PP May 2, 2004

Channel: dear Ashtar: is this the way of a woman?s life, to find her beloved, love him dearly, give life to him, represent the Goddess until he leaves you in search for wisdom, insights? This is what the story of Mary Magdalena is all about. I feel sad to think it is a women?s way to love and to lose, and yet love remains on both sides.

Man and woman have a different outcome in life. Men look for wisdom, insights. Women choose for love, for deeper understanding being love. This is the way it is. It is their nature. It is your nature as man, as woman.

When man leaves you for more wisdom, insight and deeper understanding, in time he returns to the Well of ALL, inside the female nature. This may be you or another woman. The love for a man transcends every woman. It is ISIS in love. And Osiris searching for her.

As loves goes on, you are able to be love, to transfer love to a deeper level. This is the path of the woman, to be the embodiment of love on all levels. Even when your man doesn?t leave you in body, he will be on his quest. You are the keeper of love, you are the keeper of your love for both of you. You can put him through the wringer for being absent, you can also transfer your love to yourself, to others, to the world.

Women are the lovers of the world, the caretakers of the world. Your love sustains the worlds of man, the worlds of creation. Every woman comes to a point where you transcend into the Goddess. When you strive to be the embodiment of the Goddess, you are the very well where all come to drink. This is your maturity as woman, this is your path as woman. Transcend through the pain and see the value of all there is.

It might feel that your love isn?t valued, isn?t answered. The answer to this is, you don?t need his love to be of love. With him or without him you are love.

If you live with a man in sacred relationship, you are very lucky when he sees you as you are, and values you as you are. Your salvation isn?t him, and this is true both ways. Don?t strive to be a man, as a woman. Enjoy each other, be with each other, let the other be who he is and who she is.

Don?t feel pain for what isn?t meant to be. In a sacred relationship you are loved the way you are. All love can be deepened in time when you both strive for it. Don?t look at the way the illusions teach you how love should be. You aren?t made for that, and this is the way it is. It only makes you both unhappy.

If you look at the value man has been taught about love, about women, just start to change the world inside you. This is the only right answer. Respect yourself, respect your capacity to love all. Enjoy when you are in a sacred relationship. Enjoy when you aren?t in a sacred relationship for you can have it inside you. The male and female inside every being can be united in a sacred relationship. Find this inside you and teach this to your children. Female and male are equally valued in being together ALL creation.

Feel your sadness, get rid of the false expectations, love yourself and all dearly, respect yourself, treat yourself worthy, make sure that you fulfill your needs as women before you open the well for all.
If you don?t have something to sustain your being, you don?t have something to give to yourself, to the world (is a part of yourself).
Get yourself connected with the woman inside you. Get yourself connected with ISIS or other female Goddesses you feel acquainted with. Then get yourself connected with other women, don?t strive for the love of man. Be companions with other women and not opponents.

If you look at the nature of the creation in your part of the creation, male leaves female source to become creation, only to come back in reunion, and being reunited, he will leave again. This is the way of nature. In the counterpart of your creation it is the other way around.
If you look at the nature of males and females, you will see that with his leaving in mind, in body on his quest, he stays with his love and comes back to it. This is the way of creation and this is the way of relationships.

The source is everything the male creation strives for. The creation wants to be reunited, longs for it, searches for it, and eventually comes back to it.
The female source is the frequency of the universe. Females are the embodiment of this wave of energy. They are, and that is all. They go with the flow of life. They are representatives of the source, of the flow of energy.

When we look at every male and female in the creation, we see this attraction between source and creation between the sexes. We also see it inside every being. Every being is a representative of both. To outgoing impulse will have a longing to stay at the inside. If inside you all stay, than nothing happens, the movement of creation wouldn?t be seen. To know thyself needs the outward impulse to experience, and the inside impulse to gain wisdom.

If again I look at the pain of leaving and the pain to be left alone, I see two sides of the same. Two sides of the same love which lives forever. The pain to be left alone is also the pain of the females being less valued in life then the male part of going out. So the emphasis lies on the going out principle. This causes that much of the going out principle was more then needed. There is a time for both. While a man has a female inside who values staying with the flow, the women have a man inside that likes to have the outgoing impulse of adventure and experience too. Both are able to meet halfway. This way the pain can be healed for both sides. For both sides are able to understand, feel the other pulse and the need for balance and respect.

Unlucky for all women in your part of creation, what you feel is underestimated and not valued. The pain of being left alone isn?t valued, and the urge to go outside and do your thing as women isn?t valued. To stay isn?t valued, and to go isn?t valued either. What hurts more as a woman or female inside the man is that the love you can bring to the world, the values to live and love you are representing, aren?t valued. So the problem isn?t only the pain of leaving, but also the pain of being less then respected. And if you search for this respect in the male outgoing principle, the hurt deepens.

If you cling to the male energy for your value as female energy, you will cause an eruption of aggression, for he has to go without a look at the past. And you are past, history. The urge is that strong. That?s the way of creation in every being, in the whole galaxy, in all creation.

The source is all, everything what is needed. So the female energy doesn?t have to been valued by the male energy to feel fulfilled with being what she is. She is all, she encompasses all, she gives life, she is life.

The male energy will go out and find that it isn?t giving him what he needs in life. So he loses his impulse, his direction, his movement and starts to go back to the source. The male energy needs to have the source to push off against and to go back to. The male energy, as opposite to the female energy, needs to have it?s opposite to feel what he is, to feel what he can be, to know he can?t do anything without the female principle. When he comes back, he takes along his experiences, her reflections of her being, and his coming back enriches the source with the seed of his being of experiences.

All is in the dance of nature. And although this dance can be understood, felt, experienced. If it is logical to feel the pain of leaving and to be left alone, if you all are able to transcend it and feel the connection with all there is, know that going back to enjoy is part of the happiness, part of the expression of being, the pain will be less.

Because you are both of the principles of going and staying, the pain you feel in your relationships can be healed. With healing the female inside all of you, the men and the women are able to enjoy both parts in their life, and in their sacred relationship. Then we are talking about companions playing with the energy of being male and female inside each other in a dance of creation.

Next time it is worthwhile to talk about the ins and outs of the sacred relationship between a man and a woman. Lot?s isn?t understood in your world about the ties that binds the male and female inside to a sacred marriage, and the ties that bind a man and a woman in a sacred marriage. Before you are able to experience a marriage like this one, the hurts of being woman, the hurts of being misunderstood, mistreated, unvalued, are needed to be healed throughout the world. So no woman will have emotional and physical hurts anymore for just being born in a female body. And it also ends with women that stop fighting each other for the love of a man, when they have all the love they need inside themselves. Just share it with each other.

Time to leave for this moment. Keep your love going. Heal yourself and your neighbor.
Heal your female part, all of you, don?t matter if you are in a male body. And start to respect each other as you are.

With love,


Thank you for your question.
Channel: thank you for your answer.

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