PP April 4, 2004

Did you like yesterday?s meditation? I always speak about experience and going within for the source of your love, your strength, your inner values. This is the first time I gave an easy meditation for going within to get the experience, to feel what I am addressing.

Now we are talking. With this experience you can start doing wonderful things.
How did it look inside? Desert, lonely waste(d) land? Barricades? Needs some attention, water (of tears of not cried pain inside you)?
Did you find houses full of love? A temple? The more you get there, the easier it becomes and the more the place will indeed grow as your altar, your temple of inner being. Everything in the universe, in creation, grows with attention, nourish with attention.

Today?s focus is on attention. Everywhere you see in more educated groups that they understand the value of attention. But still it is underestimated everywhere on earth.

Attention needs to be learned at school. Attention is something different then concentration. Concentration is a hardship for the ones who need to give it, especially when you find the topic boring. Concentration has nothing to do with love or attention.

Attention is the focus value of your energy. Everywhere you send your energy to, you give attention. You can do it with care and very mature, or you can have a wandering mind and spilling energy while doing this. By example you can listen to a person without giving a dime with your attention (wandering far away in a daydream). This person will feel that your attention is somewhere else. This is a normal complaint in relationships on earth. Most of the time, you don?t have to agree with something if you have listened with attention to the story and the feelings the other person likes to share, put into words. The other likes to be heard.

The wish to be heard, makes it very clear why attention is important. It has something to do with BE. If you give attention, you have a focus point of your (love) energy. Love and energy are the same, do you remember? If you give attention, you make something be seen, be heard, be listened to, be enjoyed, be experienced.

You give in that way energy so something comes into existence for you. That?s why it is important to select your focus point, your attention point very carefully. What do you like to come into existence for you? Where you give your attention, your energy goes, that part comes into existence, into being. This is the law of creation, if you give your attention to a creation, it comes into being. You direct your energy to a focus point (your attention) and that way you create your being into existence.

To give another view of it: you are in a dark room, everywhere it is dark, only where you look at, will the light light up and give you a view of what is there. You determine where you look.
If you don?t look, the very spot doesn?t reflect your energy (the light) back to you. You don?t know what is there, or that it might be worthwhile to you or not. What is there, doesn?t come into being for you.
If you look very short, you give some light to shine on it, and the light reflects back so you can see colors, shapes etc. This is the spot you see, comes to life, comes into being within you. Why do I use comes into being within you? Your eyes just accept some light codes, the registration of this acceptation goes to your mind, and your mind makes a picture of it. And the more you look, the more you shine your light. Your mind makes a better picture, and you see more, know more, and it becomes more and more something you can give a meaning to, into being. You look at a book, first you see the shape of something, then you see colors and it comes to you it might be a book. And yes it is, with more looking you see letters, and then with more looking you are able to read the title and the author of it. Without looking, it would not become a book known with title and author.

Where you give your attention, that is what you see. This is also with feeling, hearing, touching etc. If you don?t go inside, this place doesn?t have a meaning for you. It is there, almost as if isn?t there at all. You don?t know about it, so you don?t go looking for it. Some being needs to tell you about it, you give your attention to try it, and then with more and more attention, you will find everything you need when you go within.

Giving attention is giving energy to creation, to give something, some being the opportunity to become real for you.

This has also to do with respect. What does attention, creation, have to do with respect? Yes, if you have the respect to really look at something, you are able to see the being of that thing. So it isn?t a thing anymore but an expression of GOD being in your life. That?s why women complain a lot about not getting attention from their husbands, friends, parents. That is the biggest complaint from children, attention gives life, gives value, gives recognition of the being as a being God. Only with attention something comes to being, into knowing, into respect, into the life of the viewer.
If you don?t look with respect, you devalue a being into a thing in your life.
If you look with respect, a being becomes real in your life, it comes into creation into your life. He/she/it lives in your life.

