PP April 14, 2004

In time being, spirituality is just as normal as breathing.
In time being, spirituality is called science.
With science of the inner heart you will achieve felt understanding of life, purpose of life, the possibilities of creation and your part in all there is.
Felt understanding is worthwhile for having experienced the knowledge and with stillness of being and contemplation, you gained wisdom for the Go(o)d of All (you included).

This Asthar speaking again, about the necessity of gaining wisdom.

Wisdom isn?t knowledge.
Wisdom isn?t the true sense of being GOD
Wisdom isn?t the basic experience you get with living and living adventures.

Wisdom is the results of the art of combining these three into ONE. When you "have" wisdom (you can?t have it or own it) you are able to advice the people coming to you according to their purpose in life, their stage of development. You are able to translate the wisdom you posses into clear understanding, concepts, so that their way of thinking will accept the wisdom you offered. You have the sensitivity of the translator, the force to break stone walls, and you know exactly when to use it and when you don?t need to use it.

Being impatient is the attitude of the youth.
Being in search for new adventures, is the attitude of the youth.
Being into contemplation, is the attitude of the mature.
To learn, experience, to grow into deeper understanding, is still the attitude of the mature.
Wisdom has left these stages and has possibilities to address them, without needing them, to consider these without needing them.
Wisdom grows only to deeper wisdom, when the need of the youth is overcome, and the being of the youth is satisfied with the experiences, the knowledge and the outside adventure.

Before wisdom the stage of the inner adventure will merge. You already have had glimpses of the inner being. And with luck, you already have had your training in school, college and daily life in going within, being with the One who you are. After a while the need of going outside will change for a need to go inside. Somewhere the balance will differ from more outside to balancing, to more inside, as a normal phase in life development.

With the need to go more to the inside, to contemplate, to overview, to get a deeper felt understanding of who you are, and the riches of what resides inside you, you have the space and the possibility, the restlessness changed for quietness for gaining wisdom.
This is a natural development in ones life.

This phase is where wisdom will set in, where you are able to built on your felt understanding of who you are, your life, your experiences, your ability to contemplate, and go for inner adventures to seek the unknown.

After a while in these new phases of life, you are able to be and be a guide for others. In the message, "time to live", this is the phase where you teach the young people about life. After a while of this period in life, you will grow further into wisdom (if you want to) and the council of wise men and women is the next spot for you to put your talents and energy into.
In this council, you are the advisor of young adults, the wise man and woman for adjusting conflicts (if there are any).

In time being, you will grow into being more connected with universe, all there is, and you will feel the time of longing for home, longing to say goodbye to the world you are living in. With this longing you are going to prepare yourself for leaving and changing form.

While you are getting familiar in leaving your body behind, seeing the pulls of life between you and your body, you will finish your doings in the world and your body is getting fragile for the world, in other words, your body is getting the essence of light, is developing to be of light.

When the veil between you and the other side is very thin and you are very used to stepping behind this veil and back, you will get the knowing it is your time to say goodbye.
With the ceremony you decide, you will say your farewell to the ones on your world and you will leave your body behind for the really last time in that life moment.

Maybe you like to give a hug to the ones still in body who need to look after the last resting place of your body. Maybe you like to visit the ones you didn?t meet in body life, the ones you dearly loved as soul.
You did these visits before, and maybe you like to do it for the last time with your body energy, to tell them it is your time to leave. Or maybe you did it already in your preparation time.

Then it is time to set off.
There are already lots of books about life after death and life before death. And these books are, for as far you and the writer are able to understand, right. They are right to the point of view of the giver of the experience and the undertaker of the experience see it at that moment.

It depends on who shows you the way, and what are you able to see for yourself. If I take some being, still believing he is a body, with me to the realms of the after death, then it will depend on his belief, what he will see. His belief, he is a body, will be the determining factor and his belief that the muslims or christians will go to Heaven or Hell. But if the mind is willing to step aside and the Soul is encompassing existence, you are getting much further in experiencing life after death.

Going to visit the realms after death is part of schooling in some societies. Life is much better appreciated when you visit the planes of the after and before death. With these visits, you gain much more insight and wisdom to adjust to living, then any teaching will give you.

