PP April 2, 2004

Hello my dear, what do you think about expectations? They hurt you don?t you think? Most of the people think that the other hurts them. And they are going to fight the other for the behavior of the other indicates that there is something wrong. There must be something awfully wrong, otherwise he or she should do different, should act different. That is the way of most endings of a relationship. The problem isn?t the relationship or the behavior (at least most of the time) but the expectations that exist inside the people in this very relationship.

If you expect something, then you take away the freedom of the other to express him/herself to her/his fullest potential of being God. You expect God to be less then GOD. You also don?t respect that person in his being.
What matters most is that you look for love at the outside of you. This indicates that you don?t respect yourself. And the issue of "do you love yourself" can be answered with a big NO.
The solution is: go to the inside of you (or at least search for it at the inside). In time you are getting better in it. Just practice it on a daily base.

There is also another part of this story. How do you see loving behavior to loved ones? If someone doesn?t mind how you are feeling, is more polite to strangers then to you, you can ask the other to look at the mirror. The way how he treats you, is the way how he treats his own being. If someone loves him/herself, it should be noticed at the outside, at the behavior and attentiveness towards the loved ones and the lucky stranger. As usual, there are always 2 sides on the story.

Normally you are getting a fight if you ask someone to look in the mirror. It is considered as an accusation if you do so. If someone hasn?t found the inner being, the inner God, then they feel like this. So better ask the higher self of that person to see if there is a willingness to look in the mirror for this kind of behavior. Then you just let it be. You have done what you can do. You can trust the higher self of a god being. And if you don?t, just look at the mirror yourself.
Before asking to the higher self, make sure that you have done your part of the story. Did you see your mirror? Did you take your lesson? The higher self of the other isn?t concerned with mess coming from your point of view, but is really concerned with an honest question for the good of all concerned.

This is the very basic about expectation. If you expect something, just see what your lack in this situation is. If you are detached, your expectations should be zero.

Let us address another bad human behavior, which causes needless pains: gossip.
It is very easy to gossip. If you talk about a behavior of another without staying to your inside, you are gossiping. The hurt of the gossip is very deep and can?t be made undone. One word said in haste and without love, can ruin the possibility of a whole open communication in one sentence.

Let me give you an example: if somebody jokes about liking young boys very much, then you are going to think about it if it is only a joke. Then you are going to talk about it with others if it was really a joke. The others will think it wasn?t a joke. They are telling that the first person loves young boys and everyone knows that the first person likes young boys for sex. And if that person is a trainer at a soccer or football team, he has serious problems.
And this example isn?t gossip. So what will gossip do?

There is only one remedy to gossip. Sharing. Sharing is a way of open communication so that others don?t have to talk about you to inform the others. They know you, and they know what you feel, express and experience. If some being hears a gossip, the best thing they can do, is to see the person involved and ask. Then to hear the words, to see the love in action, into feeling, into expression, you will feel, will notice if someone speaks her or his truth.
With sharing there is no need for gossip.

Another reason for gossip is the point of view from the person who is gossiping. He or she has expectations how something should be, how it would have to be. If someone doesn?t fit into this picture of a make believe reality, this will be the reason to gossip about the strange behavior, not fitting, no good. This is also a way of judging people and accuse them for wrong doings in their life expression.

The mirror techniques should be sufficient. The person involved into gossiping is definitely existent in the outer world and not loving the inner world of him/herself. Love is far away, the security of living an inside live is lost for this person at the moment of the gossip. The only solution is to ask with love, and sincere, the question to the higher self of that person for a change in the behavior for the good of all concerned.
The only problem with this solution is: the person who hears the gossip has to ask this question. The person who is "the victim" of the gossip can?t ask for it. Mostly he/she won?t know the gossip and the person who does this. He will only see the results of it, and can?t undo them anymore.

The best way to avoid gossip: stop speaking about a person with one who isn?t involved at the situation. If everyone would live this rule, gossip wouldn?t be a problem and wouldn?t have a chance to harm anyone.

