PP April 25, 2004

Say hello to life. Say hello to adventure. Say hello to being GOD in the inner you. See it in everything there is. What do you want more in your life?

This is Ashtar speaking.

You already have love in your life.
You already have fulfillment in your life.
You already have satisfaction in your life.
You already have the bliss of God in your life.
You already have the ONENESS OF BEING with everything there is in your life.
You already are everything there is.
You already are GOD inside.

You can provide for everything you want in your life.
You can choose to be whatever you want in your life.
You can create every experience you want in your life.
You can heal yourself.

You can waste your health if you want to.
You can perceive everything as black or white.
You can perceive yourself as being dark.
You can perceive yourself as unworthy.
You can perceive yourself as being sick.

You can create yourself misery.
You can create yourself blame.
You can create yourself loss.
You can create yourself failure.
You can create yourself into nothing.

You can create yourself all certain kind of things: a car, a house, rain, snow, cold, warmth, a CD-player, a cadeceus coil, a family, kids, a job, a loan, a rent, a debt, a gift, furniture, a computer, and so on.

You can create yourself all kinds of feelings/emotions: love, hate, jealousy, friendship, hunger, longing, (lust), independence, co-dependence, satisfaction, hurt, pain, loneliness and so on.

You can create yourself all kinds of experiences: losing, finding a lost loved one, killing, becoming a billionaire, being poor, starving to death of diseases, starving to death by a broken heart, starving to death of hunger, being powerful, being a victim, being a guru and so on.

The only part that comes back always, the only part on which these things "happen", "occur", is YOU. You are the determining factor. You choose. You can create whatever you want.

Before you come to the Earth you make an outline of what you want to learn. Earth is a learning place, and so are other places in the universe, in the creation. You can?t count them, or, you as GOD can count them. I would rather think of it as a waste of time to count them. It isn?t a waste of time to visit them in time being. Should be rather fun. That?s what?s creation is for, after all.

You are in this life because of this outline, a bit restricted, in your way of creation, because of the lessons you like to learn. BUT (yes this time a really big one), if you have learned your lesson, you are free to rewrite the contract you made with yourself. Then you are free to choose whatever you want to do except that it has to be another lesson to bring you to you being GOD. This is what we all do in life. To learn, to love, to grow into BEING GOD.
I know, you find the restrictions a bit dull. If you don?t need it anymore, you are free to be GOD, the GOD you ARE, at that MOMENT. Then you will make restrictions yourself for your creations, your expressions of being GOD. And maybe you like to research another way of expressing there was never before into creation. Maybe you will start a creation without the lesson and learning part. How you will make your creation into GOD?s like you are (into your image), will be a question you have to adjust.

Lessons to learn keep you going on. Without a lesson, there is no growth. Without a lesson there is no chance for learning. Without lesson there is no movement in the creation. At that time the creation collapses into its beginning. Collapsing isn?t fun, I can assure you. You, with your freewill, decide how long it takes you to get the lesson. One hour, one lifetime or 10 lifetimes. If you?ve learned your lesson you are free to choose, staying into your body and take along another lesson, or change forms to find out if somewhere else, or another body will be more fun for a specific lesson. You, or better your Soul chooses. You are being your Soul, so this won?t be a problem.

When we look at some people who are living on Earth, they have more then one lesson. Big brave hearts these people are.
There are also people on Earth with a being of service mission. They come to Earth not only to learn, but to assist in a certain kind of area. This being of service is for the ones who have learned already a lot and start to put their being into tests and services. Some like it very much to be on contracts of this kind. Some have lots of service contracts signed before they came to Earth. They are very brave also. These contracts are difficult to keep and failing their contract is a bit hard for them on the consequences.

There are always reasons why some being fails, and the group energy is one of these reasons. This isn?t that bad. What is really wrong is to be that kind of stubborn and you don?t listen to your call to duty when you have signed your service contract. This happens right now to lots of people. They try to avoid being of service, they try to avoid coming out of their cozy corner of existence. They have their freewill to say no. That?s right. They have also limited their freewill with a contract. Contracts are subjected to breach of contract. I would suggest you do not take this lightly. With a contract, people are getting some credits to make life easy and effortless. This makes them probably lazy, I think. To risk a good life just for an inner pulling to the direction of an unknown future because of an unknown contract, is a bit difficult. It is also very rewarding.

