PP April 29, 2004

This is Ashtar speaking.

It is a very good time to speak about discernment.

If you look outside you for confirmation, you?re looking for trouble. These kind of confirmations won?t come as many as you like, and they don?t last. Lots of humans aren?t trained for receiving or giving a compliment. If you are able to give a sincere compliment, you are able to appreciate yourself. This is the prerequisite for all. If you are able to be yourself, love yourself, appreciate yourself, you are free to see it in others too. If you still need a confirmation for what you are, you can?t shower it on others. And showering is what is needed.

If we are talking about a new language, a new attitude, then for sure, the language will be having lots of positive phrases to express yourself, giving compliments in honesty of your being is the new way of living with others, and just as blessing it is fun to do. You compliment in two or three ways: you, the one you give, and the world by generating your positive energy. Compliments working the same way as blessings you will understand how the world will benefit from it, as you shower it onto others (and this way upon yourself too). You have to be something before you can recognize it in others. And yes, this isn?t a problem, you are GOD. You are everything.

Every body needs confirmation on what he or she is, looks like etc. Bodies facing decline (and in your world the decline starts in very early), are very unsure about everything. If the Godspark is felt, the body is sure, how can it be different? I urge you to go within and restore the connection with the GOD, yourself and the Source every time you feel the doubts and wishes for a confirmation. It really doesn?t matter what kind of confirmation you are seeking. Confirmation is confirmation. You are what you are, you feel what you feel, you express what you like to express. You are GOD. God didn?t want a confirmation when he decided to create the worlds, the universe, the galaxies and you.
He and you just wanted to see, experience, what it is to be really GOD. This is an act out of curiosity. The question was: I am what I am, but What AM I exactly, when I am all that IS. To experience you are all (you are infinitive) you are all making it a very good game, a play. It keeps us busy, at least.

Next person in your life is your ego. Your ego swallows every confirmation and start to disagree with it. It has no other way to keep you in insecurity and this way feeding it with lots of actions, deeds, asking, pleading for confirmations. You are very beautiful, I like to bed you immediately, I think you are very clever, I find you attractive, you did a good job, I think I deserve a raise, why didn?t the teacher grade my presentation with an A? If you are looking for this kind of confirmation, you will give yourself a hell of a job to keep your ego satisfied. The funny part of it is this will exhaust your body, you will neglect your inner calling, and you are asking this way for a big disease to set you back on the ground or facing loss and then all will hope you go to look inside you for all your confirmations, the answer to all your wishes to be appreciated. Most of the time, people will do the same after a winning game with a disease only a little bit less then usual. When you have a burn out, you learn to avoid trouble, but do you learn the way out of it?

If we see what people do in their life just for a confirmation. We all cry, and think you are going to be nuts, if you aren?t already. You all do everything to get a confirmation. Women will bed man they don?t like just to be sure that he finds her attractive, but why? People quarrel with each other in a relationship, because they both feel that the other doesn?t appreciate them as much as they should do. I deserve more then I get. This is also with the children, asking again and again for a confirmation for what they did. Some don?t do anything so when they do something, it looks really like a terrific thing for them, so the compliments come raining in. Their parents are very pleased that their children aren?t lazy and try to persuade their children this way to do more. And why should they? This is the easiest game to play. You go to jobs you don?t like, because your father believed it was a good choice. Your mother still quarrels with you, you didn?t do what she wanted you to do, and to honor you for what you are, is a compliment, a confirmation she doesn?t like to give. And you quarrel back because you did do your best to please her, but didn?t get a compliment, attention, or any kind of confirmation for it.
Please let them all be what they are. GOD.

If you are free of any need for confirmations, you are free indeed to be what you are. This is a circle in its existence. If you are the one you really are, you don?t need a confirmation. If you don?t need confirmations to be what you are, you are really free to be what you are, you won?t be bothered that you don?t get them. And you don?t do things to get them. Somewhere in this circle you just have to plunge in and get started. If you wait for one or the other situation, you will wait in vain, it is never going to happen without you to get started.

