PP April 13, 2004

Hello dear heart.

Yesterday?s message was all about love and existence.
Do you have some time to share with me?
In the message about stewardship, I talked about responsibility for nature, mother Earth.
Responsibility, sharing, caring, nourishment. Not she nourishing you, but you nourishing her.
If you are sitting in nature with the sounds of nature around you, you enjoy where you are if you are in the moment. If you are not in the moment, you would probably have a busy mind, thinking: "what if ?" and "but?".
Stop every sentence when you hear one of these two phrases come out of your mind.
You are sitting in nature and you are enjoying the scenery in front of you, the little breeze of the wind, the sunset, the playing of children in the distance, just close enough to keep an eye on them, far away enough not to be disturbed by them. Now look at you sitting there from afar, like you are the one who made this scenery, just perfect for you.
Are you happy with the results? What do you like to add, to change?
You, from afar, take a close look and see a troubled mind. Do you judge your sitting there in nature as not completely enjoying the scenery? Or do you accept it as the free will decision of you sitting in nature? You, as God, decided for the last manner of thinking.
Now you are back you again. You start to quite the mind.
Now you are the bird flying above the head of the human and look for food. Does this human share some bread with the ground?
You, sitting in nature, become hungry. You take some bread and eat it. The crumbs you dismiss to the ground. Again, you are the bird. You hip-hopped close enough to be save and still managed to get some bread to eat. You fly away, whistling a little theme in gratitude to Creator for the food.
You are God again, looking at how the little cleaners of nature come close to get the rest of it to the anthill.
Then you are part of the grass, one tall stem standing and waving along with the rhythm of the gentle breeze. You delight in just being this. You become the breeze who plays with the leaves, the grass, the things full of sand you take with you. You delight in your power, in your gentleness. You start to play with hair of human sitting in nature.
You rush to the children and play with their hair, their clothes. The sound of their laughter you take along with you, in your memory, in your being.
You are the creator again and you see that everything is as it should be.
You bless the human sitting in nature and you keep an eye on all the expressions of who you are. You are all of them and you are delighted with them. You love all of them.
Now you are human again and you know that you are them and they are you. You are connected. And you say thanks to the beautiful creation you made for your self.
The children start bothering you. You decide to go home with a last thanks to the rest of you you leave behind for the other creations who might want to visit their own creation just as you did. And the boy leaves a mark of an angel in the sand that will be washed away by the wind.

With this exercise you see how easy it is to feel the connection of all there is. The image I talked about is an easy one. What will you do with the next picture?

Again you are sitting in nature. It is your favorite spot. You look around and you hear a car coming towards the little park in the city where you live close by. You hear in the distance a voice shouting and an other voice shouts back. The winds blows gently in your face. You try to keep your awareness with the nature you see and try to shut of the noises of the city.
Now you become the God who looks at the scenery. You see a human trying to relax after a day of work with his mind busy. You see the birds searching for food, you see the clouds slowly drifting by as you see the signs of another beautiful day.
Again you are the human, sitting in the shadow of an old tree. The branches waver softly on the rhythm of the wind. You are the tree and you enjoy the water you were given by the man today. The wind plays with your leaves and you see the man sitting in you shadow. Two men are approaching the tree with a chain-saw. You start to become anguished, you have had experiences before with the chain-saw. Are they going to cut of you or a branch or more of them? Full of questions you stay, and try to listen to the intend of their energies. A shivering rustles your leaves when you see them approaching. The man walks around you, makes some marks on your bark and starts the chain-saw. You become again the human who wants to have a quiet time on your favorite place in the city-park. You don?t feel the quietness of the place anymore. Rushed you stand up and walk away. You are the old tree again, left alone with the men with the chain-saw. They cut through one of your main branches and moaning this one falls to the ground and breaks. You start to bleed at the wounds the man makes you. They decide to cut another branch and there again the other starts to fall down on the ground. With an effort you try to hit the man with the branch to make them go away and leave you quiet, alone with the pain they are causing.
Now you are the man standing side by side by your colleague just doing your job. You shout: "look out!" A branch just nearly missed the colleague. You look at the tree and say: damn good job what we?re doing here, this tree is sick and hollow. Lucky it didn?t hit the man who was sitting on the bench. Watch out there is another one falling. (okay, normally they use a more poetic form of words, shorter and more to the point). To make sure that you got all the sick branches you do a few more, just to be sure for the safety of the children and the visitors of the park. While talking about your favorite game this evening, you just leave without a look at the tree.
You are the tree again. You look in dismay to the cut branches and the blood of your veins dripping on the ground. You send a message to every part of you in the hope you can stop the bleeding to death and cover the wounds with resin to prevent rotting. The evening falls, and your blood is still dripping.
You are the man who walked away just getting a headache of the noise of the chain-saw.
You are the dog having his daily walk for his pie and with the mess of the branches you can?t play with your boss, but you can take one along with you.
You are the ant, crawling towards the blood of the tree, and you try to get some resin back with you to your home, but you get caught by its sticky nature.
You are mother Earth, and you are stuffed with concrete, roads, houses, and you want to stretch your skin and your muscles.
And as the moon sets, you are the God looking at the creation of man in the city park, and your heart bleeds with the tree, with the death of the ant, for the man with the stress headache going home without a sign of relief and for the men doing their job without thinking of the feelings of the tree. You smile at the dog who made the best of it, walking along with a branch in its mouth, trying to sneak it into your home.
And you see mother Earth moan with the weight of concrete and building upon her. And you know as God she can?t do much to get her relief of the weight, this is not a volcano area or an earthquake area.

You look around the picture and you just bend your head as God. This is the world as humans like to have it, without consideration for all that is. This is their choosing in a collective creation, and you as God gave them their free will. And you bless the free will of man. You bless the tree and its suffering. You bless the group soul of the death ant. You bless the soul of the city, you bless mother Earth, you bless the humans who cut the branches of the tree, without asking permission or explaining the reason. You bless the man who was in the beginning in the park for a breath of fresh air and some quiet times.
You know, that when humans know that they are GOD, they will take their responsibility for their creation. You know this for sure, because you are them and they are you. And you know and feel the very reason why this is all possible, why you made it possible, why you made the opportunity to let humans go so far astray of you.
You send your longing to them, to invite them home, to awaken and become aware of what they are doing and alive to their responsibilities and joys of being GOD, with respect and love for every part of your creation, as they are your creation and the creators of the creation they are living in. You are them and they are you, and you both love each other. The only difference there is, you are awake, alive and aware of this love and they at this moment are not, not yet.

Have a good love in your timeframe of the day.


Connection closed.

Vertaling volgt!