Why it is very important to become very sensitive is also clear right now. The more sensitive you are, the more you can feel, touch, hear and the more information you get to put something into being. Feeling, hearing, looking, smelling can be in different manners. With your body is one of the manners, but you can do it also with your other energy systems. Your hearing can be described as a radio to hear the thoughts of others. Your looking as a satellite for espionage purposes and a TV at the same time, your smelling like a bottle cleaning instrument that can smell almost one molecule from oil. Your feeling can be described as a radar, which can sense moods, emotions, changing in energy patterns and so on.
If you practice your skills, become very sensitive and very fine tuned in your energy, you can sense, feel, hear, smell, touch, see more then you do now. How many of you see aura?s at this moment? What about angels, dwarves, elfs, earthspirits, UFO?s, aliens?

Without attention, you devalue beings into your live, so for you they don?t take part in your life. Nasty business, when you talk about your wife, your husband, parents, friends and children. At the other part of the story, this is a very worthwhile technique to make sure you don?t create things/beings/situations you don?t want into your life.

Lucky for you, beings exist already in themselves without you being responsible for their creation of being GOD. This is true and isn?t true.
You are GOD and you create at this very minute your own galaxy. You are God and you create at this moment your own experience, and your own future, your own history, and every moment you are in.
With your attention of BEING GOD, and with your attention of being in the expression of what you are right now. So you are responsible on every layer we are talking about.

Your focus of attention tells something of who you are. And if you give your attention to the outer world without feeling inside you are God, you decide which creation and which experiences you get. If your focus is at the inner world, to let it shine to the outer world (sharing, responsibility, nourishing, caring, nurturing, expressing God, expressing LOVE) then your attention is a breeding ground to feed the inner you to rise and shine, to make way for the Soul to live inside you.

To determine were to focus the attention, the value of the attention, is the choice every being is making every split second of creation. If you are trained to give your attention to other things than yourself and your loved ones, it is easy to do this again and again and again. We all know what becomes of this focus point.
I suggest you undo your training and change your focus point into a healthier one. In the beginning it will be hard to do, used as you are at wandering minds, distractions and consuming without taking responsibility for ones life. It is all about free will.

As I stated before the timing is your free choice. Eventually every being needs to train it?s focus point, to give attention, aware, to creation. When is your choice. How, we can help with that, and there are already lots of teachings and devices available.

Attention, as I have stated in the beginning, can be given conscious and unconscious. The training needs to be followed so you become aware, awake and alive. You know at that moment what you create, and how you focus your attention so you create what you like to create. You know why you create it this way. Then we are talking about the attributes of being a self realized GOD.

Attention nourishes relationships. You are everywhere in a relationship with a being (standing on the face of mother Earth, remember?). It also nourishes the relationship with yourself within you (the inner you). It nourishes your love for yourself because it gets a way of expression itself inside you and outside you.

Attention is also a device to help you with being the 3 A?s: awake, aware and alive. And attention is respect put into practice.

Lots again to think about isn?t it? The most important thing is not to stay thinking about it. It needs to be experimented with. You have to put it into a test, to know/feel if it is true for you. Without experience a theory can?t be known as truth. Wisdom comes from truth into experience
In this occasion the matter of the quality of your attention determines the outcome. This is always the occasion, the effort, the focused attention, gives the quality to the experience. In the occasion of experiencing the effects of the attention, the training of the focus of the attention is very important.

The quality of the attention, how the attention is directed, is also a nice thing to experiment with.
Think of with love, with humor, with aggression (bad idea), with wisdom, with longing (doesn?t work very good, because of the coloring of the energy), with gratitude, with obsession (bad idea also), with joy, with grace (stick with this one).

Why stick with grace? Because if you do it with grace, you do it with the flow of life, with the right amount of love, humor and gratitude. But then I will repeat one of the earlier messages about living with grace and the measuring rod you have if you live with grace, act with grace and think with grace and put grace into action.

May the lovely outcome of your graceful attention astonish you in your being GOD (this sentence is readable in 2 ways (both are true).

Have a nice thinking attention point, don?t stay too long, and live your life with grace, C U next time.

Ishtar Asmuhat Anam Sole.


Vertaling volgt!