PP April 12, 2004

Hello sleepy head, you aren?t awake yet. When you are awake, and fed with the energy of the source, you don?t need to sleep anymore. Sounds rather annoying to live through the night without any moment of sleep, what would you do with your time?

First let me answer some questions about yesterdays channeling. If every being is balancing the male and female inside and becomes androgen, why do you have to keep up the sex-difference until being close to the source for meeting the counterpart?

Your creation is male in energy. The counterpart of this creation is female. Which means that your source is female, and the counterpart of the source is male.
When you have a source as being male, then the counterpart is female. The creation of this source would be female. If two creations come together it will be a male ­ female orientated meeting in energies. The sources of these creations will come together also, female and male oriented. The souls of this creation will come together, male and female orientated.
Just imagine the 8, with the middle of it as the meeting point. One part is male, the other part is female. In the middle you have two sources, female and male. Because of these two sources, you can see the 8 spiraling upwards, or sideways if you prefer. There are more layers of different 8?s connecting within each other at the zero point of the middle center.
When you go to the source, meeting your counterpart, coming from an opposite cycle, the meltdown into the source will sweep you into another cycle of creation and existence.

Just remember, the use of female + male are just names to indicate direction of energy, to indicate the flowing from one part to the other in a yin/yang way of flowing.

When you live in this side of the creation the creation is male. This means that every being has male energy, has the main source for going back to creation: being female, because opposites attract. This will give some problems with being female in being.
If you are living in the counterpart of the creation, with the source being male and the creation being female. You have opposites that attract also, but the problems will be with being male, instead of being female.
Don?t worry too much about these problems, they are been seen and provided for. It gives just one way to think about creation, movement in the creation and movement of the creation by itself.
It is just the way it is, to keep the movement of creations going.

Didn?t you wonder why you were living on a female creature? Because the male and female aspect of your outgoing male energy wants to go back to the female source. In your counterpart the planet is father Earth and mother Sun.

Let?s talk about another principle of dualistic thinking. Do you know love in itself doesn?t move? Can?t know her self? Love is the source of creation, we all know. But love without action, isn?t creation, it just is. That?s why love invented creation, to put love into action, to get to know her self. Let?s put movement into creation. Every creation wants to go back to the source. Creation is love into action, so love is used for creation. If you think that the flow will go where there is less of it, then the source has given love to the outside to gain it back, and it comes back. Just consider the black holes in the universe. These holes attract matter (= love in creation) and when everything becomes very dense at the other side, you see new creation, solar systems been born. So what is inside? The very principle of creation: love coming out into creation, going back to source. The feeling of attraction between you and the source you can call love because the closer you are, the more you feel this lead to come back to the source. If you put this dualistic concept much farther into thinking, then you know that the source isn?t love, because she has given it all to you. She is waiting for love to come back. The love you feel, when you think about the source, is the pull of the attraction back to the source. If you listen to this attraction, you set the flow into motion to go back to the source, and you bring with you the love she has given to you back to her, with a lot of experience of being love into action, into movement. Because this is an ongoing process of coming and going at the source, the source is never empty of love, and still capable to be enough empty to maintain the attraction on such a level to give you free will to choose your own time in returning.

Why do I use these concepts of opposites? It is rather important to know that these concepts exist to be able to use them for your expression of going with the flow. You need to know what the flow is. You need to understand the nature of this flow. Without movement, everything collapses and there won?t be a creation to experience. The movement gives you creation, time, flow, longing, experience.

Because of the wavelength of the flow, the creation gets it structure. The geometric patterns on which the creation is based finds its basics in the flow. In a different movement, wavelength the patterns on which the creation is build will vary from the one used in yours. Every single difference in wavelength will give another creation. And as I have written in this message, every creation exists in 2 parts, male and female, both counterparts for each other. And with a little difference in the wavelength of the flow, you get almost similar creations (seen as realities), because the geometric pattern doesn?t differ that much. This way the parallel realities come into existence. If we change the wavelength of a creation, we see the patterns of the geometric and we change creation. If the source likes to give an input into growth in a creation, she will direct the wavelength into a slight difference and there you will go on a next stage of adventure.

This way it is good to see the colors of the wavelength you are in. This changing of the wavelength will change the creation as I have stated before. But how do you change the wavelength, without interrupting too much of creation? The creation is based on a wavelength, a flow. This flow can be translated into sound and light. Sound will give the basis to the creation. Every creation has his own basic sound. You can?t change much in this, you are able to grow from one sound to the other, but you can?t use it as a direction mode for the wavelength. This is where light comes in. Light is a fine-tuning instrument for differing the wavelength. A wave has, because of the basic tone, a certain amount of light. This light you can put into creation and bears the full spectrum of al the colors available. Not every creation has possibilities to see all the colors. The way of breaking of the colors defines the view of life in the creation. You can start with the colors almost close to one wave and then differ the colors to the middle of your particular wave and then to the very end of it, close to another wave. And when you come very close to the colors of the next wave, you can jump over into another form of creation and existence.
So if you have seen the developing of colors in your world, if you know the color rays the ascended masters are using, if you know how you and your world are reacting to this changing of the color pallet than you know that you?re in for a change. You are in the middle of it.
The source directs what change you get. The rays direct how the change will apply to you. And you will decide how you will react to it. What will be your answer, your movement in this spectrum of change.

If one creation is at the end of the color spectrum of her particular wave, then you know now, that she wants to jump onto the next one. That way others are getting a possibility to move on also. And in this stage of creation we are right now, all together. This is why the changing of the creations is, and this is why earth is asked to change too. This is the way of directing the rays of light by the Ascended Masters, to get the possibilities to change wavelength for this creation. Mother Earth asked for this change, and you and I are making this change possible.

With the changing of the colors, the following jump upon the next wavelength, the next tone of vibration, creation will differ in its appearance, rules, possibilities, and if everything will happen according to plan, you are moving bits and pieces closer to the source. With every step closer to the source the pull of the source to go to her for a reunion with her and your counterpart can be more deeply felt. With this pulling into your heart, the joy increases, the pleasure increases and you become more and more alive, aware and awake. When you are alive, aware and awake, you will become more sensitive too, and you will sense the change of the tone, the changing of vibration and you will notice the change of the colors available to your world. You will rejoice with every sign you see. At this moment the sensitive people in the world notice these changes already. They started a few years ago.

The most beautiful part of this aspect of creation, is that it all doesn?t matter where you are and what you are becoming. Everything is in motion. Everything is in change. To the source you are going and there are at this very moment new creations leaving. The attraction will stay as it is.

In the inner heart of everything, because you come from the source, go to the source, nothing moves and nothing is empty or female and male, love just is.

With lots of things to think about, new adventures are coming right now, adventures in mind, adventures in schooling and adventures in life, we all are growing to maturity back to the source. And if you wonder why your GOD is a him. You know the answer right now. GOD is a him, logical. When we speak of the source of source, we all, including him, are going back to her.

Have a nice journey, till the next message.

Good love for all,


Transfer closed.

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