Let me see if there is another form of communication worthwhile to address.
What do you think about complaining? In the Netherlands it is just a sharing of togetherness of the spirit of the people. And they have something to complain about every minute of the day: the weather. The weather changes every minute, or at least that is what they think, and they aren?t happy with it, doesn?t matter what weather it is.

Complaining is an attitude. And complaining about the weather, is just a way of getting in contact with each other in the Netherlands. It is common. This attitude gives an indication how these people think about their life. I complain, so I indicate that people don?t have to be jealous about me. I am as much normal suffering being, like they are. They avoid in this matter being the topic of a gossip campaign. Not a very good attitude, and a false way of humbleness. Not that much harm done.

There are others who think about themselves as being a victim of circumstances (society, parents, sickness, ill health, less luck in life then others, etc, etc). These people complain a lot. With complaining they make sure they won?t strive for a solution or only temporary to prove that it won?t work out (self fulfilling prophesy). With complaining they generate energy from others (see it as stealing) and they put their responsibility for their lives, outside themselves.

You just see God as not wanting to be God and to make sure that they will do everything to avoid being GOD and take the responsibility for being GOD. Then they have a right to complain that nobody is coming to save them. Or they are waiting for the Messiah, Allah, Jesus, reincarnation, to save them, they are just insufficient beings at the mercy off the harsh world with a bit of luck getting lots of attention of the Devil and dark forces. And the devil (if he exist) and the dark forces won?t have to give attention, because this person does it perfectly himself, getting into trouble and out of love. No need to do more or waste energy on this person, it is already perfectly arranged by the person himself.
This is a God expressing himself of not being God. If you like this particular game, you can walk in circles for ages. And some do.

The advice some are given, is that they have to look at the bright side of life, to see only the good in a situation. You are getting some false living people with this advice. They aren?t looking at their inside. No they are just looking desperately at the outside for some good. And there they won?t find it off course.

If you are trying to get out of the victimhood you are in, because of your complaining, and giving the responsibility of your life to the outer world, life won?t be easy. Taking back your responsibility, to see what you have made of your life, see the shit in the mirror, is not part of a good game for people just started. Just to tell them that they have to look inside and see the God at their inside is one bridge to far.

So how do you start? Just accept their expression of life. Just tell them that they are right, to live life in the outer world is just a cooking pot of shit where they sit in, and then start to tell them that they have to look at their inside to search for peace. If they have a glimpse of being at peace, being at love, with some encouragement, they will go on and look for more. And if they come to pain places guide them through, not by taking the responsibility, just by reminding firm that they have to go inside, with every occasion, every time again and again and again. With some goodwill they will come to a stage that they won?t need the reminder anymore. Don?t do it anymore, they try to trick you into that. They are good in that, don?t you know? Don?t do less, you only give them more reason to believe in the cooking pot with shit. You know better and your experience of it makes you an example and the good one to give only the lovely reminder to go to the inside.

You see three normal communication forms indicating a lot how people see their life and with which attitude they live. To say so in Pleiadian: you talk your way. Explanation: your talk clears the way, so watch your talking to see where you go.
I can give you a lot of examples of that proverb. I consider it much better if you see to it your way, and see if you will recognize your way where you are striding too. That?s why it is better to watch your words, use them in discernment and see what kind of thinking is guiding them.
If you change your thinking, you change your words, you change direction of your life. Logical isn?t it?

This is Ashtar saying goodbye. Just as life is unfolding, you all are invited to change your language to a healthy one, to change your communication skills to more fitting in the daily circumstances of the Golden Age. My last question is: did you think about a vision? And did you write your piece of art to contribute? It doesn?t matter if it is in English, Deutsch, Nederlands or Espagnol and if some being likes to translate some messages, be welcome. How many people are working on these materials, the more impact it will have on your greatest vision of the earth, including all for the best of every being concerned.

Goodbye dear hearts.

Transmission closed at last.

Vertaling volgt! (op zeker)