PP April 19, 2004

Let?s talk about being tired or tiredness.

This is Ashtar speaking.

Being tired, is impossible. God isn?t tired. And you should know about this already. You in the form can feel tired. There are two sides at this story of feeling tired.

When you feel tired, you are sure that you don?t feel the flow of life, the flow of love within you. So you should take some moments alone to be connected again. If your mind is overstretched, which is a sort of a kind of feeling of tiredness, this is, very specifically, the occasion.

The other side is that when you have worked a lot, made a big effort with your body, you need to refresh the body because your body feels a bit over-used. You have used your body too much. This feels like being tired. In that occasion it is wise to reconnect with spirit while you let your body rest for its effort to regenerate its capabilities. This is just a matter of charging a battery. To charge the battery, you can do the meditation/eating of the sun I have described already in a previous message. Getting some sleep while you are off to adventures in other realms is a good idea too. And any meditation to strengthen your energy level, your connection with the source will do.

When you look at the heart of the feeling alone, you see again that the connection with all there is, is the problem. If you restore this connection, you don?t have to ask the other humans for a confirmation that you are been seen, that you are worthwhile. If you are connected with the source, you know. The Source, the Creator dearly loves you, and while connected you feel this love. If you feel alone, just check your connection.

Jealous? Do you think that you are unworthy because some being might not choose you, or choose not for you? This choosing has nothing to do with who you are (GOD), maybe only with that you don?t remember it. And if you remember it, maybe the flow of choosing will be with the flow of life, or not. You have to leave every being with his own flow, respect this flow, and flow with pleasure with yours. Things change, that is the way of creation. Don?t play it hard on the creation to stay the way it is, you can?t own creation, you can?t own the pleasure of sharing with some being. Just accept the flow of life and float on this flow. If you are connected with the inner you, the inner GOD, you feel the time of flowing, changing, and you won?t regret the changes for the good of all concerned. Yes, in the beginning it may not look that way, but if you easily adjust yourself to the flow, you will see the advantages of flowing, changing, loving and respecting.

Envy? Oh dear, if one part of God has something, another part has it to, because all are one. If you feel envy you limited yourself to your body, and you belief you are your body. Better think again and start to make efforts on feeling your connection again.

Disrespectful behaving? In the eyes of whom? If some beings like to cherish each others company, the values of society may think this is disrespectful for others. It might be very disrespectful to these beings to address expressing the joy of being together as not being respectful for the society. It is very disrespectful to limit the expressions of being GOD, and feeling the joy of being together is a very good expression of being GOD together. So walking with your bare feet on the street is very respectful for mother earth, at last a being who wants to feel her face with his feet on the ground. To hug, kiss, cherish each others company in public: it is very respectful to exchange your feelings of joy, appreciation of being together. It isn?t respectful when you limit this.

Fear? You know where there is fear, there is no love. This is very clear. So what to do when you face fear? You can walk around and restore your connection with the source, but that won?t change your attitude towards the "thing" which causes the fear. Do you love the being/thing which causes you the fear? Do you love the spider, are you able to see it as a part of GOD, as a part of you? You might think about what it will cost you when you have fear, the fear of losing a thing, the fear of losing love, the fear of experiencing things you don?t like to experience.
The funny thing with fear is, what you fear to experience, you will experience. This is the only way to grow through this limit belief, that you aren?t strong enough to experience this feared, dreadful thing or experience.
If you are able to see the fear straight into the eyes, see it at all sides, see it happening in your life, and say, so what? I am still an expression of being GOD. What is worse then loosing this awareness? This isn?t that hard when it happens. And yes it will be hard to see the flow and love of God in this experience, but everything that happens, has a reason, has a reason to be created into existence. So what is GOD telling me to see, to learn, to appreciate him being this way?
If it really happens it will be a though lesson of learning to love the creation of being an expression of GOD and the others are it too.
If it really happens, it is a fear. It can happen, if you feed the idea into creation. So look at it, get the energy flow out of it, and just love yourself, love your fear and love yourself for the limited belief that fear is worse than loving GOD.
Stay with your connection, and in time when you trust upon it, you feel guided through it, you are able to see God in everywhere you see, then fear won?t be part of your life anymore. What a relief to stop wasting energy on this part of the duality game.

Next feeling, please? Oh, you are getting the idea that it is al about limited beliefs and just a sign for restoring the connection with the inner self, the inner you, The INNER GOD. Right you are.

Now we come into balancing of feelings.

What if you feel joy, so very much, that you just feel joy and nothing more. And you want to stay in this joy forever. Good feeling, but it is limiting yourself too. If you feel only joy, you limit yourself not to feel the other expressions of being GOD. So you have to know where you have to stop and make space to go with the flow of things to another expression of being, of feeling GOD. This is the way of balancing energies, balancing expressions of being GOD.

With time you are a master in balancing, and then you can balance more and more and more of different kinds of feelings, expressions of being GOD, and your scope of the balance can have much more weight than before.