Let?s start to talk about contracts and freewill. This is a very wrong understood concept of divine grace. You?ve read it very good. A contract is a grace. You have developed yourself to a certain kind of level. You are graced with a contract to test your capacities, your being to your depth of being GOD. With a contract you put your love for the world, for the people into action. You aren?t consuming lessons anymore, no, you are the one who puts them into being, into test, the very lesson you have learned in a previous life. This is very rewarding, to see, you have learned it, and you are able to use it.
You choose to put it into practice at the beginning of your life when you sign your contract, and during your life, when you are asked to fulfill your contract of being of service.

To make the discernment of your heart necessary, I will address the illegal contracts some of the clever users of good willing people are binding people into misery with. When you are of service, you can be asked during a life to sign for another duty. When you are willing, you do, and it is a grace to have this question asked to you. This is the device others are using to get contracts in their favor (instead for the good of all concerned). So you are asked to sign a contract to help the Grey?s, the abducting ones. If you know what they do, you better don?t sign. This is luckily finished right now for your Earth. Still the risk for these contracts is still existing.

How do you avoid these contracts? Get a connection to your Soul very lively, nourishing, feeding you. When your Soul is the master of your life, you won?t sign what isn?t of the highest good for all concerned. If you have dissolved connection to your Soul, your subconscious has an idea of being GOOD and being of service and falls easily into the trap of these false contracts.. If you know what you are doing with the help of your Guides, you can erase these contracts as SOUL. You still need a good connection with your Soul to do this. You also need to get your case at the Solar tribunal of being to get rid of them in bad cases. Normally you can call in the law of love, respect and sustaining creation to break these kinds of contracts. In this solar tribunal all your breaking of oaths, breaking of contracts are judged.

Luckily this solar tribunal has a completely different way of judging and ruling then the ones you have on Earth. This tribunal sustains love, clears the way for expression of LOVE, and always sees that the highest good for you and all concerned has its way into creation. So no way you have to fear this tribunal. And yes, this process in this tribunal can be tough when you have to see in the mirror what you have made of your life and the chances you had in life, and maybe wasted them.

Maybe it sounds very odd to you. Contracts and lessons are a gift of love to your Soul. It is a gift of grace granted by the Creator, by the Source, to give you opportunities to use your freewill, your discernment and your determination to grow back to the source.

In the realms before birth, all the ones who aren?t going into the process of matter, are envious (if you may say so) of the ones who are going to birth with the opportunities, the lessons and contracts that are given them. With these lessons and contracts, you are giving yourself (when you accept them) a certain kind of character, capacities, problems, an amount of good and bad luck, some guides to help you through, and meetings of significant people who have signed to help you along. (Then you are talking about learning contracts).

If we look at the state of being of Mother Earth, you will see that to help her, there need to be a lot of people with a contract on this part. A lot have taken this assignment with them to Earth. Some are very true to this task and search for ways to keep their promise. Some are directing this promise into the wrong way, at least they try. And a lot won?t wake up to this promise, this longing to be of assistance. Their guides, mother Earth, their Soul, all will try their very best, to awake these people to their promise. We all, you and we here, need them. Especially Mother Earth needs them.

When we see the contracts, we see that the freewill is limited by the signing. This isn?t nice. When we see the grace given with these contracts, we see the divine love, the divine plan for all creation. It is a sign of growth as a Soul when you have these contracts. It is just like a knighting for the Soul to accept these contracts.

So if you have one, or more, ENJOY them, Your Soul definitely enjoys them, and urges you to go along with them, and fulfill them.

Have a good time, to find which contact you have, and if this contract fulfills the highest GOOD of all concerned. So not, enjoy a visit to the Solar tribunal, and ask if you can see this visit with your day consciousness, then you have a nice story to share with others.

Enjoy the ones who are for the good of all concerned, and fulfill them with ease, grace and bliss (and gratitude) for the ones involved. Giving thanks to your Soul for these wonderful possibilities, is a very good idea.

Pre sathal athem pradoyat pateh.


Vertaling volgt!