PP April 7, 2004

This is Ashtar speaking.

Let?s talk about Parents.

I have talked about the role of the elder people in your society. I have talked about the problem the elder people are facing right now. Just to remind you: having a body with malfunctions (such as diseases) and still having the wish for adventure, experience, love and so on. They hadn't time in their youth for adventure, and if you have missed these changes you will ever feel the itch of adventure, just outside your reach.

These people with resentment about missed changes, wrong doing and wrong understanding between their relationships, with a society with lots of choking rules from church and government, try to get their youth back and do the things they liked to do in their youth. It is no use to tell them that they are at the phase of wisdom, gratitude, learning of past experiences. They just don?t have the peace of mind, the quietness gained from lifetime experiences, the gratitude towards life, the love for the youth. They just want to be in their youth again.

In your society the young people have to run the companies. When you are young, you have a lot of energy, you don?t have obligations at home (animals, wife, husband, children, sick parents), you don?t have the trouble of a misused body (you are just at the age of misusing your body, so you aren?t bothered by it at this moment). You are supposed to have the maturity to make wise decisions, act like an adult, and make as much career as possible, or start as soon as possible an own family-life. If you look at these wishes pushed on your shoulders, you would be blind, if you don?t see that you are supposed not to act like a young adult, in for adventure.
You are very well pleased with these possibilities, the call for duty, these responsibilities, just forget that it is a once in a life time opportunity to have adventure, until you are satisfied, bored with it. You just start working and forgetting to listen to your heart. The wish to be treated as a real full responsible person, worthwhile part of the society, makes you act above your age, forgetting your wish to be free.

So the new cycle of young people, who don?t have the possibility for adventure, will grow old, sick, immature, impatient, restless, bored with obligations, longing for adventure, with envy for the young people who have these opportunities.

And somewhere in the middle, you see your parents in the same trouble. You see yourself running after life obligations, trying to secure your lifestyle, trying to get a job or hold the job for money, a home, a family life with the longing for adventurous freedom, experiences, and a life lived to its fullest.
With one hand you try to keep your boss happy, you like to live in peace with your parents, you run for errands to the shop, the school and the cradle and paying bills, trying to save for the education you like to have for your children. And as you live the life of expectations for your parents, you ask the same from your children.

Don?t you like to break free? But, but, but, you would say, my job, my mortgage, my relation, my children? I would say: your dreams, your longings, your hearts desire or sickness, dissatisfaction, complaints, secondary life with TV shows, soaps, big games on TV, cheating on your spouse. Get a life for GOD sake! For the GOD inside yourself sake.

Every being is complaining missing something, and the society with its rules makes sure it stays this way. Some one needs to free them selves from this cycle. Just to learn to be of gratitude for the life you have had and the lessons you have learned. You knew what kind of society you chose to live in before you signed to be born in this timeframe. A wasted life is a wasted life, just make the best of it.
To be of grudge, will prevent you from gaining wisdom, prevent you from being of use for your Soul, and prevent the rest you can do with joy, gratitude and fulfillment.
To stalk the younger people with your missed chances doesn?t help them, or you. Learning wisdom, be grateful for the youngest ones in your neighborhood and the chances they give you, is far more worthwhile. Just read yesterday?s message with the topic children and wisdom.

It is rather difficult to ask people to be of wisdom, talk with wisdom, act with wisdom, when they didn?t have the possibility to learn it with lives experiences. It is rather difficult to ask young people to treat their parents with respect when they are in a competitive position with each other. The one wants to have their wished life lived by their children and the other just wants to be free to live his own life and get his own experiences. Mom, don?t you see, I AM DIFFERENT. And sure she is. DAD I AM NOT LIKE YOU, BASEBALL IS COOL. How will you get respect as parents when you don?t see your children as a person free to be himself? And how do you get respect from your children when they see you are jealous, full of judgement, full of grudge and envy for their youth, choices, flirtations and sex attention?
And if they don?t do it different then you (they tell you they will, but you will see that it really doesn?t matter that much) they will become just like you.

The only way out of this struggle is to gain wisdom, to practice it, to scratch it from every available experience, to use every split second of your life to get the lesson, the wisdom out of it. The next thing you will need is to practice gratitude to every being, especially to your parents and other older people.

And if you really happen to find the exception to this image of people in circles, just cherish the example and learn from it as much as possible.

Most likely, you would say this isn?t the way it was in your youth and with your parents now in times moment and then in history. I sure hope so. There will be nice exceptions considering the devastating way of family life I have written you an imagine. If you are one of these exceptions, this makes only your responsibility bigger to display the wisdom. Pity isn?t it?

Just use your time wisely. If you have read the life time message about time to live and time to gain wisdom, you will remember that because of the short span of life you have, you face the difficulty to have to do everything at the same time, where other societies have more time to get everything accomplished.

It is very normal to have this kind of problems with gaining wisdom, adventure, experiences now in your world. It is very normal to have these problems with each other of different generations.
It won?t be wise just to leave it that way. Be the first one to step out of it, out of the circle. Be the wisest God you want to be, you dreamt to be when you were young. Give yourself this present to the young one inside, wishing for adventures. Give yourself this present to the young ones outside you and enjoy multiple respect for each other.

This is rather a short one considering other messages, but that won?t be for long, because
Imhat inpat anaou ishtar solemoeny pateh manoua (yes, 7 this time) (editor: yes, I did finish the other ones today, so now I?m busy, again. ;-)



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