PP May 1, 2004

This is Ashtar speaking.

What shall we discuss now? Yesterday I discussed the reason for a healthy life and what you can do now to obtain it.
I already discussed with you the rules for a healthy spiritual life. The rules of creation to create a healthy life on earth and make the golden age possible is also discussed.
My channel thinks about taking a few days of, because of the completeness of the presented materials. She wants to read them herself.

Funny isn?t it, that the ones very close to the presented information, the ones who work with it, the ones who read it first or translate them, are very busy with it, without seeing the value. The lessons the material is giving them is the same like it is given to the other readers.

So you take a break? Do you take a break of what you ask of yourself? Do you take a break of being busy to save the earth? Do you take a break and see the loved ones in your life? See the lesson on healthy life style, and adjust your life to it, then you have less trouble to keep up with everything you want to do. And find another job, don?t wait for NESARA. If you wait, NESARA will wait. If you give waiting you get waiting.

Did you two, married couple, still meditate with each other? Do you meditate with your children on a regular basis?

If I look at a meditation between a married couple, then I like to see two people united in a hug taking time to go within to their inner selves. Then go to the space between them, the loving space between them. With the visit of this place, the awareness as being one at that place, go on a trip to the shared vision of heaven. You can also practice to get an out of body experience together. You may also think about visiting past lives in that state, or visiting childhood of both of you, and send love to the child, the teenager you once were.

You are also welcome to explore the universe, the galaxy, visit the father sun in your minds. What one can do in a mediation, two of them united in love can do better.
Did you do some meditation in making love with each other? The love connection will be filled and thrills of excitement if you do so.

Do you take time to give the other the feeling that he or she is loved, appreciated in being before making love and after making love?

To go back to meditating with each other. I can?t emphasize enough the value, the necessity of it to sustain the relationship in a healthy beautiful glowing one. Just make time of it, don?t let the tiredness of the moment skip this wonderful opportunity of togetherness, of fulfillment of being into a love based relationship.
Start do this on a weekly basis, then do it on a daily basis. The more your practice, the more you will benefit from it.

Expand it to the rest of your family.
Start to do it also with your children on a weekly basis. So once a week you do it two times, one with your loved one, the second with your loved one and your children. If you can do it on a daily basis without getting bored (in which case you don?t put enough awareness in it and you don?t put enough adventure in it), in that case you all are blessed with the infinitive possibilities to learn, feel, enjoy each other and share the love you feel for one and other. If you give the teenagers their responsibility to guide you to the next level of creative being, you won?t lose them, and the results of this practice can?t be underestimated. What trouble with children? No way any more.
What if you start every family reunion with a meditation? It will set the energy on a good level for the rest of the meeting. And this is just one of the good things that can happen, when you do so.

Meditating together as a couple united in a hug is a very good healing operation model for both of you. The possibilities of learning together, exploring the creation, practicing different techniques are almost infinitive.
You can also think about practicing in meditation to make love to each other. First the connection on inner level and then the connection with the bodies.
I am certainly not talking about going to meditate as separate beings and then connect as bodies. That won?t do the trick. Okay, it will be different and nice to experience. It won?t fulfill you to the amount I like you to experience.

First start to meditate with each other.
Try to connect with your inner selves separate.
Second, try to connect to the inner level of your being together.
Once the connection is really good, deep and as it should be, you can think and feel as one while being in this state.
With this combined being one, you take along with you, your both energies, your both capacities, your both love for existence and your love for each other on soul level.
Once you are in this state you can start making trips, go on adventure and so on and so on and so on.

You have to have the feeling to act as one being in the meditation, to go as one through the universe, the connection to feel, think and be as one in the combined state of being. If you need to go safely on a trip you need to communicate as one being with each other. You can see this as a manner of telepathy between you. In this way you are sure that you have the same experience, you also know that you can act as one when needed if you happen to wander in places not that familiar to you. You also can have one taking care of generating love and the other directing the course and you can immediately switch roles when needed or when wanted without talking first to each other in form.

In this way you can go for the stars together, enjoy it together and share a wonderful level of being love for each other. If you can go along with this, you can start to create with each other.

