PP April 27, 2004

Yesterday I talked about the flow, the spirals and the curve of the flow at the end of the message. So let?s start at that point.

The main sentences where: logically, everything comes into circles. If you aren?t used to these circles spiraling up or down, doesn?t matter which viewpoint you choose, you can easily think I will get into a knot with my explanations.

Just look at the DNA structure and you see the base of the spiral in life?s explanations. And a spiral, and also soft women?s curves, makes the flow go easy and smooth.

To take this into the science of frequencies, a rounded curve makes the flow of energy into a harmonic one. Sharp edges like the pyramids, a stair, a triangle, are a deformation to the energy flow. It stops the transfer of energy, the transfer of information and wisdom. In a universe where everything is sharp tangled of structure, the flow of energy goes with soft curves, in circles spiraling up and down.

The water in the natural way of behaving (where do you find this anymore on earth?) goes also in curves, with rounded corners, naturally flowing from high to low. This natural curve is also to be found in the flow of energy. The flow can be a strong one, heavy to cope with, the nature of the flow will be with soft curves, just like the curves of the woman?s body.

In your counterpart universe, the soft curves are in the matter, being female of nature. The energy and the source is male, so the energy flow is with sharp edges, triangle of shape, a straight line. With soft women?s curves the energy wouldn?t be recognized, and it would be a very difficult job to adjust the energy system to it. And yes, the reaction to the idea of the curves of the women?s body here is the same as the reactions to the idea of the curves of the man body in that universe.

If the flow of energy, the flow of life in your universe would be with sharp edges, triangle of structure, straight lines, you wouldn?t see or feel it. Your roads are this way, the houses, everything is this way, even the way of behavior towards women is this way. So it is just opposite of nature to what matter is made in form. Just chew a bit on this sentence, will you?

With all the troubles you have in your universe, it is easier to adjust to soft curves when living in a straight line society, than if you have to live the opposite. The soft curves are easier to adopt.
To go back to the topic, the flow of life is soft curved energy current with a playful childish element in it. The flow of energy is also, directed by women. This is their way of expressing themselves. The Source is female, so the energy of the Source penetrating (male word) every being is also female. Instead of penetrating you can use entwine.

If you look at the flow of life, it is never straight forward. It always goes with some side steps, a strong meeting, a happy coincidence, a bit of misfortune which turns out to be the best luck you can imagine. This is because the flow is going up and down in a range of frequencies. The up is lucky and the down is something less lucky, but helps you to get on the high mountain again.

If you see the nature of the flow, you can start to play with it. On the down you can anticipate for the up, when good luck and fortune is smiling at you, you can put some efforts for the next up into motion. Just like the tides of the moon, the tides of the sea, you can play with it and see the line and organize your life around these tides. It is favorable to clean your house when the moon is waning. A party will be a rough one at full moon. Romance and feelings are also on the highest at that time. To put some energy in a new adventure, the first quarter to full moon is a good time to do so. When you see this, you would know that these influences are very good for timing your life. Some of the agricultural systems keep these influences in mind, with sowing, harvesting and so on.

If every thing, every being is made of energy, then it is very logical to understand that the influences of the behavior of the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and so on, will effect your daily living. And they will leave a mark on your personality the first time when you feel these influences as a single body, just out of the womb of your mom. If you learn what the influences are, what kind of changes they offer you, then you are ready to go and ride the tide. You also can choose to live the influences as a part of it, as a being who can?t say anything about it, as a victim. All that matters is if you like to live as a conscious being or a subconscious being. Remember, the 3 A?s, alive, awake and aware, or not?

With the influences of the celestial being upon your life, you have also the influence of the sun activity. With the sunspots very strongly necessary for your change into different vibrational beings with a different structure, you face lots of increases of energy levels. As part of the process, you need to cope with this also. I would love it, I hope you do too.

Next influence you have that leaves a mark on the flow of life, is your own group energy which you are all building and feeling at the same time. If the critical mass is reached you will see changes in your world. Before that time the influence is felt, this is why lots of people in an area are depressed or getting the same diseases. The other way to look at it, if you all accept the wasting of the living environment, is you are getting the same diseases because of the chemicals in the ground upon which your house is resting. It is just part of the same issue.

The flow of life is also directed by Earth, her wishes, her moods, her diseases, her wish for growth and change. Mostly she wishes for a change for the better, to overcome the pollution in her seas, earth, and air. She knows she needs you to get along with her, because you are the reason of her diseases. And you will be the reason for her death, if you don?t change. But change that?s why we are here, and that?s why I communicate with you, and that?s where your hearts desire lies.
To be very honest, it is because of her, that all the galaxies are putting that much effort into you. Of course we love both of you, but Mother Earth has asked for help, has asked for assistance, has asked for change. The good of all concerned is also the good for you all.

