PP April 26, 2004

Hello, this is Ashtar speaking.

The spark of being creative illumines your being. It is good to see the flow of creativity in a being. The energy starts to sparkle. The flow of energy is directed into creation and you feel the joy of creation floating around you. In time you will become addicted to this energy. It gives you the highest potential of being GOD, being LOVE.

What has creativity to do with LOVE, don?t you think? It is very easy again. When you are creative, you love what you are doing. Creativity is love into motion, into expression. Love is the only way of getting a creative direction into motion for the good of all concerned. Without love, without joy, you would do anything. Being creative is the best condition to be love, joy into expression.

Being creative is neutral. You can direct it to a positive goal or a negative goal. In either way when you are satisfied with doing, proud of the results, enjoying the process, anticipating the outcome, you are GOD into expression. The conditions to be a God into action, you have encountered them all. No matter what you do, you are always a God into action, into expression. The only choice is, is the action for the good of all concerned or not. The results of your action is yours and yours alone. The harvest is yours.

When you look at the shadow part of your being, did you ever look? Every human can be a murderer. If some people think to program you so you would become a murderer, they always find an entree to get their programming connected. It is now already easy to control people, and in the nearby future when everyone will become crystaline of structure, the programming is much easier. The only way to avoid this part of earth?s history revisited again, is to grow beyond the need of controlling, beyond the need for power, beyond the ego. Being creative is a way out.

The ego keeps everything into duality, into fear, into pride, into structure. And normally, being creative is also a good way of feeding the ego. What if you are creative without being interested in the outcome? Then you trick the ego, you enjoyed the process, and you are free of concerns, so you are able to stay neutral.

Being creative is also a good device to overcome the borders set by the ego. It is also fine to get creative solutions for ego-traps, ego-tricks and so on. In being creative you are able to go with the flow and you are able to avoid all the ego stuff, provided you are free of results. I already told in a message, that God is free of concerns of the outcome. He knows he did what he did (God can?t do his best, he does something or he doesn?t do it, either way, there is nothing in between). And he knows that it is good. This is the way of GOD, just doing something and God saw: IT was GO(o)D. God can?t do something less then GOOD. You are God also, so you made a big mess of your world, you are good in that. Maybe time to stop and be good in something else? Just use your creative bone.

If humor is the language of the Soul, being creative is his expression. They need each other. When you are creative, you can be creative in viewing the situation, this is where humor comes in. If you use humor to transform a situation, you open the road to new ways of doing things, so you are able to put your creativity into the situation, which generates humor again. There you go, the spiral of creation towards fully remembering you are GOD is set into motion. And this is as it should be.

If you use creativity and humor without LOVE, without all the aspects that come along with love (see the graces of living) then you are going into a spiral down wards, to a dark point of living, when you have a bit trouble of coming out again. It is a waste to go down again, when you already have been there for several times. Don?t you think that it is enough for now? I think so, but you have to decide for yourself.

Creativity is a good way of putting love into expression.
Humor is a good way of communicating, which is also an expression of love (if you choose it to be this way).

There are of course other way?s of putting love into expression. So let?s review them.

If you become a more and more multidimensional being, you need to participate life with a multidimensional perspective way of living, view, talking and so on. The way to get to this way of living is using your creativity and your humor to get along with it. Being sensitive helps also a lot. It is also a matter of attitude of respecting, enjoying, celebrating, being the 3 A?s.

If you want to be creative, you will have a problem. You are it already or you have lost it. If you have lost it, that is logical in your western society, where being creative has been hammered out at school. Every being is born with the capacity of being creative. Every being is also born with the capacity of using humor.

How do you get your creativity back? To challenge it. You can?t challenge it by going to a course of painting. Normally you will learn the art of painting. These techniques won?t help you with being creative. Some art courses from the anthroposophy are good to try. There are more and cheaper ways to learn to be creative again.


You see, if your inner child still lives with you, you won?t have trouble with these assignments The child in you is the condition to be creative. If you can?t, just get along with the child in you, find it, hug it, cherish it, nourish it, nurture it. It is part of healing yourself and healing society.

When you are a child inside, you are able to enjoy, value and see the funny part of life. And when you are also the adult inside to guide the child, you will have a healthy combination to get along with yourself. Of course you have to love both to get along with yourself.

And this way we are back with the love as base for a healthy way of living, and with being creative as a healthy way of expressing yourself as Being GOD. As we have seen, there are also other ways of expressing yourself, with Being as being the best way to be GOD.

Before I get into a knot with my expressions and teachings, and my channel into trouble to understand what I am talking about, I will finish today?s channeling. Logically everything comes into circles. If you aren?t used to these circles spiraling up or down, doesn?t matter which viewpoint you choose, you can easily think I will get into a knot with my explanations.

Just look at the DNA structure and you see the base of the spiral in life?s explanations. And a spiral, and also soft women?s curves, makes the flow go easy and smooth.

Tomorrow more on this subject. It just happens to be of interest at this moment of saying enough for today. Just to keep you interested and informed.

Have a good time,


Pateh solal imguan coustal imhat.
5 is enough for today.

Vertaling volgt!