PP April 6, 2004

This is Ashtar speaking, again.

As life is unfolding to a beautiful climax, we still like to say one thing to you: thank you. Thank you for being here, thank you for being here on this spot, on this tiny planet, with this mission you have already fulfilled in the realms of Light.

We know that you can be feeling a bit hasty, restless. And yes, for sure you are, you can?t say I am hasty, God isn?t in a hurry, you feel and think you are in a hurry. You are not. You are perfectly on time, just as the plan is unfolding.

Yesterday, a lot of you were thinking about financial problems. Others were thinking about leaving earth (it isn?t the right time yet, its coming soon). Others were considering health issues, work related issues, children issues.
Yes, the issues are the issues at this moment, when you anticipate on the announcement and nothing happens, just consider the issue of the expectations considering the announcement. Every being reading the Dove reports is waiting with impatience for what is happening. This is a funny joke she plays every time again.

A few messages ago, I said that the best way to stay in this process is the part of staying neutral. If you are neutral, nothing can happen. The highest flight will cause the lowest fall if you are pushed so eagerly into eager anticipation. It is just as fear, highest anticipation on the tip-tops of your nerves and the fall and disappointment when the promises end up to be idle. This is just harvest time for all the forces not with the best for all concerned in their mind, with their purposes and their working hands. And it is indeed a good harvest what you all offer.

So stay neutral, just work towards your goal with anticipation, with a blessed heart, fully in your strength of a God being expressing him/herself to its fully potential. Don?t think you can do something else, if you don?t want something else. You need to stay on focus with your attention. Your focus isn?t NESARA. Your focus is being the ever best GOD you can imagine yourself to be and beyond your imagination still being the Best GOD you are.

With this focus, everything will happen. Also NESARA will happen. But what is more important is to be the best you are, the best you wish for the Good of All Concerned. If you are the best for all concerned, you are God. And to become God you need to be the 3 A?s (aware, awake and alive) and not asleep. It doesn?t matter if you are astonished by your self, that?s just good. Amazed is pretty good too.

So without expectations about what so ever, you can?t be full out of your being. The very expectations make you lose touch with your inner being. I already have addressed to the hazards of expectations in a relationship. The expectations how the world needs to be, that NESARA should come immediately, the expectation of a bad world, full of danger, all these expectations are wrong.
It is your coloring of the perceived reality, it is your wishing for you, it is you losing contact with your inner being. Your inner being just is. The word describes it already, BEING. Not wishing, wanting, expectations, condemning or so on. Just being. Your being just can be, nothing more, nothing less. You think you have to be more, do more, be more, if that is possible, then the reality of GOD is utterly nothing, because he can be less and more, which means nothing. Just take infinitive nothing and add infinitive more to it, the sum is nothing. This is the reality in your world, in your point of view. And in this nothing the being of GOD is. And this nothing is all, but not in your reality. In your reality nothing is nothing.

In the reality of GOD, nothing is all, and all is nothing. There is no duality in the being of GOD. That?s why he created the dualistic world and the dualistic game with the free will component.
If God ever can be bored, then he made very well sure with your creation and game, he has no time, no reason anymore to be bored. Luckily he isn?t bored.

Oh, it is boring to speak this information and nothing worthwhile for high standards spirituality. The wisdom of everything lies in the simplest concepts of reality. If something is very difficult, just ignore it. Creation is splendid in its single easy concepts. Only humans (and other societies) make it very complicated. That?s part of their game of getting grip on consciousness of the players and trying never to lose control. Luckily never is a very long time, so never won?t do. Eventually everything goes back to the source.

To be straight forward today: the concepts are:
- banish expectations out of your inner system. God is. You, the inner God, just is.
- Wisdom is to be found in the easy concepts, which runs a true tone inside you.
- You only have to be (for you this is difficult enough).

Let?s talk a bit about wisdom.
Your world is all about knowledge. If you put knowledge to the test of practice, you will find that the more you study knowledge, the more you are handicapped to put it into practice. Knowledge hinders the awakening of the inner being into wisdom. So get rid of knowledge when it doesn?t serve a goal for the God of everything concerned. My channel thought she mistyped the word, but she did it right.
Knowledge has to serve the GOD inside you. And then you can put it with grace into practice, and you will find wisdom at the bottom of the experience.