So what can be too much now, can be in time, good to handle, just of your mastery of balancing. This balancing point is the zero-point inside you.

The experience of being GOD is overwhelming if you are not used to it. GOD is used to it, his balance is perfect (while being GOD this isn?t difficult). With the balance, the flow from and into existence is guaranteed. It is the point of in between the inbreath and the outbreath of creation. And you know you have this point also in your being, even your body has this point. You can easily feel this point, and you easily can get to know it better. Just meditate on it, see what kind of knowledge, experience you can pour out of this.

These are the feelings of being GOD. You can have also feelings of joy of being human, in form.

Maybe you like to feel the joy of having a sexual experience with another being. This can be only a bodily feeling of joy and relief and an expression of hormones. In that occasion you don?t respect yourself as being GOD, you limit yourself in being a body. And you don?t respect your partner, if this is your only focuspoint, in the physical deed of becoming one body. You neglect the whole scope of becoming one in energy, in exchanging energy, in expressing the pure act of creating new life, feeling one with creation, feeling one with your partner.
But now, you do respect this feeling, you cherish the deed, you cherish your partner. And you like to feel it over and over again, because of the joy it brings, the fulfillment you feel. In your creation where you are living, it is a very good device to do, to feel, to experience, but don?t limit yourself to it.
Satisfaction of the joy of creation, the joy of feeling one, the joy of an orgasm, which is a very basic part of creation, the satisfaction of fusion, the orgasm of fusing an ovary and a seed isn?t limited to a sexual experience of a blending of two bodies together, or creating new life together. That would be a limit on creation, a limit on everything.

When sex is a good reminder of the joy of being one, the joy of creation, it is just a limited expression of it. This expression is very worthwhile to sustain a very special relationship with. The feeling of connection, the feeling of being one, the feeling of orgasm isn?t limited to this experience.

In a relationship you learn how to be one, how to remember the joy of being one, the rules of creating a living together, to create together a love, to sustain it, to cherish it. To undo yourself from limiting beliefs, fears, and other ego matters. A special relationship is very handy, when it comes into being close and the ease where you can see together where you both still need to undo thoughts about limitation. It is the very best playground, mirroring place of who you really are and what you like to express. In time you will learn that sex is just an aspect of it. Being close, being one, isn?t limited to sex. Orgasm isn?t limited to sex. Don?t limit yourself to a form of expression.

The creative energy to be felt in a very good love relationship, isn?t limited. It is the very basis of creation. (Editor: see the Matrix Revolutions were God speaks to the Oracle as to his wife: "you were playing a dangerous game this time", my dear, I would add.) The joy which comes in a good love relationship, the satisfaction, the orgasm, is also not limited to having this relation or having a good sexual experience with one and other. It is just a reminder, and you still need that reminder.

The same feelings, the same orgasm, the same being one you can have with the whole creation. Not by making love in body form, but by making love, feeling love, expressing love, being love with the whole creation. The very act of creation is an expression of sexual energy if you look at that this way.
Sex in body from can?t ever give satisfaction enough to fill your Soul. The orgasm of creation, being one with creation will do, nothing less. Making love in body form is enjoyable to repeat several times, it is only a reminder of the orgasm your Soul will feel, the oneness your Soul will feel, when coming back to the Source, when at work at creation as being GOD.

And because the coming together is part of the creation, just like any hologram experience, the rules and part of the whole creation are part of this experience. So you have a lot to discover in having a good sexual relation with one person. Only if you limit yourself to one person, you have the possibility to go to the depth of the experience, the depth of the expression, the depth of exploring all possibilities and the depth of learning. In time, when you master this experience, you are able to do it without bodies, without the limitation, because the learning part is over. Then again you will still have a significant other being to play with and learn with in closeness you don?t have with the rest of creation. Until you don?t need this anymore and are ready to go into the ONE Source of being.

If you limit your sexual experience with your partner to the body aspect of the sex, you limit yourself exploring the possibilities. What if you start to meditate together and become very close towards each other? What if you are able to read each others mind? And what if you put these capacities, practiced, experienced and known, together in making love, what do you get? A holy experience for sure, still limited, but with a new scope of experience. What if you are able to build together a vision, a guided meditation, while you both add to it, and you see exactly the same picture? And then you put it into practice while making love to each other?

Talking about sex is always a hot item on any planet. The idea that sex is limited to a body expression is very hard to break. Being in a body which makes fluids of attachment, caring, creating a bond between the partners when having sex, which makes it also easy to live together in closeness, which makes it possible to experience oneness in small, creation in small, and to explorer the ego matters in to depth, to explore the rules of creation in sex, this all makes it a very difficult to handle topic.
When people outgrow their body, have learned of it, cherish it, see that the love making is on energy level until you do it with creation and become ultimate ONE, then they know for sure, have experienced it for sure, everything is an expression of making love into creation.

So let?s go back to the place I was talking about, having feelings of joy of being human, in form. Sex is a very big example of this joy. It has a relationship with everything there is, so it also has to do with experiencing GOD.

