PP April 10, 2004

As you could have read yesterday, a body as an expression of GOD isn?t sick. Because the body is the embodiment of GOD and when you are the Embodiment of GOD you are the perfect expression of the energies of BEING GOD into matter. So if there is something wrong with your body, you need to look after your expression of being GOD into form, that?s all.

Shall we close connection, because everything has been said before has been said?
If you are smart, then you will answer, not in this timeframe in these moments we are living here.
So we will continue the conversations.

How do you advertise yourself? You don?t? But you should, how would everyone know you are GOD and they should listen to you, because you have the wisdom?
Oh sorry, you consider this as being dump. And God isn?t dump or deaf, so you won?t advertise yourself. Quit right.

If you are an example, you don?t have to advertise yourself.

Why do all the spiritual leaders of your world advertise themselves? To raise money and sell their products, so they are able to live in abundance, enjoying a good health insurance and giving their children the best of education possible, and you know college fees are very expensive in the States and elsewhere.

This is almost the same to sell your body for money. They sell their wisdom for money. Wisdom is a present you get to present to sthe world. If you ask money for the present it isn?t a present anymore. The normal experience is, that when it is free, it isn?t considered as worthwhile, and the people attending a free course, don?t respect it.

This is the way the world has made you a slave of the money thinking. If something is free, it is rubbish. And the amount of the fee asked for it, is the amount of quality you expect it to have for you.
And only money is the determining factor of the respect you give to the teacher, the guru. Money talks. If you respect money, that?s the way your attachments are.

To undermine the money orientated society, Sai Baba has invented a good idea of being of service to the society. If you are of service to the society, you don?t expect something in return. If you do, you are talking about having a price for your work. If you don?t expect something back for it, like praise, compliments, you are really of service and unattached to the outcome of your work for your benefit.
He introduced the concept of voluntary work for the society as a daily practice to serve GOD in yourself.

In time when you have no need to worry about a shelter, food, clothes, health care and school fees, you are really free to express your being and your connection to all there is through service to being kind, to society, to nature, to mother earth, to all. I use very specifically being kind. It is rather unlogical to talk only of humankind or humanity when everything is connected.

Nowadays you look at nature, animals, the air, the water and all the different things with the questionmark, how it can sustain you? How can you enjoy it? How can you raise money with it? How can you do something with it? How can you protect it? This list is very long. The center of your thinking is always you.

It is just the thinking as human on the top of the development, the jewel in the crown of creation. Just to quote the Bible: you were given the earth into stewardship and only eat the fruits and the seeds of the trees. Stewardship is a difficult viewpoint for humans.

A steward takes care of his responsibility taking into consideration the owner of the belonging, property etc. So if you take care of mother Earth, you have to consider who owns her? Exactly, she does own herself, nobody or no being else. So you ask how she likes to be treated. What does she want? What does she like to be changed? Sounds different then how can you clean mother Earth from your garbage and chemicals? The possibility exists that she definitely likes to have a say in how you clean the chemicals on her face. And a shovel (bulldozer) can be just out of order and vetoed to a halt and a big NO NO. Then you need a big creativity of a God into expression to solve this riddle, to clean her face with respecting techniques and with a lovely hand while doing it.

A steward goes to the nature, the trees to see what they need. You go to the nature to get some energy from it, and to leave your tension, your stress, your demolishing emotions behind somewhere next to a tree or a rock. Did they ask for your emotional garbage? I don?t think so (where did I use this sentence before?) I am not talking about the real garbage you leave behind when visiting the parks, the seaside, the mountains, plastics etc. Most of the people don?t know how to find a garbage can anymore. If that?s the way of your paying homage and respect to nature, nature will sure say, no thanks to you. You won?t listen, so that doesn?t help.

A steward leaves everything in the way he or she finds it, and only makes some adjustments to it for the good of everything concerned. When we look at you and your way of acting to the living environment of the animals, you just grasp what you need, and kill the animals when they are in your way. When eventually you can make tourist money with it, you don?t respect their way of living, their way of hunting, their way of mating and so on. No wonder they will come to you to settle things right. Which gives you the reason to destroy them for killing a human.

