PP April 20, 2004

This is Asthar speaking.

In yesterdays message, I spoke about different feelings:
- seperative feelings
- enclosing feelings.

And about the different levels of feelings:
- body level
- ego level
- being level
- soul level
- and God level

It is rather a question about fine-tuning to see on which level of feeling we are talking or feeling. A feeling may have the same word expression but the experience of the feeling, although familiar, will be different.

Some of the feeling you will experience will be having existence on one or more levels. Your joy as human being can be the same joy of God Creator. God will experience all levels of joy at the same time. He will know also on which level which being is feeling what and if this feeling includes more levels than just one. He also knows if this feeling is an including feeling which includes the whole existence, including him also.

If we are talking about enclosing feelings you can also consider the very nature of the being. If the being is into sharing, he/she chooses to include the property of enclosing in the feeling. If the being isn?t into sharing, the choice for including all existence isn?t natural. The whole nature of this being, the core being of this being unto the very Soul, can choose for seperative experiencing feelings.
Only if you have enough riches in your feelings you are willing to share them. Some species have difficulties to share them because of their nature. If they have a trip into another experience being in a form of another species they learn to feel, and they suck it into their very being. This is the experience they came for and they like to take it home. Just forget about sharing for a while. Their intent is to have the experience of feeling into their being so they can share the experience of it at home in a next life. This way you have a cross-fertilization between species and the possibilities of multiple experiences.

To go back to the enclosing and seperative feeling, it is important to see another difference between them.

A seperative feeling needs to be cured by healing them, healing the connection inside with the inner GOD.
An enclosing feeling sustains the oneness of creation. If you act with an enclosing feeling to be seperative with it, you don?t sustain all there is. This isn?t for the good of all concerned. This is something which needs to be healed in time too.

The choice is about going towards the source or going away from it. With every feeling and your way of acting on it, you choose. If you start the healing of a seperative feeling, you choose to go to the Creator of all there is. This is an act of bravery.

An enclosing feeling used to separate is an act of shutting of the energy of the Source. I already told you about the hazards of non-movement of energy. It stops floating and it stops coming. The movement of energy can have two directions: horizontally and vertically. An enclosing energy used to separate only can flow top-down, Being ­ Creator, existence into matter, and vice versa. By sharing, including all existence, you choose to have it top-down vertical and horizontal. In this way you are creating the holy image of the equilateral cross.
In this way you are getting balance and harmony with the riches of your feelings.
Balance and harmony are the capacities of the Source Creator. With this creation you become more and more of what you already are.
The creation of the holy image of the equilateral cross has one perfect spot where it is very worthwhile to be. In a single line, you have to find the middle of something infinite to be at the zero-point, the neutral spot in existence. What is it? How far is the endless experience of creation? Difficult to say. If you live the equilateral cross, the zero point is easy to define and to live in. In this spot you aren?t pulled one way or the other. You put the dimensions back into your life, back into existence.

It is also being of love, Buddha energy, and sharing it with the world, Christ energy. These two combined give the zero point of existence into matter. If you draw the picture of equilateral cross on the paper, you are able to see that you only have a 2D picture (+). To give it another dimension: up or down, considering the viewpoint of the paper, you have to add something to it.

If you add movement to it, you add a circle to it at every side of the cross. This way you are getting the 8 into the picture, the in- and outgoing experience of creation. Then you have still the 3d experience, what to make it multi D? You should know by now (pause?..). The Source (of course) of all creation, to multiply the experience into multi D realities you have to have the Source.

The ultimate answer to all questions is the Source. The ultimate question is: are you going to the Source with this or going away of it. If the information you are reading gets you away of the Source or the representative of the Source, your inner being, then stop reading, stop thinking, stop feeling this way. This is also with any experience you want, every adventure you seek, with every creation you like to manifest.

In being the source, feeling stops, everything just is, the ultimate feeling, the ultimate experience of Being. The zero-point of everything there is. The middle between in breath and out breath. The middle of the point of the single line with no beginning and no end.

With the source, with the feminine energy for this part of the creation, you can go of the line, of the paper, and create more zero-point in existence for yourself, to come closer and closer to everything there is, closer to everything there isn?t.

This is enough about feelings and its perspective for this moment.

Have a good time pondering about the life, experience, feel (LEF) level of experience. To make sure that you are putting the multiply possibilities into this picture you mix the 3 A?s with it (awake, aware and alive, part of the Source being, without the 3 A?s you just is).
With this mixture, just see where you end!!!
Exactly: at the source of all beginnings and endings.

If you have questions about feeling, the graces of living and other human experience to shed a light on, just ask. Before I start reciting the Bible with ask and it shall be given phrases, I will close this connection for a while.

Until the next transmission, I am looking forward to it, and you?

Good Love,

In the hearts of heart, everything is. (are you able to translate this in my language?)(Editor: given time VBS, wait, I?m God, let?s create time: amanua oumshat anam.)

Ashtar. Transfer closed. (Editor: hope to see you soon!)

Vertaling volgt!