Pity for you I don?t give a description of what there could be at which viewpoint. Too much work and not important because, for the real point of learning, the real experience which matters for wisdom, you have to have the experience of visiting yourself. Ask for it to be guided to it by your guides, ask for it in a guided meditation, ask for it to see and feel it yourself. Only then you will know how it will be there for you. Just see my sentence, you will know what is there for you.

In the way you create your life on earth, you will create life in the after death worlds too. What you manifested now in your worlds, your creations, your lessons, your tuning of the energies, you will do the same and experience the same. Most of the people live on and do what they like to do on earth but they didn?t manifest it on earth, so they will do it in the after death life.

So your hearts desire you do in the after death life, when you didn?t live it on earth. In this way you prepare your life after the death of your body here and now. If you live your adventures, if you live your hearts desire, if you live your dreams, you don?t have to live them in the after death life and you can move on. Otherwise you are stuck to do it there. At that moment, you don?t bother that you are stuck to do at that moment what you have wished for on earth, it is your heart desire to do so. And you do it then.

But BUT (and this time but is allowed to be used) you should have done it in life into matter, instead of in the after death realms. If you are free of heartdesire, free of the longing to do something as an adventure, learning, doing what you liked to manifest in your matter live, you have done it all and went beyond it. Then you will go beyond this phase of after live realms. You don?t stick in these realms and you will pass without participating, which is really good for you. Then you are free, which should be, after your death from your body.

Another reason how people can stick to the after death realms is the habit of being addicted to something in life. This can be anything. I already suggested smoking, alcohol, sugar, drugs and so on. I can also suggest: watching TV, doing nothing, eating chips, gossiping, complaining, sex, movies, fame, money, only doing and not interested in what so ever, narrow minded, preconceptions, feeling good at the costs of others, severe judgements, (status and status symbols). This list is much longer then I can provide, you will get an idea.

If you are too much into living at the time of the death of your body, then you will go to this realm too. In this realm you have a sense of living, you are living like on earth, with the same attitudes until you are able to release them from your system and to move along.

In this way the books of death which some cultures have, the guidelines of how to prepare for your death and how to make sure that you won?t stick in these realms and to make sure that you will get a nice next karmic life, comes in handy. Not because of the next karmic life, but because of the good rules for preparations your transition to another form of existence. I hope in time there will be writers who are able to put the knowledge of these books into one manual. I hope also that they will change a few things in more practical handy way of teachings before the person starts to die. Dying is very worthwhile to do if it is full consciously. You prepare your birth very carefully. It is time to prepare your death accordingly.

In a life where you are master of your fate, you know when to prepare for your transition into the next phase of living. And when your life in the matter changes into a life on the other side of the veil, you should be prepared for it too. In the message: "time to live", you could have seen the time people are suggested to take to prepare for a life after the death of the body. And if you do, the death of the body will come as a friend to you, invited on your time according to your plan of life. You will give all a hug, and say goodbye to all your loved ones for a while, then you give death a hug, and there you go to another adventure, the one you are really prepared for.

You can consider Death as a friend, coming to you on an appointment you made previous to this life in form. To trust him as a friend when the time is ready, to love him as you could, meeting him for ages now, loving him as you should, you should know, you can?t change forms without his helping. You can?t stop pain and suffering in a your body without his help. He knows you, he did help you before and he will do it after this life again and again. Most of the time, people try to fight him, to hang on life as much as they are able to do at that moment in time. The experience of death won?t be a blessing with this attitude, because Death will come and take you away anyway.

Just prepare yourself, see in Death the friend he is for you. Changing forms isn?t that difficult when you did in life what you wanted to do in your life. To live life to its fullest, you can appreciated to experience the death of your body to its fullest. And just remember, to give Death a hug, and you will see, he doesn?t look that devastating as the movies make him, he is rather sympathetic, loving, caring and knowing. He makes sure you don?t stay too long into a life in matter, which hurts more than it will cure at that moment in time. At that very moment it will be a relief to step out of life, and to be prepared to a new adventure.

Please give yourself the joy of being prepared to hug Death.

This is enough for today on wisdom and the wisdom on dying. C U for another transfer pretty soon.
Good love,


Vertaling volgt!