PP April 23, 2004

This is Asthar speaking about the need to balance knowledge with the guidance of female intuition. In earlier messages I spoke about knowledge put to the test begets experience, experience overviewed with contemplation is the basis for wisdom.

The female intuition comes in very handy to guide you to the right experience your Soul likes to have for you into the existence in the matter. Not every experience is welcomed by your Soul. Not all experience is the experience the Soul seeks, why you are right now on this spot of moment in the creation.

So you have to have a guide in your daily life to guide you through the right waves of energy to the right moment for the right experience. Lots of beings just seek experience without seeing if the experience troubles the Light into creation through its being. The mere question you need to ask before you go to an adventure is if you are going to like the experience as a Soul. The divine part needs to be taken in consideration. Is this experience for the good of all concerned? The good of the world, the good of you, and the good of your Soul?

This is the next consideration to experience and adventure. This is the next level of the good of all concerned. Is what you seek of adventure good for you, for all, and for your SOUL?
If you seek something, and it doesn?t hurt any being, okay, you think, here I go. What if your soul disagrees? Then it isn?t right for every being. The being of your Soul isn?t a part of the Earth. You are as an illusion upon earth, you aren?t upon earth, your body is an illusion.

The question lots of men in the world need to ask themselves, is, if the knowledge they seek is participating in the experience, in the expression of what they seek and in the building of their wisdom. When you get balanced knowledge guided by intuition, and you are the knowledge you seek, then nothing is wrong with it. Except that they have to know, that they are more than the knowledge. Wisdom is, LOVE is, knowledge is just a mind exercise, nothing more and nothing less.

The question of knowledge is also if it will burden your life with a worthless amount of misused energy. This is often the occasion. So be careful when you seek knowledge. The world at this moment has a lot of information to guide you to the next level of development as beings towards your soul. It also has a lot of information to get you astray of your path to your destination. Lots of information is a smoke curtain to mislead you, to misguide you. The only knowledge that serves you to your very being, to your inner you, to better understanding of who you are, is the only wisdom you seek. The rest is just a use to your ego, a misconsumption of information to keep you busy with nothing at all.

So what are the intellectual questions you seek when you study? Is it a study of wisdom or a study of useless knowledge?
If you feel the information, if you use your hearts discernment of what is right and what isn?t, then you won?t burden your mind with something you can?t use to get the right experience.
When you talk rational concepts without the experience part, the feeling part, it is useless. We only talk about an addiction of the mind to study information, knowledge. The world of today where you live in is all about addictions, all about keeping the body occupied with information, knowledge, competition to avoid feeling deep into the understanding of your own being.

If some being isn?t schooled at all, but has an inner peace of heart, a strong sense for the good of all concerned, a working connection to the Soul and a very graceful expression of the inner being, GOD, who can withstand this? Who can stand in its way? Who won?t pay homage to this being? So what gives knowledge without the sense of love?

We are talking again about balancing male and female energies. What about one without the other? It is just a misuse of one part of the energy. Knowledge without guidance is also part of the misuse of it. Feelings without discernment can also be dictating (lots of women use this and say it is their intuition speaking).

To avoid misuse of one energy, one needs to be connected with both. But most important: one needs to get or stay connected with the good for all concerned and with the good of the Soul concerned. Then again the knowledge can be good to obtain, can be put into experience, can be put into use for all concerned, but then is the SOUL pleased with it?

Did you ever know about people with too much wisdom at a certain level of living? When every being isn?t supported by the environment of living, with group-energy, the body can?t bear it anymore. Just like having too much energy without a way to express it, to let it flow. The body will be worn out to the energy level inside and will dissolve. This is a problem right now when you live in a transition period to a new level of energy, a new structure of coping with energy inside the body, and the restrictions are still there in this time frame. To assure you, this will become better in time.

If we look at the opposite side, there are lots of bodies who have troubles associating with new levels of energy, with new levels of being and with new levels of information, transformation and adjusting. This is also the problem of the transition time you are living in.
It is just a spectrum of two sides of the same occurrence.

Why is the balancing of the male and female important at your time line? With everything in balance you don?t easily get misuse of information, misuse of concepts, misuse of energies. This is important, otherwise a new way of living can?t blossom, it will be cut off and have died before it has a thought about blossoming. Also a new way of living, thinking, feeling won?t get a chance to flow when one side is bossing the other around. Too much woman, too much man, is as much paralyzing as the other part when it comes to being out of balance.