Confirmations, either compliments, attention, will never satisfy your being. If you look outside yourself for this satisfaction, you won?t find it. I can tell it time and time again: the only answer you have is to go within, to love yourself, and be what you are, act accordingly and express yourself for the fun of expressing. God isn't self occupied with getting attention. From whom? For what? It would mark that God isn?t all there is, when he has to look outside himself. And then indeed there would be an outside for him. God doesn?t have an outside. All is included, all is inside himself.

To go back to the topic. What have compliments or confirmations and the need for them, to do with discernment?
If you look for them outside you, they will be your measuring rod to judge the information you get. It will color your every action, your every thought, your every expression of what you are. In this way you aren?t free to use your discernment to see what is really for you or not.
If you want information that fits in your system, you look for a compliment that confirms what you think is right. It isn?t part of the discernment I would like to talk about.
If a road is free and looks like a good one, you may choose on your discernment or in your way of weighing, the way you do in confirmation, based on what you already know, feel, have experienced.

When you use your discernment, which resides in your heart, your inner knowing, you like to be free of all. Every situation is a new one. If you look with old eyes, you are still looking from within old patterns, who like to see more of them to keep your point of view of the world still in working position.

When you are in creation, when you are in motion, the discernment is getting influences of what you do at that time. If we look at the rules for a good discernment in your life and mine, we already have two rules. Just look at things with new eyes, everything is new in the moment they exist. You created it a nanosecond ago. You have to be at your inside, connected with the God you are to use it on its full operational basis. You have to be still, without movement, to be able to use it, feel it, experience it. When you see these preconditions then you are able to say it is a female quality. And yes it is.
Next rule is, the more you practice it, the more you are getting a better result.

When you act on discernment, on this very inner quality, you will see that it involves your intuition. Your intuition gives you information on your next creations of moments in time. Your intuition sees in the future, knows what you are creating and how it will work out. (Do you need a better device to remember you are GOD into creation? God knows). This way your intuition gives you the necessary information to choose in discernment.

Discernment is the whole process to give you all you need to choose wisely. Choosing is an action. It isn?t a deed of judgement. Discernment isn?t either a judgement or condemnation. You just say with your choosing, this isn?t for me. This isn?t for me, doesn?t say anything about the value for the person (god being) involved. You also give the others involved, the whole of creation, the freedom to say: this is for me. This is what my discernment says: it is for me.

What is a logical choice based on discernment for you at this moment in time and space continuum, can be something else the next moment. So you don?t see that others make the same and same discernment over and over again every moment in creation. They can?t do it. And you are limiting their freedom of expressing what they are. In that cause you are also operating expectations. You won?t do that, don?t you? I can imagine that it is hard to do not so. It is a question of being neutral, and clear all the old stuff you find you pulling out of your neutral spot.

With discernment you know what is for you and what isn?t. You are also able to let others free to use their discernment to choose wisely for themselves. If you are able to look with discernment, you can also look at yourself with discernment. You know that you are GOD, you know that you are god into expression. You don?t need any confirmation or compliment. You are what you are, GOD into motion, God into him/herself.

The strange part of creation and the hardest way to get around with is, if you don?t need something anymore, you get it. This is the way with love, money, compliments, attention, with everything. And it is of no use to act if you don?t need it, while you still believe at the inside you do need it. God is everywhere, and creation can?t be fooled. This is also the way that you have to live: like you already have it if you want something to be into creation.

With discernment you choose what you are, what is for you. You do this with a feeling of what you are and who you are. You do this with an inner knowing, a sureness of what and who you are on Godlevel. Therefore, the first rule, you have to go inside and be connected to your inner self, is the base preamble to act with discernment.

Of course, there is more to say about discernment. I hope I emphasize the need to have it, to practice it. I hope also that you see how beautiful this fits in the creation, in the graces of living. It is a tool for gracious living. Fine-tuning your discernment and your intuition (your sensitivity in general) makes you a queen inside yourself, a king in your movements, and both in being.

Have a good time. Remember who you are. That?s all.


Connection closed.

Vertaling volgt!