PP March 27, 2004

Hello all, this is Asthar speaking.

It is time to share your being, time to share your vision, time to share your loving heart, time to share your hurts, sadness, your happiness, your joys, your everything you are, it is time to share you.
Don?t be afraid of hurting, if something hurts you, you have something inside what needs to be healed before you felt the hurt, it was already in you. Just say thanks to the one who gives you the reminder of a job unfinished.

If you get a negative reaction from someone else, just look in the mirror they present you and see your part. Just as they should look in the mirror and see their part. And yes, it is not of your business to make sure they look in the mirror and to make sure they do their part. Just bless them and trust God, trust yourself, that in time they will see God inside themselves, as you see God in them right now.
If you give someone a negative reaction on something, just look in the mirror, love yourself, love your mistakes, because they give you the opportunity to learn, to be closer to whom you already are. See the guidance in these occasions to heal others and yourself.

In sharing, in accepting yourself and others, you give fear no basis to live on. You don?t give hurtings, and other separative emotions, time to get hold of you and wrench the light out of you. Sharing and willingness to learn from the view of another is the most important part of becoming and playing the God you are.

And If people don?t act with the rules of respect for a relationship in their mind, just accept and let it be. You were a few times ago just as they are. Share you, share your example, share the example of others. If you don?t share your life, how will the Golden Age become possible?

The most easy way of sharing, is the sharing of information. Information isn?t you, it is just knowledge. And knowledge can?t be owned. In the society it is already a power basis to have more knowledge than the other, and to play your knowledge in the power game for your own win, more money, more power, more satisfaction or revenge, just for ego matters.

A vision, a dream with a message, needs also to be shared. If you as the receiver (nothing more and nothing less) don?t share the dream with a message, who will the givers of this message send this dream to? It is your capability of receiving that makes it possible to reach the others with the message. If you become a dead end road and keep everything for yourself, then you are not flowing with the flow of energy and not doing your job in providing the necessary information to a changing world who needs this piece of the puzzle for the next step. So you will be held responsible for your arrogance to keep the information just for yourself or a small inner circle. Again and again, you are part of GOD, not an island without any connections, not a single part of you isn?t connected.

Without knowing you share your thoughts with the whole galaxy, we see what you think. So sharing knowledge, messages in dreams, thinking of visions and so on isn?t that big a deal. In relationships you are becoming more that you are, you are becoming God. How can you measure yourself and your values except in a relationship with others? You can think you are loving, but to actually put it into practice is something different. Then you know with test and exercise it is really part of you, may-be you need to refine it a bit, but it is you.

What more do you need to share, to put it into practice? EVERYTHING. Yes everything. To see God in yourself and others, you need to practice. Knowing without practice, isn?t worth a dime. Practice it in voluntary work, put an old lady on the toilet and keep her hand in your hands, because she is afraid to fall in the toilet, and see the God in her while doing this, then you know. See the God in your partner when she or he is making you accusations of laziness, because you can?t fill her / his expectations of what you need to be, considering her / his point of view, is good experience too.

See in the mirror presented at that time, may-be it is right, may-be it is the hurting of not feeling important to you what causes this problem, and see the expectations as a test to stay inside you and with the truth as you live it, and see it as a misconception of your partner to give you these expectations instead of seeing God inside you. And be humble enough to see the truth when you really are lazy. And see if this laziness is not part of the loss of energy given away to your partner, the society, the ill health, mentally, emotionally or physically. In all the above mentioned occasions you have to get some work done. Laziness isn?t an excuse to get some work done. And to overcome these ill health issues, you might like some help. And with asking and accepting help, the problem would be come durable or solved. Don?t be lazy in asking help, reaching out for help, and accepting help. Otherwise help can?t come your way.

It is also important to share your qualities. In that way you are able to put them into exercise, which means you keep them alive, and refine them, become more of them, and see you are more than the sum of these qualities, because you are God which can put them into action. And at the same time, you can help others with them, and by helping them, you have time to see the lesson, that while helping them you are not less valuable then them, or worth more then them, you are the same. They give you the opportunity to practice to give something of yourself. Giving and receiving are of the same value, the one can not exist without the other.

It is also important to share your weakness. By sharing, they dissolve, if you don?t keep them close at heart. Sharing is something different then complaining. Complaining is just an energy eater. If you complain to get out of the mood, to clear your mind (just like lots of ladies will do) then you are sharing, and let the things go by speaking your mind. This isn?t a big deal, it is just a good mechanism to keep your inner health. But don?t start to gossip. You can?t undo gossip. The hurts in the point of view of the other can never be undone, for ever. And this way you are responsible for causing the other troubles in seeing the God inside your topic of your gossip. And you are a very long, long way off the road of seeing God inside the others.

While speaking, I come to the topic of respectful behavior towards others. And yes this is all part of the game of being God. I think I shall start with "the don?t do it anymore" list. It will be a long list:
- don?t gossip;
- don?t judge;
- don?t work with hidden agenda?s;
- don?t manipulate;
- don?t go in power struggles;
- don?t chase power;
- don?t expand your ego on mischief of others;
- don?t boost your ego with your accomplishments;
- don?t boost your ego with your capacities;
- don?t boost yourself on good health, good character, good style of living;
- don?t diminish the value of others;
- don?t (mis)treat animals as not being part of you or part of God;
- don?t value any being of not being worth to listen to;
- don?t value any being on their value they see in themselves;
- don?t value any being on their awareness of their part to God;
- don?t value any being at all;
- don?t put expectations on somebody;
- don?t see the faults in the other first;
- don?t see the faults of you in the other;
- don?t see the dark side in the other;
- don?t judge any being of not worthy to share yourself with;
- don?t judge time to be more important then sharing and helping;
- don?t judge helping being more valuable then accepting the help;
- don?t judge anybody not worthy of your company.

I think this list will do for now. There are more "don?t do it any more"?s to be ad to this list. You will notice in time the other ones that need to be added. Just do it on your own list. Because that list will be yours to work on.

The list I gave considering a good relationship is in every occasion a good one to practice. For you are always in a relationship with some being. And when you are all alone without any being around you, so you think. You are already together with mother Earth, because you stand on her face. I am very careful not to say, you stand on her body, because you don?t know on which part of the body you are standing. And to stand upon the face of some being, you sure have to be respectful. In daily life, you won?t think about standing upon the face of a being (except in a power struggle) so this view is the best view of how you will honor her, who is willingly and with grace, having you on her face. Otherwise there won?t be a place for you to be (to be God). In this view of your highest potential of Being GOD she, with respect, lets you walk upon her face. And she knows you are capable to respect her and thank her for this honor.

Funny thing it is, you are always more troubled with don?t than with allowed?s. And when you live the way of GOD, the respect and love for all being, you won?t be troubled anymore with do-not?s. These do-not?s would come natural to you as part of your inside, as part of your expression of being GOD. And this way you can see with the list of do-not?s how far you are on your way to become GOD. And you only know how far you are, if you put yourself to the test and look at your beliefs, your behavior.
And then only then Humbleness comes in.

And being Humble is the next grace of living. And this is an easy grace also. It comes natural on ones path if you walk your life of becoming more and more God into being, into existence. And never get proud of being Humble. This is the best ego trap the ego can give you. And it is a really funny one too. It is also a good way not to mistake a lack of self esteem, a lack of self worth for being humble. These will never be the same.

You only can be humble if you have a good view of how you are, what you like to become, what you are capable of, the good and lesser spots in character, and what you still need to learn, to practice, to experience, and to be.

Having a good time all together, see you next time, with another Grace if God provides.



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