If this balance is restored inside you, you will see changes in the outside world. This is always what comes first. First the inside, than the outside. The inside dictates the outside. If you all start to work to balance your female and male part, the world can do nothing else than follow your lead. The most fun part of us to see, is where in the individual the balance is. Every being has his or her own balance, her own way of expressing the balance of being male and female. And logically, the male in the society has a bit more balanced male aspects than the women in your society. This to keep the energy flow from male and female available to creation. You don?t want to put the flow of energy to a halt, don?t you?

Luckily being female and male has much more to do with the inside than how you look at the outside. And most lucky for all the women who think they are looking ugly and not attractive to the opposite, it has nothing to do with sex and sex appeal. The qualities of being female have more to do with intuition, contemplations, gracious inner being and being able to rest inside, conception, accepting graciously, warmth, riches of being, healing. Wisdom is more a female quality, getting it from knowledge into action, taken into contemplation with love, made into wisdom. And the female part of giving guidance through intuition and other devices available for the Soul (happy coincidences and the orchestration of them is definitely female too) is just as important as the impulse of outgoing into action.

Every deed has two side to it. An inner part and an outer part. If you go outside you, you need direction. This is male and female into one. If you decide you need to have reasons upon which you decide, male is making decisions, and female is providing the right information for the decision.
If you start to walk, one leg moves, the other leg sustains the weight and the body, to prevent falling to the ground. This is the very principle of harmony between male and female. The one can?t do without the other, otherwise you are getting a mess. And see how messy your world is, this just says something doesn?t it?

If you do the one without the other part, you won?t get anywhere in life, in the world, in development. But you want to know how to keep the mind happy. You are used to information, you are used to action without a guide, without a direction. This is the very problem of your world. Action without contemplation if the direction is for the Good of All concerned. Non guided energy from men, not valued energy from female. It is just the same issue all over again.
I gave the answer already, without contemplation, without guidance, without intuition, without connection to your inner being, you won?t get anywhere. If you don?t value the woman inside you, you can?t come far with going to the inside, with going to your connection with your Soul and the GOD inside you.

This is why it is very important to value the woman inside. Every time when you value the women in your life, the one who lives in your bed, in your neighborhood, in your family, you give a positive sign to your inner female that you value her too. It is also the opposite way. If you value your inner female, you start to value your inner connection with the SOURCE, and you will live this at the outside of you.

Most man say: I do value women. I like to talk to them. I like to meet them. I like them to look at me, and this way give a compliment for my being and this way I play with the attraction flow between male and female. This is not the way I, Ashtar, talk about valuing women in your life. This is just the male point of view towards women. I hope you understand it right now why.

The energy of the attraction between female and male goes beyond this part of the attraction you talk about. The attraction in the creation from female to male and vice versa is much more subtle than this blunt way of looking at it. If you look this way, you look at the outside of the energy flow of life, the coarse structure of it?s appearance.

It is much more the way I described in this message. As part of the whole, two sides who exist at the single moment of time, two ways of everything, the movement part of action and the going inside part of contemplation to guide the action. Both ways exists at the same time, both are needed at the same time. If you cut one part, you cut the other. If you underestimate the one, you hurt the other.

If you seek just the opposites attracts part of being and valuing women, you hurt the one inside you, you hurt the one living with you. It is just that only the unknown part of the women you meet at the street stimulate the opposite attract game. If you get to know the women you won?t be stimulated in this way. Then you need to be open to the other way, the deeper level of women inside the one who lives with you and inside yourself to really value the contribution they can give to your life, the enrichment they give you in being you.

If you are open to this part of relation with women, you are open to more riches in being then you can imagine. You will heal the woman in yourself, in your life, and maybe the attractive one on the street too. At that time, you won?t bother this anymore. For your value lies within, and you know this, and you are connected with it.

The same I can say about women who need a man outside themselves to feel woman inside and to relate with the man inside. It is also a matter of being connected at the inside. If you have a good connection at the inside, the opposite attract game won?t bother you, you won?t play it anymore, and you are free to be what you really are. A woman rich in your being. Just like a man who needs to be rich in his being. When at that moment, when you both, male and female, are able to be this, the meeting between you two, is the meeting in love, with love, in the right way of attraction. Then you know that the sex part of being a being, the gender part, doesn?t matter, only love matters.

This is what I wish for you in your life, in your world, in your existence.
With this I close the connection. Have a good time to ponder this message and maybe read the message about balancing expressions of God to feel how this message perfectly fits in that message.


Vertaling volgt!