PP April 16, 2004

Have a good morning.
Life is. Everything is. YOU are (the language doesn?t accept the word is).
We, The We, Are at least with two persons. So we have twice the word Is-Is. Sounds familiar doesn?t it?

This is Ashtar speaking. Are you ready for another roller-coaster ride? Stay tuned, please.

In the realms of light you have different roles to play. One role all will see with respect is the role of the dark angel, so called Lucifer or Devil, or Master of Darkness.
This role of darkness, this role of being the evil personalized for one person (you have to start small and learn your role), till you have grown mature to be the evil personalized for a whole galaxy, is the most important role you ever can play.

If you are really love, if you are really connected with the Source, if you understand really the reason why this role is important, you are able to put all your creativity into it, then you are free to play this role. Free to play the dark side of the source, the dark of the night, the counterpart of God in the play of existence. Only GOD can play this role for the GO(O)D of all concerned.

Why is this role so important? With a love being acting the dark side in the play, you can have your play. If you don?t have the dark role in the play, God won?t be able to see himself in relation to something which isn?t GOD in the play, so the play would be in vain. It is just like you, having in a soap, the role of the witchy, complaining, evil doer mother in law. Just for the fun of it, to give the play the plot, the energy and the vibration to keep you going on with it. Otherwise all will become very boring and a waste of energy.

With the dark role in a play, you make pretty sure that you have opportunities for beings to see both ways, to learn form it, to choose which one they like, and why, to learn inner discernment and have a point of reference where they like to go and where they come from.

Why is it important that some being of the highest LOVE plays this role? First of all this being needs to be of the highest love, to stay pure while playing this role. It is also that this being needs to prevent to identify with his role, for the fall of grace would be a very hard one. In that occasion it will be very hard to go back to the light. The whole creation will mourn for you if you are the one who plays this role and you have been fallen of the grace. If you are of the highest Love, the risk of falling of grace still exist, but you will have the tools, the wisdom to prevent it, and experience love for all your deeds and doings.

This is also the reason why evil is so attractive to beings. You will feel the love of the evil bringer for the existence in the core heart of the evil. This is why every one will warn you to be careful, because the evil bringer will disguise itself with love and the likeness of GOD. Because the bringer is LOVE, it can?t disguise itself. This way evil, the dark, the hate, the suffering, the bringer and the ones who will do it in the play can be loved. They are love. You only have to see it.

You only have to choose for the love of the evil bringer or the love of the GOD. They are almost familiar to each other. There is one difference. One will play dirty tricks on you to get you back to GOD, and the other will play fair with you to give you a fair choice of which one you will follow.
If you look at the seed and the deeds you will see the difference of which flower you wisely choose.

If you ever wonder why the last ones will be the first ones in the Kingdom of Heaven, you now know why. The biggest angels of love will play to the end of all times their role of evil, dark bringer beings because of the love for GOD they feel, have and are. The hardest task of all is on their shoulders.
Hopefully one day, you and I are playing this role.

Lets see where we are right now. If the duality in your existence becomes one, the role of the evil bringer will change. The main energy force, the main play was in the universe of duality. The choice between good and bad was very clear to see. The easy way to glide into the bad way of living, was also very clear. With the duality overcome in the history, the evil bringer has to change his role too.

All the people of the light would have sighed with the idea of living the bad influence out of the picture in the Golden age coming. They didn?t think about new adventures, new ways of living, new lessons etc. Without this role in the play, life would become very dull and boring for all of you. You would invent immediately the dark role to existence to have something to do.

How is this role to been seen in the possible future?
As we are talking about going from Duality into Oneness, the role of the dark angel will be going with the One experience too. This will mean that the role of the dark angel will be inside the One. Inside you, inside me, inside all.

Next to it, the role is the one of mirroring of who you are. If you are GOD (and indeed you are GOD) you like to see it, experience it. You need to have a stage to put on the play so you really know you are GOD. And to see the depth of it, in time being when you grow more and more into being GOD, you still need to have the mirror. That?s why existence came into being in the first place.

Next to the role of mirror, it will have the role of choices. You need to have a choice of what to do, what to express and what you like to experience. This role of giving you opportunities (in history between good and evil) now between you and other parts of you, in your choice to choose what of the aspects of God you will like to express in this particular moment, is the role of the dark angel.
Next to this role, it will have the role of providing you with learning moments in the encounters with others. You as a Soul choose for this experience, you create it, so you see that the role of the dark angel is the role to play inside you.

The stage and the focus point will be inside you. Before the stage was the world, outside you, and you could change the world by going to the inside, the inner you.

Now the role of the dark angel is inside you. To test, experience, to determine how One you are with all concerned. This is the role of GOD to experience itself in the ONENESS.
It is the role of testing how sleepy you are in your being of GOD. If you become fully aware, alive and awake, you will play consciously with the role of the dark angel at your inside to determine the results of your choosing for the good of all concerned, to see if you really and always act with this consciously in your mind.

The role didn?t change much, the stage differs, and with being one, the energies will change from rough structure to the etheric, subtle forms of perception and influencing.

Once you have learned really to love the dark angel, his contributions to your growth into yourself, into GOD, you really become one with GOD. Then you are ready to accept his love for you, for God and her creation. You deeply feel why they are more respected then you (if you can talk about more or less). And in your turn, you really feel honored to get this chance of development, this change of growth, and you will take the risk of the hazardous danger of loosing yourself in the role of playing the dark angel.

We live in the creation where the highest, loveliest Angel, has lost himself in his role. Just help him and therefore yourself, to go back to the light. How? To be of light, to live your connection with your inner GOD to its highest fulfillments and to love him as yourself.

Every planet in this creation has to go to the stage of going back to the light, and therefore helps the fallen Angel back to his grace, to his remembering of being GOD. This is what it is all about. And you with your freewill can do a lot for yourself and while becoming Masters of Matter, for the other planets as well.

Good luck with being the lovely GOD inside your being!
Don?t forget to go within.
Don?t forget to bless yourself and the others you encounter in your life.
Don?t forget the graces of life, and try to practice them into your daily life.

To repeat: without experiencing that concepts work, you won?t learn them with your being.
And your being, Soul, doesn?t need to learn them, but your outside being does, your existence does.

Just think about the fallen angel of grace. Guide him home by your love and by your example!

Do you know why the dark angels listen to love and obey love?

First they have to recognize it. If you aren?t love, you can?t recognize love. They are love, so they recognize love where they encounter it. They encounter it, if you practice it, and take a stand for who you are (being GOD, being LOVE). The dark angels see the love of them inside you, and they will salute you in respect of the Source.

Second of all, nothing can withstand love. You can try it for a while. Everything is made of love, so what can withstand love, if you are love? The question isn?t the question of obeying and listening. The question is that they recognize and remember LOVE, as being made of the same essence.

If someone is keeping himself very busy with his role in the play and forgets to remember the love at the inside of his being, it might take a while to get the memory back. The longing to the source of your being will eventually bring him, you, back to the source. It is just a matter of timing (the place where your freewill exists, see the grace of timing).

Have a good time with pondering this message, and with practicing the graces of living. It can be quite a lot of fun to do if you take it seriously.

The time of time is a matter of timing.

Ashtar says goodbye to you all.


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