What is real stewardship?
To give love in an unselfish manner for the good of all concerned. To feed the world with your love, your blessing, your focus, your attention, so every being (animal or plant or insect or rock or mountain or water or air) can blossom and bear fruit to its own time, in its own way, in its own timing.
To give love and heal when needed.
To ask what is needed, and does this in service for the whole and love of all in the way of the voluntary work I have described earlier in this message.
To avoid unnecessary action, to do just what is needed, no more.
If you have to cut something or demolish a part of the population of an animal kind, you ask in love and respect that they will take care of it themselves, and you explain the reasons for it. For stewards are able to see the overall picture and this way they are able to see what is needed to keep the balance in the middle. When you do ask this question you guide it with love creation, respect and trust that they all and you do what is best for every being concerned.

Real stewardship is all about love, respect and healing for the good of every being concerned.

If you just look at your attitude, lots need to be done, don?t you think?
This is what it is all about, being stewards to mother Earth and every inhabitant in and on her surface.
The most funny part of this picture is, that if you look at the negative side, you will think: "Sure, lots needs to be done. The attitude changes you ask of us, are very complicated and ask for a different lifestyle then we are living right now. How can we manage all this?"

We see the opposite side of all this. If you see what you need to do, what adventure lies ahead of you, how you will grow with the changes you make in your life, in your belief systems, in your attitude, how much more connected you will feel, how much more happy you will be, how much more blessed you will feel, how much more you will be an expression of being GOD, and this way you will lessen the need for disease and pain in your life, how this will be a great task to do, when you see what awaits you, when you become more and more of what you already are. It is just a question about reprogramming and remembering within you who you really are. The rest is rubbish and make belief.

When you become what you are, the blessings of being God will follow you were every you go. This is your reassurance for the changes you have to ask for yourself. Have to, is still a word you don?t like to hear. But yes, you have to ask it from yourself for yourself. How will you ever change, if you don?t ask it to do it yourself? Who else can do it for you?

When you are GOD, the expression of being God comes natural. And this isn?t a big deal to be. You are GOD so being God comes natural to you. This is also a grace of being GOD. That way I talk about the graces of life, the graces of being GOD.

Why do you have a hard time in realizing that you are GOD and to live it? This is the way of your belief systems, your being suppressed by others, your accepting and not questioning life as it is now and the way it is unfolding towards more imprisoning of your very being.

Most of the time you don?t welcome changes. People like to create everything such as it is now, because their mind can?t accept another reality, another way of living. You hate changes. You feel insecure with changes. Your mind can?t accept them, it becomes unsure, doesn?t know how to react, how to see, how to feel, how to judge, how to correlate to things and so on.

Your being, your spirit welcomes changes because going with the flow of creation is its very heartbeat of being alive. Your Soul likes to direct the changes, and loves the element of surprise into the creation he offers you.

So you are in between two opposite fields of forces who like to determine your actions and your attitude towards change. Which one do you like to prefer in your live? Which one is prevalent in your life right now? Which one will come more natural to you? Which one costs less energy? What do you like to do with this energy? One suggestion; being more what you are, and being a good steward to Mother Earth (and if you do think this is two suggestions in one sentence, I will advice to rethink what you know of being GOD and being connected as GOD).

I hope I don?t have to explain right now why being a good steward is also an expression of being GOD. As always, I suggest you do some homework, and read the previous messages about the different graces of live, the different attitudes towards being GOD and why it is important to become more of what you are right now.

I hope you will see yourself as we see you right now. A wonderful being GOD in its splendor just playing hide and seek with each other, just forgetting that it is a play and wondering why it hurts that much. We will advice you to wake up, remember who you are, take your responsibility for your life as God, and forget to give too much importance to the circumstances of a life which doesn?t fulfil your need of being GOD. Being GOD and Being Creative and create a future you like, and desperately seek, is far more important than how much more distinguished you are with that car, that house, that education or that hairdo you want to have.

Just wake up, be alive, awake and aware of who you really are.

Goodbye, dear Hearts,

Imhal pateh ishtar solomeony true hearts

Remember in the hearts of hearts love is always there to guide you through the changing times coming. Love awaits you on the other side.


Vertaling volgt!