced.

Did you share today? Your bread? Your money? Your feeling? Your hurtings? Your wishes? Your vision? Your being? Your knowledge? Your wisdom?

Did you watch your experiences to get some lessons from it? Did you gain some wisdom of your doing today? Why did you do it then after all if you didn?t enjoy it? If it wasn?t an outing of creativity, of being GOD or a way of expressing yourself, or a way of expanding the God in you, or a way of sharing the God in you, or sharing your abundance, is it just a way of losing energy? Wasting precious moments that don?t come back anymore? Wasting opportunities of being God in motion, God in expression, God in knowing him/herself as an embodiment of God, God into matter.

If you don?t express your God inside you, then you waste your energy at the outside you.

And in everything you do, you can express the God inside you. It just takes some joy, some awareness, some love, some gratitude, some discipline to be at the inside, some creativity, some curiosity to experience the God inside you.

Again as always, and this isn?t boring, I leave you some time to ponder about this message. It is rather very funny to see you pondering and thinking, and seeing you grasp the messages at the level you are able to understand them right now. Not understanding with your mind but understanding with your being, just feel them, taste them, express them.

In one word: LIVE THEM.

Goodbye, Imanhuat Anam Pateh.


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