PP May 5, 2004

Al is well in the world. All is good in the universe. There is nothing that isn?t going as God wants it to be. God is looking after the grand plan, the map of events, and God is looking after the details of everything.

Did we say anything yet about trust? I know that I would say something about sacred relationships. The time isn?t ready yet to talk about this. I need to talk about other topics before that one. Trust is asked right here also. Just like trust is asked when you channel the way of today. You don?t have much clues that it is a channeling, it is, but you are missing some specific characteristics of what you are used to have.

Trust. When I am very strict and outspoken, I have the trouble that some humans stop and don?t listen to the messages anymore. If you are nice, talking the way the humans want to hear, they trust you. If you don?t, you have a trouble. Truth can be hard, difficult to accept. If you need input in your system with some taste and some foods which poison your system, just to keep you going along with the system you are living in, then there is something completely wrong with your system, and your answer to this misunderstanding. It is a reaction of lullabying your body, to make sure you don?t feel the inconvenience anymore. If I talk about discipline, going to the source for your supply of everything you need, being the master of your body, living the light and living on light, these aren?t merely concepts. Then you will say: you don?t live here in the matter, you aren?t facing the world and its problems as we do. Just try to live our life, with working for 10 hours heavy physical labor, then in between working being of service to the light, with some demonstrations every Friday, or having relationship problems to face when the announcement of NESARA would restore your credibility in your family or coping with children in the age of teens, or getting yourself along in a boring job or facing a decline in health, in money.

The only answer in this is: trust your inner self, trust your GOD inside yourself. And I know you have chosen the hardest path possible to find this as a truth inside yourself. The God in you is able to transform the bad habits of eating, drinking or anything you like to transform. If only the ego gives you the freeway to do it. And who is the boss of your ego? Trust yourself. Don?t trust me if you think this isn?t the way of the GOD inside you. Sometimes I need to be very outspoken to shake you awake for the truth inside yourself.

I know you like to hear that you have accomplished a lot. Because lots of channelings have these words I don?t have to repeat them. And I rather have every day a good fine-tuned channel and help to get the messages translated and online than I would do without this help. In matter of being appreciated, of course you are. In matter of being stupid as human to burden your lifestyle with wrong habits, I will tell that this is the case for lots of you. And if some wrong habits will help you to put my messages online, and help you to be of service to humans and mother Earth, who am I to judge you?

I simply don?t have a replicator on my ship with information to make you sweets based on sugar, drinks with alcohol in it, and al the different brands for smoking. The air-conditioning (as you call them) isn?t programmed to clear the air of smoke. And if these habits are only an answer to keep you going through a wrong based society and living system, you won?t need them onboard. If you defend them because of your addiction to it, you certainty need a mirror to look in. And trust me, I presented the mirror to you with love. I know lots of my commanders living on earth are facing the same problems. I trust them to do what is necessary while being in the job and fulfilling the contracts. I do my part with loving you (you didn?t notice, didn?t you?), presenting a mirror, giving information where needed, and giving you nice concepts to chew on, to stumble on, and get you awakened by it. So my part of the job has had a confirmation that it worked out fine. Thank you very much.

So we are talking about mutual trust.

The problem with trust is: at the moment you start to operate trust in your system, the God in you has that much problems to face and get along with, before it can manifest in you, in your daily life as the God you are, that it seems that clearing this mess only makes the situation worse. God needs to have a hard-disk with some space to operate. If he does have a small piece of it, he starts to clean it. You properly will be shocked by the mess the God in you wants to erase, delete and to install another program based on love. This will take time. So trust is needed.

Also the God inside you will have some troubles to go around the harvest you made yourself with your deeds directed by the ego. If you lived a very misusing life of your body and your energy system, you will reap what you sowed. The God inside you can heal your body if you are really connected with it, doing what the God wants you to do. Before the God inside you can heal you of mistreating your body, you have to do a lot of work. To go along with the job of cleaning the inside, facing your harvest of your deeds, trust is needed. Without trust you don?t go far.

With trust there will be confirmations coming that you are on the right track. We have talked about this before in the grace of living. With trust we also talk about the trust the God needs to have in you, that you will tie your camel or stop smoking, or go out to be available for happy coincidences (with doing nothing they won?t come your way, they can?t).