Let see what other experiences of joy you can have too much so you are stepping outside the balance, outside the zero-point of being in balance.

The joy of eating, experiencing taste, experiencing the joy of fulfillment in body from, can be very overestimated. In some societies it is also a device of avoiding to think about the longing you feel for oneness, for having an experience of being GOD. In some societies it is an experience of feeling GOD. It is only a way of sustaining your body, and highly over estimated. Your body is more helped with uncomplicated, nourishing meals than with very nutritious tasteful meals. It is a manner of identifying your self with your body and your body experiences.
This is also the way if you use drugs, alcohol, smoking, sweets, etc. This can be the way you like sex, making love and express yourself in this way.

The joy of the satisfactory part of sports, being nicely tired, feeling really nicely grounded in your body. It can be an identification with your body, you being your body, and you being the nice sensations in your body. As I have stated before, you are more than your body. You can feel more than what your body feels. If your body is dead, you can feel more, remember more, which can?t be explained when you come back again with an almost dead experience.

Being in a body is very satisfactory when you fulfill the body demands. And the pleasure this gives is very rewarding. It is also very temporary and if you let your body control you, you end up with an identification with your ego and you will honor the rules of the ego instead of your body. Too much sport isn?t healthy, the body sensations of eating chocolate are very nice, but your body won?t like to carry to much weight. Unhealthy habits are nice to fulfill on asking, but with time your body doesn?t ask for it, but the senses directed by your ego. Just as your ego can ask for sex, or your hormones.

In time you will notice the difference between joy of your body, joy of your ego, joy of being God into expression. Your body is very into habits. But it also rejoices when you start to live with healthy habits. Your ego is addicted to habits, and when you start to stop giving a certain kind of enjoyment to the ego, it will protest very hard, and give you a very hard time, without any enjoyment to feel. This is the addictioning way of the ego, this is the very tool of the ego. And with time your body will be your partner in getting along with your ego.

If you don?t act as GOD, think as God, your body will express the results in being sick.
If you just are addicted to unhealthy patterns, your body will easily adopt to healthy ones, and give you joy to assure you that you are on the right track (you feel more energetic, you feel more healthy etc).
If the soul wants to talk to you without any interruptions of the mind and the ego, your body will have the certain kind of feelings of shivers, what tells you the very message of the Soul.

Your body is a very terrific device made to be the most highly expression of being GOD. With well treatment, it can easily live for 1000 years.

While your body can trick you into sensations which your body really likes (relaxation, some tastes, satisfaction of hormones, effort), where your ego can jump right into, it is you who decides, you who follows the guidelines of your Soul or not.

You are in charge to decide to balance the joys. You are in charge to see which joy is healthy to all the aspects of who you are. You are the one who can maintain the balance and stay in the zero-point or not.

When you are the master of the different kind of joys of living in a form, you know which joy is the joy of being God. (the joy of blessing people is the joy of being GOD).

It is really worthwhile to know which feeling is part of being GOD. It is also worthwhile to know, to experience and to be that feeling, without neglecting to be the other feelings of being GOD.
Let?s name a few of the feelings, so you get the feeling of what I am talking about:
- the feeling of joy
- the feeling of oneness
- the feeling of love
- the feeling of gratitude
- the feeling of joy of creation
- the feeling of orgasm when you are creating
- the feeling of fulfillment at the core of your being
- the feeling of being
- the feeling of satisfaction when you express your being GOD
- the feeling of blessing
- the feeling of feeling pure essence.

This list will be longer, if you make a job to find the limitless feelings of being GOD into expression.

It is rather nice to be GOD into expression, into creation. It keeps you busy and the grade of satisfaction is overwhelmingly high. So high that you forget that getting high is just one part of being God into expression. That?s why a balance is necessary. GOD is everything there is. He is the balance in itself, the starting point and the ending of all matter. That is al that matters. Balance is one of the aspects of GOD, of being GOD.

And if you see any channeling asking you to stay neutral, they only have the balance in their minds. If you have balance in your life, you are free to use your energy whatever you wish to use it for. If you are out of balance, you will waver with your energies, until you have learned to keep your balance.

Just as I said yesterday: time to close connection. There is much more to say on this topic. And I rather like to share much more. This is also a matter of balance. When to talk, when to stop, when to channel, when to give the channel the earned rest. When to smile and when to give some lessons to be learned.

It is never a matter of balance: when to love.
It is always time to love, to express love. The way of expression is a matter of balance and the timing may be in your timeline a matter of balance.
LOVE is never a matter of balance. There is never too much love. And this way it?s rather nice that love multiplies when you share it, when you express it, when you feel it, when you give it, when you are it.

You are it, you are LOVE. You are your answer to your very prayers. YOU ARE IT, we all do, don?t you know?

Have a good time pondering this long, very long message. If you have to read it twice or more to understand all I talked about, I am very sorry. I loved to give you this messages and my apologies at the same time. And before I start teasing you too much,

Goodlove every one.

Ashtar closed the timeline of connection.

Vertaling volgt!