PP April 9, 2004

Did you do your blessing today?

Let's talk about sickness, being sick and so on.

God is never sick. You are God, so you aren't sick.

What did you do with your body? Did you respect it? Did you listen to it? Did you take care of it?
No? No wonder, that your form wants to tell you that you are not acting like a lovely God to your form, to your body.

So better undo this error.
It is that easy.

Now let we see what you are making of it. Your form is sick. Reason: bad treatment. You have to take care of your form, start to listen to it, see what it needs, nourish it with love.
What do you do? Swallowing bad medicines, going on with working, worrying, and so on.

You are sick because you didn't use your heart for yourself, loving yourself. So your heart is protesting for the lack of love nourishment.
You are sick because your kidneys didn't have their say in what they should do for you. You are giving bad food with too many chemicals and your kidneys aren't allowed to tell you who to trust and who doesn't have to be trusted. And you just keep too much to yourself and therefore you are creating kidney stones.
You are sick because of your lungs, you don't feel free enough to breath and get the flow of life through the air you are breathing. You are closing yourself in.
You are sick because you don't use your creative energy. Energy needs its expression, and one way or the other it is going to do so. Maybe some cells are going to be creative and don't function as they should do, and they are taking the rest with them along in a small revolution.
Just wonder why you are keeping something on your stomach, you're making a grave of your heart, and you have something upon your liver.
Did you ever listen to the wisdom in these sentences?

These are the normal body expressions of neglecting and not taking care of yourself. What you sow, you reap.

There is also another dimension on being sick.
In your society the food isn't a nourishment for your body anymore.
The air contains a lack of oxygen, the percentage is lowered by the real government to the percentage you are able to live on, but not to think clearly on and come to independent actions.
The food also contains a lot of sugar and other chemicals to give you a lack of energy, so you don't have energy or the freedom to think for yourself. If you are addicted, you just think about the next intake of the addicted food, or smoke or drugs or alcohol. The addictions are what doesn't matter.
With any addiction, the freedom is lessened to zero. And this way they like to keep it.
The quality of water is really bad. Most people don't drink water anymore. They drink lemonade, coffee, beer, spirituals (the kick makes you think for a while, you are happy and in heaven) or water (carbonized), and the government makes very sure, that the water you drink isn't good enough to give you a sensation of drinking of the well of life. They put a lot into the water that doesn't belong there (fluoride) chemicals, plastic and (insecticide) as an example. The water also has lost its normal way of behaving, and therefore lost its life, and the information it can contain. There are beautiful pictures of the information power water contains and the results of good and bad behavior imprinted in water.
Water is very important. It contains your memories inside your body. It also brings instructions from one place to the other. If you see what bad thoughts can do unto water (you really need to see this, just very logical, scientific, and available on earth).

You know why you should be careful with bad, unhappy thinking. You program the water inside you to give this information to your organs and cells. So their information will cause them to do less, function less, because they aren't fed with the energy for the good of everything concerned (here we go again), and they act accordingly.

No wonder in time being, your body will protest and start giving you little signals to do different. And if you don't do it, then nothing helps, except becoming sick. First time just a little bit, and then much more until it is life threatening. And your body doesn't want to die, so it fights for attention, good nourishment and lovely God thoughts. That's why miracles are possible.
You are God and your body will live when you act accordingly.

The best thing in life you can do to destroy your body is being attached. If you are attached, you are able to feel fear, feel worried about the future, what they think, what you should do for the society. And without knowing, your body isn't a relaxed place anymore, but is a container of rubbish emotions, rubbish pains, rubbish past memories, and rubbish thoughts about the future. When the body has to collect these things and hold on to them for you, you are building stress and tension.

These thoughts just go like the way of the other thoughts, imprint the water in your cells, and the tension will cost a lot of energy which needs to be released. Until you learn how to release them, you have a good way of demolishing your energy level, your body health, your mental health and start to get the symptoms of being sick.

You are living a nice life. And you make it more and more interesting to have more and more painful experiences just to make sure that you will remember you are GOD and LOVE.
Disease and being sick is just one of them. When will you stop?

Life isn't supposed to be a suffering for you. Life isn't supposed to be to cause a lot of pain. Changing extensions doesn't have to be a painful process for you and the loved ones you make see you suffer and then leave behind.

Au contraire, life is beautiful, nourishing Soul and Eternity, giving you lots of opportunities to learn, laugh, enjoy, feel, be fully awake, fully alive, fully blissful, fully aware.

If you ever have the chance to change your life into a healthy one, with good habits, with lots of freedom, lots of choices, lots of enjoyment, lots of expressing your being, just grasp this opportunity with both hands, and start being it.

Why should you wait until later? Why should you experience more trouble, more pain, more sickness, more and more. Didn't you have enough already?

We here just think that way about your life and the life of mother Earth and all the other inhabitants.
You are free to choose, what ever you wish.

And yes, bad habits are just bad habits, and you enjoy them (to keep on smoking, drinking alcohol, eating bad stuff with lots of sugar and so on). That's why they are addictive, they tell your mind that you enjoy them. Just ask your body very sincere, ask your soul very sincere. Your body will tell you no way that he/she will like it. And your Soul just starts to sing the song of freedom into your being. Just your mental body, your ego wants to keep going on with this.

If you ever have the chance to change your life into a healthy one, with good habits, with lots of freedom, lots of choices, lots of enjoyment, lots of expression your being. Just grasp this opportunity with both hands, and start being it. This moment is NOW.

Just have fun doing it. And be creative when your mental body, your ego asks for the addiction. You can find solutions for the addiction to get rid of it. In time you will enjoy expressing your creative willpower to these kinds of demands from your inside. To assure you, this inside with these questions isn't the God you are. An addiction is never a God. God can't be addicted.

I know, most of the people don't think they are addicted to something. They are free to stop if they want to (they don't want to). They can stop tomorrow (and tomorrow never comes). They enjoy it, so there is no reason to stop it (nice addiction, otherwise it wasn't an addiction, of course you enjoy a bad habit, otherwise you would have stopped the behavior in the beginning).

The excuses the people of the earth use to keep everything as they are used to, are plenty. May-be that's why everything is still the same, don't you think?

When will it be time to change? Time to take back your freedom? Time to take back your health?
Time to Be really the GOD you ARE?

Everything in the system is to ensure everything will stay as it is. You aren't happy with it, but you are used to it, you have a few addictions and bad habits, you don't want to confront yourself with it, and the tension of the change is too much for you at this time. You already have lots of tension, and you can't be bothered with more, your system won't be able to handle that.


The only remedy you have is BE GOD, THE ONE YOU ARE. Don't be unhappy without being satisfied, when you can be happy, full of life, handling everything with grace and love, be GOD and never, never, have to run away of dissatisfaction, because that word doesn't exist in the vocabulary of BEING GOD.

Your choice is now!

Have a good weekend, and don't underestimate your power as GOD in these matters.



Vertaling volgt!