PP May 3, 2004

Life is all for all.
This is Ashtar speaking.

If you can channel me, with your children around you, you may think about next steps in channeling, the next development of being a channel. It is a matter of listening inside you to the source you are. A process of learning to be the radio who listens to the station as you go through life and decide to which station you listen, and what you do with the information with your discernment and your free will.
An open ongoing communication is possible with the Source of all there is. This is a matter of attunement.

To be the fine-tuned radio through daily life and stay free to choose who you are, is a matter of abilities to listen, and your choice to what you listen, how you listen and what you do with your information. If you listen in the manner that scientist listen, you are a channel for inventions. If you listen in the manner of a poet, you will have inspiration to write. The way of listening matters to how universe, creation sustains you in your being. You choose with your being how you like to be sustained. Every one over here, Angels, ET, passed away loved ones, others, no matter who, like to communicate with you. The information you get can be off help, it can help you in the right direction or in the wrong direction. Your discernment has also to be fine-tuned when time paces and you are getting more and more experienced in open communication.

What makes the fine-tuning of your discernment easy? The way you communicate with your inner self, with your connection to the Source of all there is. Your Soul gives your discernment wings. Your Soul has the overview of what you are, what you like to do in life, what contracts you have and how your are able to operate the contracts and get new ones if you want to prolong your stay on earth a bit longer. If you are connected with your Soul, you both are masters of who and what you are on earth. If you are able to fulfill contracts and find new ones to work upon, you chose together your lessons, your life, your stay, your growth. This is the way we are working in our dimensions. We have a long life and we choose very secure what we like to do, to learn and to be of service. In fully aware connection with our Higher Self, our Soul we are masters of our fate. This way we choose also our leaving or changing of forms.

The next level of being a channel is to operate a fine open communication with all there is and stay focused on who you are. You can learn to recognize the energy mark of every being and recognize yours to stay who you are, without an intermixing of energies. This is a very funny way of being awake, aware and alive. It is part of the job. When you are able to sustain an open communication, you are able to talk with all there is. With time you are really able to communicate with all there is.
Just wonder what kind of love, information, you will get to enrich the world of your living, the example you are able to set for all, and how you can be of service.

Intuition, inner knowing, inner feeling, channeling, healing and all the other capacities of plugging yourself in the flow of life of all there is, is a way of an open communication. If I talk about an open communication, I talk about not being open at all expenses so you can have lifters, stickers to your aura. I talk about guarding yourself as energy source, but still be open to all love, all love for the good of all concerned. Some communication will operate on inner knowing basis, others on inner feeling of truth, others on intuition, others with answers and questions. When the veil of worlds is becoming thinner, the communication will be much easier for both sides to keep ongoing.

The channeling you are doing right now is a matter of receiving a fine thread of information through your third eye. This is your antenna. For you with your fear for a hostile take-over, like others who are more open to be a channel with their body and stepping aside with their personality, this is the best way. It also allows you to think to ask questions and receive answers. This way the communication goes both ways. It also makes it possible to be aware of your environment and keep an eye on your children, and answer some daily questions. You feel their energy interfere with the transmission. In time you get used to it, and the interference doesn?t disturb you that much as it does now. The radio gets experienced in being a radio. Which is a good development. It also opens an opportunity for better time management at your side.

If you are fully aware, alive and awake and you mix it with love, you have the perfect balance to operate as Soul in matter. How the development will go on, depends all on what you came to do on Earth. The situation in itself, gives thousands, or infinitive, possibilities of experiencing of who you are at this level of being, how the growth of life will be experienced. Everything will work out in service to the world, to the source, to your Soul. Maybe you decide to stick to the world as it operates now or on the next level, to be of service to respect, or unity with, all there is. You can decide to go to the next level, or you decide to stay and work on lifting humanity to the next level because the love you feel for what you are part of. Some will go to the next level and will come back later on to fulfill their will to be of service. It is as it is, and it fits with the course of life your Soul wants to take.

What matters also is the manner of the development of the other parts of your Soul. If you are ready to leave to the next level, and they don?t like to go, you are free to choose to wait until they are ready, or become a guide to them. You can?t go without them. A Soul never rips itself apart. The development of all with the same Soul will have to be on almost the same level of awareness and almost at the same level of operating love in matter. If one becomes very developed, the others feel the urge to come along. To be of guidance to the others is a logical answer to the unbalance between the Soul fragments to prevent the stagnation in growth as a complete operating Soul and growth to the next level.

You don?t know where the other fragments of your Soul are living. You can find them in mediations if they want to be found. The decision to grow can only be taken by one fragment on his or her own responsibility and own discernment of what he came in life for. Please read the other message on this topic. The cross-reference table will help out.

The matter of development, of connection throughout creation, is a very complicated matter. If you are understanding how it is to operate a computer program with your mind, how to direct the impulses of light through it all, how all is inter-correlated with each other, you will know that being GOD is more complicated then what you are understanding at that moment in life. One time, you and me are able to be this, to do this, to be all but then not in being aware of being all, just by being all at that time. Then it is our time to be source, to play creation.

In time being, we are all, we are now all in love connected to each other. Your development as beings on a being matters as much as the development of heaven in a more fitting realm of being. As heaven and earth is changing its direction towards being more of love, so are you. First start to be a more open communication channel for your Self, for your Soul and trust that everything will work out fine. Trust is what is needed. Your Soul if full of trust, and the trust of your Soul for every fragment is the most beautiful present your Soul can give to you all.

Stay connected to all there is.

With love for all of you and me?s.


Connection closed.

Vertaling volgt!