Trust is passive, this is the general way of looking at trust. Trust isn?t passive, being of trust, is absolutely active. Every moment you choose trust or not. Every act can be one based on trust or based on fear. With trust you confirm that you choose for love. This gives the God in you the input he needs to go along with you. So the flow can come your way.

When you are living on the flow, you won?t see or feel the flow anymore. You are used to it. Then trust comes in handy. If you trust your being, your going with the flow, you don?t need that many confirmations to go along with going with the flow. If you look for water when you are a fish in the water, you won?t get the picture of it. It won?t work. Only when you happen to be on dry land, in the air, you know for certain that you aren?t in the water. Then you got a problem. Before you only got a problem with trying to understand with your rational mind what water is.

Trust is something else then belief. If you believe, you can?t put it to the test, belief is something you can?t experience, you can?t know. Trust helps you to experience, to put something to the test, you only don?t know when it will be time to do it. You trust and you know that this time will come.

When you trust the God you are, you become familiar with him. Next step is accepting the guidance of him. The next step is to follow the guidance in trust, to put it to the test in trust and this way your trust is helping you to perform the positive results/outcome.
In time you won?t need trust anymore. You know you are God, you know you can perform as a GOD, you are God, you manifest as GOD, you see as God, you act like GOD.

In that case you don?t need to trust the flow anymore, you direct the flow. You are aware, alive and awake to your inner being, your GOD, and you manifest the flow. So you don?t need signs to see you are in the flow, you don?t need trust to know you are in the flow. And you certainly don?t need trust to know, feel, experience that you can manifest whatever you want for the good of all concerned.
In this life, like all of us in creation, you start in small in being GOD. This is the way of the rules of creation, this is the way you operating in the group energy of your kind, of your living upon Mother Earth.

As long as you are living upon Earth with no way of contacting us with seeing with your own eyes, touching with your own hands, you have to trust your inner discernment to know if these messages are right or not for you. I have to trust you that you will be open minded to use your discernment and you won?t stop with this because of a sentence that will mirror you, or wake you up to where you are living right now, what you are believing, what you are doing with your life, your body and your energy.

I know if you will follow every suggestion in my messages, you will think that life become dull, without the distraction of a luxurious lifestyle, without taste treatments to spoil yourself, without some things to get your mind rest in peace, and your body in relaxing. These things keep you going along for these are the rewards you give to yourself, to keep you coping with the world. These are also the solace you are giving to yourself. These are also the distractions you give yourself to keep you asleep and far away of being with yourself as GOD.

I offer you one remark. These things just give you difficulties to feel the God inside you. If your life is an ongoing mediation in your inner being of GOD (I know this is difficult in your world with lots of distractions you have to deal with; this is your challenge you chose when you came the first time to Earth) you don?t need them anymore. If you follow the 7 steps I have given you, then you don?t need the distractions anymore. You won?t have time, because of the fulfilling adventures and nice experiences you are gaining for yourself. If you don?t go to the inside, you go to the outside. If you are what you are, you don?t need to change the world anymore to feel or express what you are.

When you look for compliments of your achievements on the increase of light in your world, you have enough messages that have this message in it.
If you want some nice words to get yourself asleep, I suggest you go for help to your TV and the dark angels who are inside you.
If you are looking for habits to keep you going along with a lack of energy, just go along with your eating pattern and lifestyle.
If you look for nice jobs, nice duty calls, lots of adventures, and lots of remarks that you have everything inside you, you don?t need these messages (maybe only to keep you awake), I would love to present this to you. You don?t mind to see a mirror sometimes, do you?
If you want to know if these messages are worthwhile to read, trust your discernment.
If you want to be GOD for yourself, be fulfilled with being God, only need yourself to be God and the world to be in service with, just start.

Have a good time to think about this harsh message. I know that the circumstances of your world, your taste sense needs some training to get along with the poor quality of your food. This isn?t an excuse to go on wasting your body because of the bad habits you have developed in time.
The only answer to this is, get along with your being GOD. Then it won?t matter anymore, the food, the circumstances of your job and so on. Because when you are the GOD you are, you transcend these circumstances. Then you have become the master of the hardest, toughest, game you could play. A God enjoys every moment. Until then, listen to the 7 steps, and change your living according to them, or make some attempts to do so, because manifesting the 7 steps takes some time and trust.

With lots of love and respect,


Transfer closed.

Vertaling volgt!