PP April 8, 2004

This is Ashtar speaking again.

Let?s start talking about blessing. There are 3 sides to consider when we talk about blessing.

If you bless some being, something (food, which is a very good idea), you have to consider yourself.
Do you really feel the gratitude, the love for what you bless? You bless it, so you have to feel it, see the quality, see with respect, see the God inside the other, otherwise your blessing will be empty.

If you bless some being, something, you have to consider the other. Does the other want your blessing? Does the other accept your blessing? Has the other ways of accepting your blessing as being or as living form? A being always is happy with a true blessing. A being just as the word stated, is GOD into be-ing. And the form, does this form be happy with your blessing? This depends on the form of your blessing. I will address to this a bit later in this message.

If you bless some being, something, you have to consider the overall picture, the overall Good for all concerned. What does a blessing do with your environment? The circumstances you are in the moment you bless. Because a blessing is a sending of good energy, love energy to the other to the air towards the other, the environment will have some benefit from it. And because you are aware enough to bless, you radiate good energy from the inside of you, your inner being, to the outside of you, your outer being. You will share light, love every time you bless doesn?t matter what you bless.

If you simply want to start to improve the world, there is nothing, nothing, that is able to stand in the way of a proper blessing. A blessing comes from a loving heart with gratitude, respect and awareness of GOD in everyone concerned.

I said a proper blessing. And I talked about a form that can be very unpleased with your blessing. Let me give you an example. If you go to a being and say: I bless you, then they really think you are nuts, with a very good reason. Who do you think you are (god, but that they won?t recognize) that you intrude their life space and press yourself upon them with a blessing they didn?t ask for? If you were GOD then they would accepted it, but now, they won?t take it from you.

So a blessing is best given inside your heart, inside your inner you, where you indeed are GOD and this is the very good reason to do it often. Only GOD can bless. And you feel it, realize it, become awake to it that you are really GOD.

This is the most simple device anyone can give you for realizing, remembering, you are GOD. Start to bless, inside you, everything, every being you see. Bless them, see the GOD in them. And just feel and see what happens to you. You start to glow inside, and this glowing, radiating with love energy for the creation for all beings, is your GOD inside you starting to live, starting to enjoy being awake and starting to enjoy getting you aware for your being GOD.
And a simple truth:

What you do to others, you do to yourself.
Reversed it is also true.
What you do onto yourself, you do to others.

That?s why blessing is fun. You make the whole universe happy, including yourself.
While blessing, you learn the other graces of life. You learn you are GOD. You learn to keep your focus on being GOD and being of service to the GOD inside you and outside you. Blessing is also a good device of sharing. With blessing you share a piece of yourself, your being GOD to the outside you. You realize that everything is connected and indeed, everything is one. And the joy and fun will dance from the inside of your heart to the outside. The flow of fun, joy, love will wrap around every one and will go its way.

Don?t think that everyone can stand your good mood when you start blessing (by the way blessing is a good remedy for a bad mood). It may be enlightening your day. But it doesn?t do that for the others form.

Most of the time a radiating personality, radiating with love, attracts people from different energies. Some just like to be with you to be remembered what it is to feel GOD, or a spark of light. Others will come to see if they can extinguish the spark of light that you are radiating. They are annoyed, because they are suppressing their inner light and they definitely don?t want to be remembered that they have this light also. The remembering hurts them. You know and I know, that the emptiness of not remembering will hurt them more, but they won?t feel that. We respect the expressing of a being of his view of his inside. And if he or she wants to express denial, emptiness, so it be, so it shall be for this person. What you like to express, you and I will say also, so it shall be, so it be.

Blessing is a good device of expressing yourself as being GOD. And so it is, and so it shall be. You shape this instant, this moment, your now and your future. So bless and be blessed, what you do onto another you do onto yourself. You are yourself, it comes from you and it goes to you, everything you send will come back to you. Time and moment may differ, but it will come. And you are the other, so what you send, will come to you as the other, because you and him, you and her, are one.

If you start being lonely, you forget the connection with all there is. You forget the connection with you as God. To step out of this in an instant moment: blessing. It is just an easy device, works in every situation. Yes, of course you have to do a bit of work with the violet flame of Le Comte de st. Germain to get rid of the thought that causes these feelings of loneliness. And if they are really persistent in staying with you, the sword of Archangel Michael will be of help, when asked. But blessing is the trick to feel at ease with your GOD inside you.

Did you ever had an idea that this is the very reason why only GOD, or his representatives on earth (priests, pope, vicar and so on) were keeping this to their office? They didn?t tell you that you are also a representity (editor: this is definitely not a misspelling) of GOD.

Who will do the benediction of today? Always you or both, you and me.

I bless you with the further knowledge of being God put into practice, that you will see the fruits of your experiences, the joy of your love. That you may feel the glory of GOD inside you, that you may see the Glory of GOD outside you, that you may see there is no difference. And this way, we make way for the Glory of GOD on earth. May you step into your power of being GOD, that you may express your being GOD with this power, that you may be a blessing for all who encounter you. For the good of all concerned, so it is, so it shall be in heaven and upon earth.

Your turn:

(Editor: yes, he means you, dear reader! Here?s mine: may all your moments be filled with graceful being. Your turn:)

This is Ashtar saying Goodbye.

Transfer closed.

Vertaling volgt!