PP April 24, 2004

Dear Ahtar, are you willing to transfer right now, here?

The situation you all are living right now is like a train station. You are waiting for the right train to catch. You see all different people catching different trains with different destinations. Some are very determined which train they want to catch, others aren?t.

Some think their train won?t come and are preparing for living on transitional grounds. Just like stranded people with their airplane on the airport. Some people are waiting on the wrong station or for something that doesn?t come right now.

First the destination need to be known, felt, lived, then the right UFO will embark. Not just now, or then, only on the right time.
If you know which stations, which transportation vehicle, which destination, you wouldn?t suffer from insecurity. You wouldn?t suffer from the idea that your loved ones would take another one then you are supposed to take.

When will you get rid of the insecurity? Only the moment when you feel the force, the light inside you, than the outside won?t matter that much anymore. It only depends on your willingness to go inside, no matter what happens.

The pull of the celestial beings (planets) is very strong at this moment. Are you going with the flow, are you riding the flow, or fighting against it? You feel the urge, what do you plan to do with it?

You are God, so what do you decide?

Humans aren?t aware enough, I suppose. Also a lot of humans are used to the others thinking for them. That is almost gone for a lot of people right now.

What destination do you choose? You have to choose eventually. Not choosing is a choice of cowardliness. Create! Instead of vegetate.

You should learn right now to perceive light in the darkness and the darkness in the light. Nothing is as it seems to be. The process of getting the Golden Age and the (landing) of aliens shows this very clearly. It will go on until you trust yourself and you create together. I am happy you get started right now.

Just to answer questions right now. I am not interested in selling products. Alchemy is a nice hobby just for the fun of it. It don?t cover all you need to know, to be, to experience, to manifest to be GOD, the ONE you are. Knowledge without love, knowledge without the guidance of the intuition is just empty ego manifestation.

To answer another question, somewhere around March 2003, your time, you all were facing a break in a timeline. We here could choose to get along with that particular timeline. We all decided that another would be much more convenient for the learning process of Earth and all her inhabitants.

If you see our point of view, not the outcome matters but the process matters. The better process the better the results will stay carved in stone, spirits and hearts. Drawings in sand to mark a new time gets wasted away by the sea or the wind, or both.
We here like to see a change that is destined to stay. Going along with your free will for the tough road, the heaviest and the most heavenly learning process, we all change timelines, energy frames, for the best outcome for all concerned. The Sirians, or me, aren?t GOD right now in this moment. We are just like you are, but that is another story, another moment, another timeline, and just at the same moment, we all are GOD. Your freewill makes the play a tough one, also a nice one to play, a good one, with the most valuable lessons, and not all the Souls dared to take the road you have taken. That?s why channelings start often with love and gratitude for you for the daring ones you all are.

If you try to get all the multi facetted view of the different channelings into one picture, you strive for a failure. It is a nice gymnastic for your mind. It really doesn?t matter. What only matters is the question if it is for the good of all concerned. Decide which information fits with you, what kind of facet do you like to look through to the reality as you see the reality. Reality is an illusion. A view on that particular reality is also an illusion. It is as it is. So in that view you are illusion, your reality is an illusion, your ideas are an illusion and every bit of information, a channeling or not, is just as hard an illusion as the rest is an illusion. What really matters is your willingness to let go of knowledge (the reason I explained already in a message) to become the God you are. And for lots of men and women right now, they need to balance the male part and the female part right now at their inside, before the world can take another step closer to the Golden Age.

The next step will give another question, another issue to solve and so with the vision building towards its momentum the Golden Age will come closer and closer. Just do what you want to do as Being GOD. Decide what energy you will give, how you like to participate, how you like to be in the process. And trust, trust, trust my dears, a lot of matters that are playing right now are beyond your scope of coping. You don?t know what kind of balance the world is playing to get everything in order. What about contracts? Learning Issues, leaving appreciated times, invention time, issues that need to be solved before the next step? What about learning to let go of the need for drama? What about learning to be awake, alive and aware? What about giving animals time to leave, the choice for another creation, or to change into another level of being? What about time for mother Earth to give her trust in you as inhabitants as caretakers as part of your stewardship? At this moment you fail any test in taking care of her. When will you stop in failing her?

Most of you, you think that with NESARA everything will change. If you don?t start the change inside you, you won?t change anything. If you don?t start the change in the world (as a mirror of your inner change) you won?t get the change you like to have when NESARA comes.

Are you all ready? Are you ready to solve problems without the ego and ego wishes, ego agendas and so on? If so, I needn?t present you with these messages. You would feel that you were complete and finished, and the world was ready, with you to accept in joy the announcement of NESARA. As long as NESARA isn?t for the good of all concerned, you won?t get ahead with it. If all of you feel the process is finished, a feeling of fulfillment, a feeling of completion, then you are ready for it. No sooner, no later, NESARA will come at that moment in time.

This is enough for the answer section of the messages of today.
See you all next message. I am looking forward to it. I also really hope on a few heavy questions so my mind gets some gymnastic. Should be a nice adventure and a nice challenge.

Have a jolly go(o)d time


Connection closed.

Vertaling volgt!