PP March 28, 2004

This is Ashtar speaking.

If we consider the list with do-not's and the mistakes someone easily makes in a relationship, I will give you as few other have done, do-not's especially for love relationships, and these are also valuable for friendship relationships, and other relationships as well.
- Don't expect something from any being;
- don't accuse some being;
- don't complain.

And consider: the good habits, the good things some being is, the strong points in a personality, will become, in time, the weak points in this person. Every good thing has it weakness. Because most of the people strive to get the weakness better, and forget to look at the good parts in them, everything can be improved, and most of the people forget to improve their strong good points.

This is the ego trap, and you will prevent this with being humble. I already talked about the mistake of being humble and having a lack of confidence in life. These aren't the same. This is also a nice ego trap some will fall into it. This is part of the game, and keeps your alertness going on. Otherwise your awareness will fall in sleep again.

Next to being humble is the trust in life a natural thing that will come in your being if you practice the grace of living. If you live the grace of living, you will see that some nice coincidences will follow you where ever you go. This is a natural state of being if you go with the flow of life. This is a measure point to see if you really are in the flow of live.

If you happen to see the flow of live, the course it will take, you will find trust an easy grace of living. With this trust in yourself as Being God, you make a lot of things possible with creation. This is part of the mastery of life, mastery of being.

Again being of trust can be a self centered experience, which can be highly overestimated. The ego trap will join you quickly. So being Humble is the only way out of this trap, and to avoid this trap. A good thing to do is to look at the lists of do-not's, (just eat a donut and remember yourself at the lists of do-not's). If you really look at yourself, you see a lot of things you still do. So being humble won't be that difficult to be.

When you are me or an Ascended Master, you still are humble, knowing what you still need to learn to be more of God then you already are. Being humble is also a power to keep you going, as I stated in the message of yesterday. And don't forget to be of joy, to enjoy the ride. I say this because you won't laugh at stepping into an ego trap, but it is funny to do so. It gives you a valuable lesson in life, gives you opportunity to be awake again and avoid falling to deep in sleep. When you fall too deep in sleep you will have more trouble being and becoming awake. It is as matter of fact a grace to fall in these traps instead to fall into descending. This trap can be an outing of your descending, but with trust into your higher self, your minds eyes open, you will get plenty of opportunities and reminders to stay on track or to get back on track.

Your God self, your higher self, can be trusted. They are to be trusted when you wander of your track, if you take the road less traveled (the good easy road towards becoming God) or the normally heavy road of difficulties. In time you will learn to trust them. As it normally goes, when everything goes right, you trust them, if you wander and get lost, you don't trust them anymore. And then they are very handy in providing you the right course, giving you clues, postponing the happy coincidences to remind you that you are not going with the flow, and are encouraging you to go with the next step on the right road, to shower you with coincidences with the first step you take. Then they will say, okay, we have shown you that you are on the right track, it takes a little effort, but you can trust us right now, we have proven it. So we see what you have learned of it. And then the happy coincidences will be less, and you will easily get into the state of paralyzed fear of not getting guidance anymore. The trust they ask of you, you need to show at this very moment. If you don't trust your God inside you, what will you trust in life? Nothing, and this will cause you a lot of problems.

The God in you, your higher self, will come to rescue you once again of a wrong track if you will listen. And they persuade you to go on, while showering blessings (happy coincidences) upon you. And the situation will be where it was before you left the right track towards becoming more God.
And then trust will set in or you wander again.

Your God inside you can be trusted, your ego not. So what is the big deal, the big problem if you have already the confirmation that you are on the right track, doing the right stuff? To ask more is an act of lack of confidence, a lack of self-esteem. You will need to do some work on it. To strive with trust towards your goal. And when needed, the happy coincidences will follow you. You need to put just a little effort in it, to show you are of good will.

Having a lack of confidence, a lack of self-esteem is a sign of lacking the trust in your Higher self, of lacking the trust in the God inside you. If you start to listen to the God inside you, at every time, then your guidance will be close at hand. In your heart you will find it. And then the outside coincidences will be of less worth for you for your confirmation, guidance is inside your.