Why I use grace again. If you do something with grace, you are the master of it. Otherwise you have to work hard to get something accomplished. And yes, failing and falling can be done with grace also. Most of the people aren?t even master of this. With falling and failing you learn how to do it next time better. It is a mastery you want to learn and gain some wisdom out of it. Without the possibility to fail and fall, the whole wisdom experiment into practice wouldn?t be a real chance of learning. Now it is.

Wisdom has a good way of getting to know you. If you, by coincidence, hit on wisdom, if you really listen good, you will hear the clear tone of triumph, and you know it is true. Or you feel the shivering of the expected found lost one, you have hit wisdom and truth at that moment. Easy isn?t it, to have these standards inside you?

No way, in your society, children learn pretty soon not to trust these signs. If they do, they are getting in serious trouble. They feel Mommy doesn?t love them, but Mommy doesn?t admit. So the children have to believe the lie, mommy really loves you all very deep. The children are raised with lies, and the biggest lie they have to tell themselves, not to trust the inner being, because Mommy, Daddy or teachers tell the truth. And they are just little children who don?t know anything. In your society they say: children and drunks are telling the truth. But these don?t do it anymore, raised as they are (mold we would say so).

The kingdom of heaven can only be achieved when you are getting into children again. An innocent trusting child with trust into his own inner being, which guides him along the world, without a mind stuffed with useless knowledge. Just an open view, an inner knowing, an inner longing for love and a being which is able to be flexible and go with the flow. With these capacities it is easy to enter the kingdom of heaven. Don?t you like to be a child?

One thing the children have problems with: expectations. They have a lot of expectations about how it should be, what they are used to. They take along with them the feeling of love in the heavens, the feeling of being loved by their guardians, their view of why they come to earth, what to learn, what to do, what habit of predominations of concepts they like to overcome, their view of what they like to change to the world for better. These expectations will give them reasons to get hurt.

These expectations are right. They know all this they have to work on. But the world has a society of its own, based on agreements, expectations of others. They have to mold themselves to fit in. And these worthwhile concepts of a better place, a better world, just make them homesick, hurts them, because the unfitting reality where they live and need to get along with.

The world isn?t a place at this moment where these concepts can be worked out for the good of all concerned. Bad habits have to be overcome. Good views of how it should be here on earth should be welcomed. They are closer to heaven than you are. They have still a memory of the lost world on the outer side, just as you had when you were young.

Maybe this is the very reason you mold the children into knowledge. To get rid of the reminder, which makes you homesick for your innocent youth (when you knew and felt the better world you were coming from).

If you are following the lead of the children, not the ego lead, not the karmic lead, but the innocent reminder of where they come from and what they come to do. You will have a better world. They bring you the tools to recognize love, the tools to recognize wisdom, the tools of being GOD, the tools of creation, the tools of being creative. Why don?t you sit on the ground and just learn of them and be with them? Respect them as your teacher of lost memories.

In time when these little children are raised in a respecting society, the learning will be on both sides. You learning of them, and they learning from you, how to stay within themselves and go for adventure without losing themselves, how to gain more wisdom out of the experiences without being overwhelmed by them.

Then the circle of life will be completed. Both learning from each other. Both having a worthwhile contribution to the world and its evolving for the good of all concerned.

Then for sure, all of you, will have the pleasure of being with children, and the children will have the pleasure to be with you. If you can?t stand children or get tired of them by their asking to much attention you can?t give them, just look in the mirror and see what you are missing in your life, where your pain is, where your longing for healing is. They are just a reminder, and when it hurts, just see it, thank them, and make sure you are getting the healing you desperately need.

They are presenting you a change for growth towards yourself, your inner being. Isn?t life beautiful to give you these opportunities again and again?

Have a good time, and enjoy being with yourself and the children given into your care to learn from you and you from them.



Vertaling volgt!