PP April 11, 2004

This Ashtar speaking.

With a personal transmission to all the female humans and the male humans walking on earth.

If you look at the curve of the history of mankind (look at the word mankind) you see that the past times, the male aspect has been dominating the point of view, the values, the images of God, the role of people in societies. Everywhere in the world, being male is worthwhile, far beyond what is normal, and being female it is useless to strive for any achievement.

Upon a day as today, with the image of a Christian society, it is a good thing to speak about the resurrection of the female energy, the female qualities, to counteract the male energies, to restore balance.

If we look at the females in your society, we see only pain. Pain of sex abuse, pain of being neglected and only used for service to the male aspect in the society, pain of lost contact with the roots of being woman. If we look at women with a strong view, strong belief in herself, we see both parts in balance, we see a guide in her teenage life full of wisdom, love, respect and praise. We see a woman. These women are very rare.

First of all, let?s invent a new word for women (a wo of a man, isn?t a nice word for being female in body expression, with female aspects of being GOD), the word fe-male isn?t right also.

What is a woman? Soft, nourishing, capable, strong, (gracious), you name it, she is it. English is such a horrible language, you can?t talk about a she, without seeing the he in it. The male being a fe, the man being a wo-man. Don?t you like to say Who?man? Mankind? Womenkind?

A celestial Goddess dressed as human (man again, terrible isn?t it) with qualities you all need to explore, because women have lost contact with their origins of being Women.
She is the life bearer on earth, the inner guide of life. The safekeeper of feelings, intuition, the inner knowing of connection, the chooser for connection instead of separation.
The trusted companion to mirror yourself, the safety device of home, the balancing counterpart of the man energies, the accepting energies with grace of life and how its unfolding.
And to speak as poets, the garden full of fruits, the safekeeper of the soul nourishment?s, the mediator between heaven and earth, the inspiration bringer, the power of just being into everything there is, the acceptor of life, the accepting energies of life, the contemplation of wisdom, the depth of feelings, the stillness of being.

The male is the force, the bringer, the anticipator of energies, the investigator, the outgoing force of life, the hero, the fighter (in the good sense of the word), the giver of life.

When man is the outer movement, bound to go inside, the adventure seeker, woman is the inner movement, fulfillment inside, inner knowledge.
Both need to come together in a marriage inside each of you, so the experience can fertilize the inner knowledge so it becomes the fruit of togetherness, experience and inner knowledge becomes wisdom.

When man is the hero, the strength to accomplish things, to put creating into motion, woman is the mirror to give feedback on his accomplishing, to let him see the fruits of his creation.
Without a marriage inside each of you, the man will dominate other men in games, wars and bombast his achievements at the costs of others.

He inside you gives the input, the nourishments, she inside you knows where the nourishments are needed.

It is always a play of giving and directing, knowing and using. Together, experience and knowledge become one in being wisdom.

When we talk women, we talk man. If one loses outside you, the one inside you loses too.
When you put one down, the one inside you will lose connection, and feel the pain as a result.

You all are the male, going back to the source, full with experience. The source is the female waiting to be fulfilled and anticipating on being seeded with love for the source, with experience to compare knowledge into wisdom.

If you look this way to universe and creation you can always think of sex and orgasm. And yes it is, and no it isn?t.

Yes, it gives pleasure to accept a soul coming back to YOU (THE SOURCE), with the love and understanding of the value of the LOVE for LIFE, for GOD. Just with the same love the egg will accept the seed to bear fruit, to come to life as a child, as an animal, a flower, a rock and stones.
It is also an eruption and a collapsing in one flow of life, in one dance of life. You can see the metaphor of a lava lamp, something is going with the heat of love his own way, and then on the top of his reach, he decides to go down, back to the source, magnetically drawn towards it, to melt into one.
It is the way energy flows in life, in creation. The pulse of going out and the pulse of going in.
The pulse of going out is male energy. The pulse of going in, is the female energy.
The inhale is the female quality, the exhale the male quality. And in the stillness between them, you will find GOD. Just like the moment of melting together in the lava lamp, there you will feel the principle of GOD.

The source of light can be addressed to as female. We all, outside the source, going back, can be best addressed as a male quality. Curiosity is a male quality. To contemplate about experiences, about all there is, is a female quality.

If you want to suppress a country, a people, just people, make male believe that the holy rites are just only for them. They will suppress their female relatives to stay home and accept what they hear. The one with questions, with remarks, with mirroring qualities, isn?t there with them to keep the balance and the perspective on life in the minds of the man. Never trust a ritual where women aren?t allowed to join, especially when they are menstruating. A women with sensitive moods has her intuitions very strongly working and feels very precisely when things aren?t balanced anymore, when respect isn?t the measure for the good of everything concerned.

Back again on being female and being male. When you read the above statements, it is easier to be male then female. The source is female. While being outside the source for the sake of experiencing and going back to it, we are all having more male energies then female, just for the sake of the game. If you are a female in this game, the nature of what you are in body, in experience, is somehow twisted in your experience. And this is a logical feeling. If you have difficulty to be female, feel female, it is very logical. Being something different then you are in basic, is hard to do. And it is a very rewarding job, because you can personalize the qualities of being the source.
Being male is easier, the outgoing energy is you, and you are the male embodiment of these energies. It is rather difficult to understand and feel what it is to be female, the source. And yet you long to be with the source, to feel the oneness with the source, to go back to the source.
The female trying to be the source in its energies, will feel this longing too. But this longing will be more the longing for feeling one, feeling connected, feeling an ongoing flow of energy between the source and her being.