It is a good idea to practice the art of trust, the art of listening to yourself, your God self. And you only need to be trained in listening.

If you start listening, then you will find lot of things inside you where you can listen to:
- ego matters;
- emotions;
- habits;
- beliefs;
- body longings;
- instincts;
- feelings;
- programming;
- concepts;
- thinking.

And all these things aren't the God inside you. So how will you find the God inside you when you get a lot of noise to get confused about?

There is a layer underneath this all. This layer talks softly about the good for all, the love for existence, doesn't manipulate, gives respect to all concerned when presenting a solution for a problem. It is a inner feeling of peace, of happiness, of being at one, at ease. And this feeling can be questioned, and it will stay the same, it can be tested, and it stays the same. This feeling won't change, because it is everlasting. The solution can be changing considering the situation. The answer can be changed because you have changed, and your question doesn't have to be changed, but you can have a possibility for a deeper answer, another step closer to God inside you. The answers will be appropriate for the moment. And this moment, as we have stated before, changes form moment into moment. So never the answer form within will be the same. Don't expect this, otherwise you listen to a static CD with a repeat button switched on and this is definitely not the God inside you.

Some will say that the answers will stay the same, they never change. It will depend on your adoption of the truth. The graces of living concepts are in the beginning just concepts. But when you start living them they become a living truth. And truth is also depending on the situation and your inner state of being. After a while you live them and you are done with the concepts. But meanwhile you could think about teaching them to yourself, your children and by example to every being who is willing to see you as you are now at that very moment of looking at you. Better decide what kind of view you are giving them.

I know that lot of people say that the all loving God won't give you remarks like "you have to do", or "when you don't do this". This will give a lot of people distrust in the messages when I use these very words.

It is a matter of a guideline. If you accept the guideline, then you go with the flow of it. Then the "you have to"'s are just a matter of speaking to make sure that you go with the flow of the guideline. If you step aside to this line, as you are free to do so, you will feel the why of these "have to"'s. You will see the wisdom in it. Or you just step off the guideline and figure it out by yourself (as this guideline persuades you to do for yourself). You can figure it out if this is a right guideline for you. You can figure out if there is another one that resonates more with you then this one. You are also free to decide that you won't follow any guidance. That's alright for me. I don't feel any satisfaction with people who follow the guidelines presented in these messages. It is just a possibility to give you a guidance to get the easiest way of going with the flow, to get to know yourself better, in becoming more the God who you are. You are completely and uttermost responsible for your own discernment and steps and growth in your life. Your choose to test the messages in daily life if they work for you.

You are free to be whatever you want to be. This is the first law of creation. But if you are, by change, longing to feel the God inside you, to express it in daily life, to become more that GOD and to go home, may-be it is worthwhile to read these messages and ponder them in your life and put them into a test, a fair one.

It all matters if you trust yourself, trust your discernment in feeling the truth. And this discernment will grow into fine-tuning when your sensibility has been valued and has been restored (healthy) from hurtings and hardening form outside worldly sources. And then you will have seen the value of one lesson I have given you before, the value of being sensible and respecting yourself as being sensible.

And last but not least. I am just God for myself, just as you are God for yourself. The guidelines I offer should never and never stay inside you when the God inside you doesn't resonate with it. This is never a guideline to replace the God inside you. It is just as it is, A GUIDELINE TO FIND THE GOD INSIDE YOU, and my humble way of presenting my values to you to think and ponder about and to see if they work for you.

And in matter of fact, lots of societies are busy pondering them, to refine them, to practice them, to examine them, to think about them, to write extensions on it fitting to their view, and to reconstruct them, but most of all to feel the love of them for existence, the love for them, the love for their growth, the love for them being GOD.

I love you being GOD. And I trust you, being God, to do what is good for you as being GOD and as part of the GOD-being you all are.

Have a good time in being God, and I hope the message about trust and humbleness (with my example in it) will give you something to ponder about. Getting awareness is all that matters in your society and the changes you like to see will follow if you do your best to get a vision which can be put into creation.

Have lots of fun while doing everything you like doing.


Transfer Closed after receiving: Inam Pateh Sokinoa always.

Vertaling volgt!