What does it take to feel alive?
To feel, experience, accept, joy, feeding of the essence of divine, and be yourself to the nerves of your being.

What does it take to be aware?
To experience the experience to the finest of every corner of the experience of being.

What does it take to be awake?
To know and be your inner being of God in experience, into creation, into manifestation. To be aware of this inner truth and take your responsibility for what you are.

What does it take to be alive?
To live your self created creation in an ever changing moment of being.

What does it take to feed your soul?
To meet like minded people who stimulate you to be more than you are now, to expand your horizon to the next manifestation who you are. To be what you are, experience what you are, to live a stimulating life of expressing who you are and dare to expand it beyond your dreams, beyond your expectations of what you are, beyond your self inflicted limitations of what you think you are.
To be, feel, experience what you are in the ever changing moment of being.
Make yourself an environment that can mirror what you are.

What does keep your body healthy?
To live a honest life with yourself and others, to give nutritious food, take a bath in light (inside and outside), live a regular life with respect to the limitations of your body, and give free way to express the God you are, to keep the energy flowing, dancing and creating.

What makes your life worthwhile?
To do what makes your heart sing, your body dance, and what makes your Soul being satisfied with being you.

What if you can do all this?
YOU are GOD at that very instant, and you would know you are GOD. That you are God, you know with your mind. But knowing with your being, is your game you came to play. Play it with fun.

What is knowing with your being?
To be the master of feeling, experiencing, expressing you being God at your inside, with wisdom, insight and love for All there is.

What if we all feel that we all love each other and ourselves?
Just envision this as your biggest vision for the world. And see, the Golden Age will be yours.

All these questions and answers where given by Ashtar. Next questions he would lovely answer if you ask some. Ashtar likes to have a 2-way communication with all of you. His purpose is to learn of us, to be of help where ever he can be with his limited point of view, not being of the earth, not playing our tough task in the ascension of the Earth. He likes to shake us awake to our essence of being. He wishes us joy and pleasure in our plays and games of beings GOD. (Editor: this seems to be a bye bye for now explanation from his secretary.)

Have a good time of being with each other. The next channelings will be coming when needed or when there are answers to be answered and questions to be raised.