In most beliefs, the man has more possibilities to go back to the source. If you take the reincarnation system of the Hindus, only as man you have possibilities to go back into the source. This is logical because opposites attract. To respect man more for this easy task is not logical.
Woman has to personalize the qualities of the source, being the source, being one with the source, while in the beginning they were send away to gain experience as a male energy form. So let?s talk about respect when you consider this to its fullest.

There is more to this game of being male and female. Every one has to make a marriage inside him and her to the male and female energy residing inside his/her very being.
When a man looks for a women in his life, he looks for the qualities he possesses inside him. Every woman will fail him because she has her own balance between male and female, and this balance, the qualities of the female and male, he doesn?t seek. It is just inside him.
Just like a woman looking for a male partner. If she didn?t balance and married her male aspects with respect for her female part, she won?t be happy as she looks outside for what she has inside.

Let?s talk about the help the parents of the opposite sex can offer the child of his/her responsibility.
A girl will learn from her father the respect she needs for her female part. If he respect her, she will develop a healthy self-esteem. The male qualities have a solid base for helping through life with the right actions, without losing the female part of her expression possibilities.
A boy learns from his father how to respect females, and his own female inside him is just one of them. But his mother gives him the respect of his male part, if she has a healthy attitude towards men and enjoys their company, her son will grow in self-esteem, and her daughter will value man in and outside her. So both parents are needed with examples of a good inner marriage of the female and male parts, and with the examples of respecting the opposite sex.

Everyone has 3 marriage to make in a lifetime:
One marriage with the female and male part inside.
One marriage with the opposite sex in a partner relationship
One marriage with the source at the inside of you.

And the last marriage isn?t the ultimate coming back to the source. That will take a couple of lifetimes if you are happy. Otherwise it takes just a bit longer.

Let?s see how many different orientated energy a man has:
Male going back to the source.
Female inside
Male inside
And outside in embodiment: male.
Which makes 3 times male and one time female.

Let?s see how many different orientated energy a women has:
Male going back to the source.
Male inside
Female inside
And outside in embodiment: female
Which makes 2 times female and 2 times male.

If you just look at the ratio 2:2 and 3:1, you think being women has more advantage because of the balance. It is hard to disturb this point of view. Everything is out of balance.

The male energy going back to the source is the strongest part of the energy balance. The other male parts has a piece of cake to keep up with this energy as you are a male.
The female at the outside has an inner male part, she has to cope with, which determines the flow of live, with the male energy going back to the source as the strongest determination part. And how to understand what you are, a female, while the strongest part is a male energy.

To restore the balance you need to add to this calculation the energy of source. Eventually every being comes back to the source. But still you don?t see energies in harmony.
When you add the female energy of the source to the male and the female
the male becomes 3 times male and 2 times female,
the female becomes 3 times female and 2 times male.

There is only one way to solve this unbalance in female and male energies.
This is why a soul companion comes in handy. If you are ready to become one with your counterpart, become male and female together, an androgen, then you resolve the problem and become whole.
3 times female meets 3 times male plus the meeting of 2 times female and 2 times male makes 10, which can be considered as ONE.
And ones as ONE you are able to enter the Source.

Your counterpart, you can see as your twin flame, but that isn?t what it is.
With your counterpart you melt down into one, into the source. You will only meet your counterpart if you are ready and willing to melt together into energies, to give up your identity as energy to melt down together and immediately to the source.
Just see it as a nuclear explosion if you meet your counterpart. You will activate this process and there won?t be a time to stop this process. You go into One, into the source. You can?t stop this process, and you won?t stop the process, this is what it is all about.

But this explosion won?t cost lives of people or beings, like we like to talk about. It will be a big orgasm of life, joy, fulfillment, creation, celebration, and a starting of a new cycle of life, creation, expression and experience, with you as BEING GOD.
But who are you at that time, you or your counterpart?

Just see the words of male and female, man and woman. Somehow these words are right, you see. But still it won?t do any good to the energy of the woman living the energy of the source (female energy). Because the source has no part of male energy in herself.
We need a new word for this relationship between women and the source in your language every where on the world.

The most part of being women in the world is to live the energy of the source and this way give a way of expressing the source into life, into remembering, into existence and lead the way home for every being in her neighborhood as a living example of being the Source.

This is a hard job to be and to do, considering the 2:2 ratio with the most weight being energy of the male part wanting to go back to the source because opposites attract.

Women like man need a lot of respect and love for their part into the existence, into experience of being GOD, being the Source. And balance is very dire needed.

This is Ashtar saying goodbye to all of you.
Cherish the women part in your outer life, and in your inner life, you will need them to remember what the source is and where your longing comes from, and where you want to go back to. And this is why it is suppressed in all the religions, in all the cultures of your world. To suppress your longing to home, to the melting down to the Source.


Vertaling volgt!