If you are able to do this, have experience with it, you may try to experiment with sex meditation, as the ISIS tradition through (Maria Magdalena) can shed a light on. In the tantra yoga you will find also wonderful techniques to try. There are more techniques already available.

Don?t rush into the sex thing when you don?t have a level of togetherness, sharing awareness and be yourself at the same time through meditating together.
First things come first. And sex is always the sealing of being together, the union between you both. And it is never the starting point to come together as beings. If you do this, you get disappointment in sex and distrust in expressing love this way is coming into creation. The next step of hurting each other, and the disconnecting with creation on inner level is easy to reach. This is why your society is exploiting sex in commercials, movies, games, clips, music.

Why do you meditate with every being, in groups and so on, when you don?t meditate with your loved one? Why do you meditate with strangers (in a manner of speaking) when you don?t meditate with your children?

Your garden of experience lies in the family, in your relations. When you are lucky to have a loved one in your life, and you don?t cherish each other, you don?t keep the level of awareness of love of being together open, you shut of so much opportunities to grow, experience and love together. Love deepens when you share it with each other. A love relationship should be an ongoing meditation, an ongoing communication, it doesn?t matter where you are, what you are doing. If you need to shut the communication, without words, off, you shut the other outside you. In time he or she will be living outside you, without you. You have cut of the roots of the relationship. And if you think that unconsciously it will go on. Yes for sure, energy goes where the mind directs it. So if you shut of, you shut someone outside you without a connection or communication. If you are having a 3D relationship based on sex, companionship, shared loneliness, this is no problem. When you share a soul love, a love, a lifetime, a mission, and you both are being sensitive for energy, love and so on, this will be a problem and a reason for losing one and other.

So when you live with someone you dearly love, take good care of each other. Start to meditate with each other on a daily base. The time you meditate isn?t wasted. It is a time in joy, in peace, in peace of mind, in peace of being, in peace of being together. It will change a lot, and it will erase a lot of talking, because being together is of much more value than talking together. Outside level gives less satisfaction then the inner level, this is also the case in relationships.

First it will cost you a lot of exercising to reach the shared inner being of you being together.

In most love partnerships this inner being together is neglected. Most of the time the woman feels this and starts to pull her husband to this inner being of being together. If that doesn?t work she starts to complain about being neglected and so on. It is just the inner dissatisfaction of not cherishing the relationship with each other. She is right after all, this is what matters. If only she knew exactly why she feels dissatisfied, and if only she could explain it rightly. It is not his behavior or his neglecting of her, it is just that they both don?t take time to feed their inner being of togetherness with the love they feel for each other, with sharing and communicating through this inner being of togetherness.

Don?t give in when you don?t reach your goal immediately. Practice creates art. To be a master of it, you have to be able to do it consciously.
Every one in the relationship has to work on his or her personal process also. If you can?t see things with your inner eye, you have to train it, otherwise you can?t go on a shared trip and see the same things.
Next question is also, are you familiar with the other body? If you don?t feel secure naked with the other, you have a bit of mistrust to each other. Let the other feel you accept the body as it is, by massaging each other regularly.
Are you able to breathe together? Are you able to breathe circular?
Are you able to play visualization games with each other? (to play with the images in the clouds, play with a development of a car or a house or tree or new animal or a vacation or doesn?t matter what, make one together in your minds eye, while lying together in bed or while sitting on the Sunday breakfast table as a family).
Are you able to look each other in the eyes when you make love together?
Are you able to paint a painting together as couple, as family? Or draw a picture, or make something else together?

If you don?t start at home, your home, the place you live, the place where you want to be happy, where else do you like to start? What is more your own making then home?
If you sustain love at home, it will flow out into the world, and become a better one. You will take the love with you to your work, to your health, to your boss, to every one you encounter. The nourishment of your Soul starts at home.

So to end with the beginning: if you don?t make time to read the messages, to put them into practice, start a communication about the contents with your loved one, share the practice with each other. Where do you live? Where do you waste your energy? Find time to connect with your inner being, and find time to connect with your shared inner being with the one you love and live. You will flourish when you do so, and so will your relations at home. Then you are a gift to yourself, your loved ones and the ones outside in the world.

Have a good time to each other. Love each other dearly and do it consciously.

Vertaling volgt!