PP April 17, 2004

Sometimes you wonder what I will talk about. In your view you have had answers enough, concepts enough and you are very busy to try to live them in daily life. You call in and say: I don?t have more questions, this is enough food for thought already. Does Ashtar have more to say and does he have more wisdom teaching to share?

Fortunately I have. So this is Ashtar speaking again.

If you didn?t have questions about life, existence and so on, you wouldn?t live a life in the matter. With this life on this particular planet, you show us and all existence: you even don?t have much questions but you are willing to take the tough road to solve them and become a beautiful GOD yourself.

There are more questions that need to be answered then you can imagine right now, where you are living right now. If you had experienced all there is, if you had experienced all the answers of being GOD into matter, going back and being back to GOD, having the eruption of the melting into One with your counterpart and GOD, then you wouldn?t be here. It is that easy.

Living in ease, is being at the point of no return to excuses, pretexts, detours, distractions, stagnations and descention.
Living in ease, is having fine-tuned your inner discernment of truth. I have said before that the truth is easy to comprehend, rings a clear note of recognition and fills you with the warmth of the love of GOD.

Living in the grace of God, with the graces of life, with the grace teachings I remembered you, you can have a wonderful life, wonderful discoveries, wonderful questions and a wonderful experience of being GOD. And that?s what it is all about.

Just take everything back to the basics. Do you know, feel, experience, express that you are GOD?
Some being can remember you that you are GOD, by seeing the God in you, and share this with you. It will never take the place of the own experience and own expressing, but it keeps you upon the way of going within, it is an insurance that you are GOD. You only need to see, feel, experience and express it for yourself. This is the way "A course in miracles" works. If every being sees the God in another, he sees the mirror and remembers himself and the other at the same time that you all are part of the same GOD, that you are GOD. This way, sharing comes in very handy. Without sharing the experience of seeing the God in the other, the other won?t know, and the process, the energy stops. And I already told you what happens with dead end roads.

If some being feels itself left alone, outside the flow of life, without any idea to look for life in itself. The best help you can offer, is to share the sight of God in that person, respect that person in this light of looking, and this person starts to wonder if it is really truth that you saw.
With the process of wondering started, the dead end road starts to flow a bit. With others assuring that the experiences of someone who saw God in you, wasn?t unreal, but very alive, the flow of change will come. If some one needs the confirmation of being GOD, before they can go inside to search for it as an own experience, you will leave this person to its tragedy and will be held responsible for it, if you don?t share your view of the GOD inside them. You also give yourself less then you can give yourself, because with sharing your point of view, you will see the reflection of the mirror and experience, feel that you are indeed GOD yourself.

This is the way the responsibility of God works for its creation, its existence. The good deeds carry a double sided sword with them. They reflect to both participants. The not that good deeds have the same advice, you will harm the other and yourself. This way the dimension of being one starts.
What you do unto another, you do unto yourself. May-be you don?t reap the results of this in this live, having a good harvest to feast upon from previous lives. You will seed the next harvest.

There is also another dimension of being One. This being ONE is more complicated to see. The ONE that you are one with others. You at this moment aren?t that interested to feel the feelings of others, except of spying on them, gossiping and making fun of the other problematic view of their world and who they are in this world.

With time being, if you are really one in mind, in thought, in feelings and still being yourself, you feel what the other feels when you do something disrespecting them. This perspective of being One, this experience of being one, isn?t possible at this moment in your existence. I hope you decide that it will come, and hopefully pretty soon.

With this perspective in your life, you will think a long time about if you want to hurt some being. Killing for food will be gone, killing for fun too, killing for power too. Indeed your gain, will be my gain and my pleasure will be yours. Even the sexual experience between two people will be felt by others. Today the expression of love, fun, enjoyment and other feelings are felt throughout the whole creation. You can?t withhold it, everything is connected and energy. So people can feel the lovemaking of you. People definitely will notice the results of this lovemaking and exchange of love. It can be a blissful experience, a lust based experience, or a love duty experience. What do you like to carry on in your energy systems until the next experience?

Lovemaking and exchange of love isn?t only the sexual deed of doing it. When you see the God in the other and you share it. You do it, you see the God, this brings love of the source into creation, into movement. And you directed it by seeing it (movement) and if you share it, you are opening yourself for an exchange of the energies. Sharing is the direction of the love to the person you see. If you just see it and you don?t share it, you directed the energy of recognition to the universe, and the exchange will be with the group energy. You just forget to have the twice folded results of it. Every exchange is with the group energy and with the source. It only multiplies if you share and exchange it with the other who made you see the GOD in that person and in yourself at the first place.

To make it a multiply expression of your being of seeing the God inside yourself (in all), you have to share it. If the person sees the recognition of you, and is able to mirror it back consciously, then you are both blessed with love. If the other one isn?t aware of being GOD and can?t recognize it without your mirroring it back to her/him, then you will be blessed in your participation of awakening this person. Unconsciously for this person, the God in the other will bless you for your recognition.

If we talk about raising children, you only have to give them rules that guide their curiosity in expanding their bodies, in expanding their capacities, in expanding themselves into adults. And you only have to give them the love they deserve, being God into creation. If you withhold this love, you will have put a brake on their growth into healthy Godlike adults and you will cripple them in their expression of being GOD.

To heal these crippled people in the recognition of being GOD, in being worthwhile because of them being GOD, this very recognition is enough. With this recognition you give the person the love they deserve, not mattering what they do in life, or did in life, or how crippled they are. They deserve the love of GOD, and you are the right mirror to reflect this to them. If you decide to stop this mirroring you take part of the crippling, your responsibility.

If you think that giving this recognition makes them dependent on you, you made one mistake. May-be they are a little while dependent on the recognition they get from you, only because others don?t give it to them. If the whole of society gives this in joy to others, the depending factor of only you should not be considered as a problem. Now the only you who gives this recognition is the determining factor if this person gets it or not. And with this getting, this person will get a feeling that is stirred inside him/herself to look for more. With getting this recognition the person will start flowing. With some other help and the lovely reminder to look inside, and to remember to look inside again and again, until they are able to look inside, they will become healthy, God remembering at their inside, adults again. And when you don?t give this recognition, this person won?t get it, when it is only you who are able to give this with love. This is your responsibility to heal others like you heal yourself.

When the society acts as one, feels as one, out of free will, with the possibilities to give every person the love and recognition of being God at the inside, the problem of emotional handicapped, crippled people will be easily cured.

With this curing of these people, the way of feeling the connection to all there is, ways to feel what is good for all concerned, you are able to live, feel, enjoy a healthy society with space for every unique being as part of the GOD we all are.

At that time, it doesn?t matter what you are, we are all God, it doesn?t matter what you do, as long it is your unique expression of being GOD, and we all will be equal in being GOD. The expression of God will differ, and this will give a way to explore being GOD into its fullest, living in a multi (fashioned/ facetted) expression of beings, GOD.

There is much more to say about this. Much better is to experience it yourself. So start to create a future for yourself where you are able to experience every beautiful aspect of expression of being God. Because we are all interconnected with each other, in time, the way of experiencing will multiply with your capacities to connect and communicate with all there is. Then the phrase that we are ONE will be a knowing that we are really one, you can feel, experience and enjoy it with respect for and in recognition of being GOD for all beings, including yourself.

Have a good time again in wondering and questioning your expression of being God to reach for the fullest expression and experiencing of Being GOD.

Ishtar som sole pateh probayat.


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