PP April 28, 2004

Hello, funny one, why do you worry? Yes to worry is very funny, when you can have the trust of God inside yourself. If you didn?t know by now: this is Ashtar speaking again.

Yesterday I spoke about compassion as a good topic for today?s message. Before I go into details, let?s first talk about worrying.

If you worry, the worry consumes your energy, as it goes on and on it will eventually consume you. This is the habit with every negative feeling in your world and elsewhere. Just try it with anger or fear or complaining. With like attracts like, and what you sow, you harvest theories, this is very logical. Pity enough when you are an outsider to the whole situation, you can look only with compassion upon the suffering the people are enclosing themselves in. Sometimes it is enough to knock on the door: knock knock, who?s there? Ash and Tar, Who? Ash tar. Ash tar what? With time you will become Ashtar. Okay, this is a silly one. You and I are one, so why can?t you become me in time being?

At the other hand, if negative feelings consume the one who is feeling them, what about positive feelings? If you think very carefully, you will recognize that they are addictive. With a bit of bad luck you are going to strive to have these feelings more often. And with the strive to this goal, you make sure that you won?t reach it. Than you try to do your best, than you try to do more your best. And than in despair you start to feel, something like anger, worry, fear, feeling of insecurity. So the positive feelings are a fertile ground for the negatives to settle in. The only way out is to stop to be in this spiral of feelings.

How do you stop to be in this spiral? To stay neutral is the logical answer. Most of the time staying neutral is a hard job to do. You also can choose for a creative way out and then start to look for the neutral spot in the overall view.

In duality you have black or white. You can draw a line between these two. This is the way of duality walking on the line of good or bad, black or white.
As I have stated before, a line has no middle, no neutral point. The first step you can take to avoid duality thinking is to feel both of the feelings at the same time. You are both if you want to. You can understand both sides of a reality, or more if you are trained. It doesn?t have to be the one or the other. To be both is a good way out of the duality.

The next step will take you much further away of the one or the other question. What if you can step aside, above, below and look at the situation? You can have a different view, a different feeling, and you avoid being attached to the situation. To step of the line is going in the neutral zone. Just one of the ways out of these feelings and let them be. If you are able to look at the feelings from both sides, than you know you aren?t these feelings, because you can feel them both. So what is you? You are the inner you, the zero point of being you, being GOD. At the point of being god, you aren?t any feeling, except the feelings of GOD, peace, fulfillment, love, compassion, gratitude.

If we go back to the feeling that you experience, worry, fear, anger, and despair, you can start to complain and be these feelings. You can also look from your GOD spot inside you. What kind of feeling would you choose to feel if you look from your God spot inside you at the situation you made yourself?

What if you look upon every being with compassion, including yourself and the misery you made yourself? What if you look upon every situation with compassion? You won?t suffer with others, you don?t use passion (is a trap also), you won?t get attached to the feeling, pity you luckily avoid. You also avoid other feelings like the one you were experiencing. Good deal, don?t you think?

In every situation, there is action. If you choose to be something you are in action too. If you think you are in action too. So what is the action you choose when you choose for compassion? It depends on how you will see compassion. Does it come with you to give a helping loving hand when the good of all concerned directs you to do this? Does it come with an understanding heart and a sharing to give an example without being compulsive? What is compassion for you?

Immanuel ben Usef, taught that love was an action, a deed of a heart full of compassion. Buddha taught love was detachment to avoid coming back in the circle of reincarnation. The zero point is a place of detachment, there is nothing and there is all. Compassion is action, already out the zero point, but is neutral enough to stay close by.

If you have compassion for the situation you see it, you experience it, you give attention to it, you see your part, you see the other part, but if someone bleeds to death if you don?t take action, you do take action. You don?t walk away and say, it is none of my business or I let it go with love (and if it falls and breaks it isn?t my fault). Compassion is love into action for the good of all concerned. Sometimes you don?t take action, sometimes you see with wisdom and honor the struggle the other is having with life. Sometimes you send love to a war area. Sometimes you start to fight yourself to end the fighting (sounds difficult isn?t it?). Just an example: being involved in your process to change the world and bring about the golden age, is taking part in your struggle to free yourself from an outside view. This is compassion. It is also taking part in the struggle. You know that they won?t succeed when you don?t offer assistance.

Compassion is staying inside as the God you are, seeing the world, be involved without being attached and act with the love for the good of all concerned. To make the sentence a bit shorter to enable it to be remembered: compassion is to act with the love for the good of all concerned. It is an obligation for being into matter, and for being GOD.

Humans normally don?t like responsibility and compassion is another responsibility when you live in creation. When the wisdom, development of being, starts to come in ones life experience, than responsibilities start to come in.

If you are a child in spiritual view, you can?t handle responsibilities. When you grow older and start to mature, it is a logical part of development. You do this with your children as well. You give them a bit of freedom to decide for themselves, but with the freedom the responsibility starts. So it is also with you and the world. The infant phase you left.

Time to take the responsibility for one another and do with compassion what is good for all. Put love into action, put feeling of being one into action. The one who suffers could have been you, and was you in another timeframe. This is when compassion sets in, when you feel that you all are one. When you are able to feel what the other experiences. How can you be happy when you know that a part of you isn?t? How can you enjoy to be part of God, when someone else suffers without this bit of information? Compassion is dearly needed. Especially when I look at the people in the world without anything (except a better way of living then you do).

Most people are feeling troubled when we talk about responsibility for others. What about the other and his own responsibility? And yes this is true too. Your responsibility is for the good of every all concerned. You and the other, both. Nothing is single, it is both, all inclusive, your self is also part of this all included.

Next, what I like to share with you, that compassion is an attitude which can be used with grace. It can be done in a gracious way. The consideration is a gracious way of considering your responsibility because it includes you too. It also fits outstanding in the graces of living. And without talking too much about the graces of living anymore, they are the outline of the information I am giving now. Without grace, don?t start anything.

Compassion is also a way of respecting the other. By example: you don?t take the suffering away. How would you dare? If the one made this himself, he chose to experience it. You can?t take it away. You may offer a way out. This is a matter of respect and helping at the same time.
The way out you offer is the way out, by stepping of the line. Otherwise you won?t solve anything. You don?t get involved in the drama just as pity does. Nothing is wrong with explaining the reasons of his involvement in the drama and offer a way out by being an example, or sharing wisdom. If he wants to listen of course.

Compassion is a difficult concept to talk about. You offer help and help, and you let them be as they want to be. So lets see tomorrow if you get the feeling of the message, and to see if you understand it by heart at that time.

Time to close connection for you. Have a good nights rest and see you tomorrow.


Vertaling volgt!