The flow of life is also directed by your guides, your Soul, your Soul contracts, the lessons you liked to learn when you came to earth, the lessons you have learned already. What is nicer than to look in the library of experiences to see what lesson you have learned this lifetime and what you can start to learn right now?

The flow of life is also directed by the people you are interacting with. You live with a woman, man, a child, and they make their own flow of life, have their own answers to the flow of influences upon their flow of life, and the flow of life of their group energy, the flow of life of mother Earth and the flow of life from other celestial beings.
This is also the case with the animals you are living with. If the flow of life directs them to leaving you to go back to their Animal spirit Soul, then they go, no matter what you like to manifest for their health.

If you thought: when will I talk about the direction you can give to the flow of life and your influence upon it, than this is the moment.
You direct the flow of life of yourself, your group energy, the flow of life of others in your environment, the flow of life of your beloved ones, your friends, your animals, your house and so on.
The way you do this, is by choice. What you choose, you value. When you choose, you make a magnet to attract alike and you have at the same time a device that shuts of the other possibilities. Every choice is a deed of energy you send into the cosmos. Your choice is also registered in the group energy and this way you all make clusters of energy to create a specific outcome. What you value, you choose. The flow of life is sustained with choices with a focus on the outcome, a vision. When you choose without a focus, without a vision, your flow of life will be a mess.
How? If you attract one possibility with your choice, and the next time you choose opposite, then you attract the possibility you first had shut off. This way you don?t go far with the flow of life. It looks like a whirlpool if you choose this way.

When you direct the flow of life by your choice it is good thing to think about the flow of life of the others. The flow of life will go smoother with a vision, but also when it is for the good of all concerned. The flow of life will also go smoother when it is in harmony with the other flows of life.
It is a very good thing when people start to educate each other, to handle the flow of life with care, understanding, anticipation for the good of all concerned. I would suggest to make this part of every day education at the schools in the future. To be sensitive to the flow, feel the energies around you, and decide what you like to do, with respect for every being there is.

To give a warning: if you misuse your knowledge to interrupt the flow of life of others, or gain something out of it, this is a deed of treason. It is also not a very good idea to use this knowledge to direct the flow from a person without the agreement of the one involved. This is what the world is doing right now, and what in history is used a long time to suppress other beings.
It is always the same, knowledge can give you power. Knowledge should guide you to be of service to gain wisdom. Only with being of service you can gain wisdom for the good of all concerned.

Coming back on track again. The determining factor is your choice. If you choose wisely, the flow of life will benefit from it. Others will benefit form it also. This way you sustain life, the creation and you will feel you are carried, caressed by the Source. With your choosing in line with the flow of life, it is hard to feel lonely, to feel sick, to feel insecure, to feel left alone, to feel homesick, to feel of no use, to feel like a tiny spot on a tiny planet, that it doesn?t matter who you are or what you do. If you go with the flow, you know, feel that you matter. The feelings of being separated from the rest is the sign that you aren?t on the flow of life, that you don?t see your connection with the flow. You can?t lose the connection, but you can decide not to participate in the flow. This is always the case when you choose different than the flow of life is going.

There are only two choices, going with the flow or stepping out. It is a deed, an action to step out of it, it is a choice. Not choosing is a deed of stepping out also. If you have feelings of separation, you made the choice to feel that way. You never can be separate of the flow of life, you can?t die as a being, it will always sustain you. But you can decide to feel this way. This is the choice you have when you live in an illusionary world. For you the feeling is real, the flow of life will sustain your choice, and you will attract like. You will find, everywhere you look, the separation. What you decide you see. What you choose, you get. It is your harvest.

Luckily the flow of life is also a loving flow. With respect to your choice, the flow will offer you always another way of choosing to come back on track again. I already talked about this in previous messages. To refresh your memory, when I told you about the happy coincidences that will come to sustain you when you choose for the first time towards the Source after a while of wandering. If the cross reference table is finished, you will find this message more easy to read again. Now just look for it in the graces of life. I don?t give away which message it is, so you have to read all of them, or use your discernment. It won?t harm to refresh your memory and read them all.

Time to finish this message. Your lady cat needs some attention, and likes to play as a dog. Nice example of integrating different energies with a grace into living and enjoying life. If you all would be more of the feline kind, some lessons wouldn?t be that tough as they are right now. Maybe I will talk more about compassion next time.

Have a Go(o)d time.


Vertaling volgt!